Episode 135 – Ava Benesocky – A Clear Purpose and a Focused Heart

“People don’t know, what they don’t know. So when you can educate them… it goes back to contributing to people, it goes back to bringing value to people’s lives and it’s this really cool trickle effect, where then they go share with others and it makes the world a happier place to be.” – Ava Benesocky  

  • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest, Ava Benesocky.
  • [03:17] Ava and Patrick get the show rollin’ with Ava sharing a bit about what she’s up to, and a few of the platforms on which you can find her.
  • [04:45] CPI Capital is at the hub of where Ava hangs out professionally. She talks about their property investment type and which sun belt States are their main focus.
  • [06:20] From small town Alberta to the big city, Ava shares the story of her background, her entrepreneurial influences, and where, with that entrepreneurial spirit aflame, she wanted to go.
  • [09:04] Ava discusses her early vision as a real estate agent, and how that transformed and evolved as she progressed in her journey, complete with a harsh reality check upon arrival in Vancouver.
  • [12:51] Ava attributes her clarity and ambition to intentional mindset and personal development plus a desire to make a large-scale contribution to the world. That desire and mindset was instilled by her parents and simply became hard-wired into her DNA.
  • [17:15] Her strength and resilience pulled Ava through a difficult and sometimes painful time in the first two years of big city living, and from those challenges, Ava’s vision grew alongside her knowing that she would not only overcome but excel. A collaborative encounter ignited the idea to form a company, designed to exist as the solution to the problem many eager new real estate investors face.
  • [21:50] What does the brand CPI Capital stand for? Fundamentally, to be of contribution.
  • [23:40] Within the world of real estate private equity, only 3% of women are in leadership roles. Ava describes how she shows up in that environment, how she uses any fear and anxiety to transform it into a superpower, and powerfully sets herself up for success.
  • [28:23] Guess what Ava’s superpower is?! How about Patrick?!
  • [30:08] Conversely, what is Ava’s kryptonite? Patrick shares a good personal example.
  • [34:10] Ava gives her perspective of what qualities and characteristics make a great leader. Further to leadership overall, Ava talks about the culture they’ve cultivated within their team environment which evolves and grows as they learn from one another.
  • [38:15] Ava discusses the vision she has for CPI, one of which is currently coming to fruition, the second forthcoming in five years. They started in the business guns-a-blazing, somewhat counter to the typical real estate private equity firm and built a powerful and influential brand before the structure. Through excellent relationship building they were able to develop the infrastructure to support the brand.
  • [45:08] Fork-in-the-road moments. Ava reflects on the comfortable path she certainly could have taken vs. the magic of having taken chances in her life. She recounts the saying, “logical broke people or illogical millionaires.” Safe to say Ava chose the latter.
  • [47:00] Fear exists all-ways. Ava not only chooses which fear she chooses; she understands the feeling of fear is ultimately going to be of value to her. It’s not easy in the moment, but fundamentally she gets that taking on the fear, will elevate and benefit her experience in life.
  • [51:24] Ava explains how she flips the fear of failure on its head, and she and Patrick go on to discuss how they pragmatically break down potential failure in order to move forward on an opportunity.
  • [54:32] Patrick shares a story that illustrates simple perspective: mistake vs. result.
  • [57:17] Ava offers insights into how their multi-family real estate industry has been affected by global events of the past few years and her view on future outcomes.
  • [60:45] Patrick puts Ava on the spot to get her forecast on US and Canadian interest rates in the next 12 – 18 months, but Ava lobs a wager over to Patrick in return!
  • [62:17] Self-care is at the centre of Ava’s commitment to good mental health, and she shares what those routines look like for her. Patrick and Ava discuss the important role sleep plays in personal effectiveness.
  • [66:35] Rapid fire for real! Favourite book; iPhone or Android; favourite swear word isn’t really a thing for Ava; message at the pearly gates; what she’s good at but does not like to do; room-desk-car; favourite musical group; favourite movie.
  • [70:02] Ava’s gratitude.

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