Episode #11 – Richard Dolan – Everything is an Opportunity

Looking back on his teen years, Richard recalls a troubled, rebellious time. Bouncing around from home to home, and moving out on his own at 16, he had to drop out of school as he could no longer make ends meet. He did eventually return home, with new rules and guidelines in place, as well as a new appreciation for the art of surviving. Richard continues to work hard for everything he has and goes through his daily life determined, motivated, and proud.

{At the Pagani Car Factory in Italy} “I was wearing shoes at the time that were Adidas shoes and they were by Porsche design…so one of my friends looked down at the shoe and said gosh, could you imagine if there was an opportunity to in fact have Pagani do a shoe just like Porsche did with Adidas… in the moment it clicked for me like a firecracker going off in my brain and so I immediately walked upstairs…and I barged into a meeting… and before I left there I had a conditional handshake, an agreement to have the global rights to all things Pagani worldwide, non-automotive” – Richard Dolan

Impeccable. Diverse. Thought-leader. Opportunity-generator. These are just a few descriptors Richard Dolan embodies.

Born and raised in Toronto, Richard’s tumultuous early years simultaneously created a shaky yet unwavering foundation upon which he has built a remarkable life.

From the world of finance and wealth management, Richard gained invaluable experiences and curated exceptional relationships which ultimately brought him to the stage to educate and empower.

Richard’s dedication to his own self-discovery and development has led him to elite opportunities as a gifted world class speaker and performance advisor, working with people like Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, President Clinton and the Miami Heat.

Richard is the President of the REIN Group of Companies, CEO of Mentis Academy, author of a dozen books and a multi-faceted artist. Richard continues to live in Toronto with his wife of over 20 years, Nadia and their son Mateo.

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Show Notes

  • [02:10] An introduction to Richard Dolan
  • [05:20] Get rollin’ with Dolan!
  • [06:00] Though foundationally an entrepreneur, Richard has a diverse elevator pitch
  • [08:05] Richard takes us on a journey through the troubled time of his early years
  • [13:30] Character development – how has Richard’s early experiences shaped him?
  • [16:00] Richard and Patrick talk about the value of, and true need for, hard work
  • [19:40] Acknowledgment and impeccability
  • [21:45] Richard shares his path to entrepreneurialism
  • [26:40] Richard‘s unexpected answer about who the great influencers are in his life
  • [29:50] The powerful impact of relationships in Richard’s world
  • [31:17] Stepping into leadership with his relationships leads Richard to deep self-discovery
  • [35:00] Richard finds a turning point in his work with Dr. Paul Stoltz. Going from a net worth conversation to a self-worth conversation and the bridge from finance to education
  • [38:15] Richard’s integral relationship with his wife Nadia
  • [41:20] His work with Tony Robbins and how Richard attracts opportunity with his educators to become an ambassador for their work
  • [48:40] Patrick and Richard discuss what Richard attracts and creates in his life and debate how that may show up in the world
  • [51:45] Richard opens for President Clinton and an authentic conversation backstage leads to massive opportunity
  • [54:10] How becoming a father gave Richard a new perspective on how he sees the world
  • [57:00] Richard reflects on a significant personal fork in the road
  • [60:25] Richard the Opportunity Generator – the captivating story of bringing Pagani to Canada
  • [67:20] Richard talks about the two faces of confidence, a turning point in his internal confidence and self-redevelopment
  • [68:50] Richard’s self-talk when things go wrong
  • [72:20] Richard reflects on the advice he would give his 20 year old self
  • [73:07] A conversation about humility and child development
  • [75:10] What will Richard teach his son Mateo about money?
  • [77:25] What would Richard ask his 65 year old self?
  • [78:40] Rapid Fire! Favourite swear word and what profession would Richard choose if not an entrepreneur?
  • [79:55] Richard and Patrick talk about Richard’s artistic expression and how his favourite expression serves both him and his audience
  • [82:10] Richard’s advice to the listeners: find someone who inspires you by who they are and what they strive to achieve so you can set your own benchmark for achievement.
  • [83:10] What does Richard want to hear at the pearly gates?
  • [84:05] Richard’s weirdness scale, what he’s not good at, his love of music
  • [Led Zeppelin] and favourite movie
  • [87:05] Richard articulates his gratitude

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