Bonus Episode – A Special Alberta Real Estate Focus: S.O.S – Find your Strategies, Opportunities, and Solutions Here.

“When things are tough, I double down on reading the reports, talking to people, going to meetings, really digging deep into information because I find that unity creates strength. – Jean-Guy Francoeur


  • Show Notes
  • [01:10] Patrick introduces this special bonus podcast dedicated to Real Estate, Alberta, Strategies, Opportunities and Solutions (S.O.S)
  • [03:16] Patrick and his guest Jean-Guy (JG) Francoeur get Zoom rockin’ for a TEDM in-betweener!
  • [04:13] A different podcast approach to talk about real estate in a down market and an important REIN Event March 1–3, 2019 in Calgary Alberta: S.O.S.
  • [05:38] Economically uncertain times in Canada: how is that showing up for JG as a real estate investor? Hint: confusion = good for him.
  • [07:34] JG discusses his mindset around uncertainty, his one fear and reframing his perspective to embrace creativity.
  • [10:10] Disarm fear and the unknown with information and understanding. JG talks about engaging the REIN community to fortify and empower himself. With that support he flips his fear to see opportunity.
  • [12:20] Yes, the REIN Team is at the effect of the economy and too need to be vigilant and conscientious about their market and investment properties. They’re not immune.
  • [14:22] JG finds with all the opportunity in a challenging market, he’s now added a layer of accountability in his purchase decisions to satisfy his checks and balances and not overextend.
  • [16:11] JG touches on the counterintuitive nature of many investors to pull back from their community when times are tough when in fact this is exactly the time to double down on reaching out and connecting. Unity creates strength.
  • [17:32] Patrick reiterates for Alberta investors that when times are tough, avoid the blame game. Get out, get supported and take action to turn things around.
  • [19:17] Patrick introduces the upcoming S.O.S. event designed specifically to support Alberta investors in learning and engaging the strategies, opportunities and solutions that are needed to strengthen current investments and build future ones.
  • [20:23] JG will help you up your game in effective and competitive marketing, particularly in challenging times. Now that’s an investor MUST-SEE!
  • [20:59] Patrick provides the low-down of what to expect at the Calgary S.O.S. event.
  • [21:48] Mortgages and financing: opportunities at S.O.S. to understand the current landscape, creative solutions and portfolio reviews through the REIN Finance Centre.
  • [24:40] While the Alberta market is sluggish, surround yourself with the right people and look for the opportunities and expanded strategies; be it with buying, financing, marketing or proactively landlording.
  • [26:53] JG illustrates an example of that expanded strategy mindset and how he has adapted his relationships with marketing, business partners and lenders for a recent purchase and for purchases to come.
  • [28:38] Events like S.O.S. set down the playing field for real estate investors to have transformational conversations that can support your game, up your game and expand your resources. And REIN is excited to elevate their support for Members.
  • [30:03] Patrick shares a story from a 10-year REIN Member who has come up against a challenge that has cost them a considerable amount. By reaching out to their community, this REIN Member was able to gain a couple of ideas to consider where prior to the conversation they felt powerless and hopeless. The strength of a community can’t be understated.
  • [33:41] As Alberta finds its legs and slowly recovers, the economic fundamentals that REIN diligently researches and shares are essential in guiding real estate investors whether they’re already in the market or set to invest. Get yourself well-equipped at the S.O.S. event!
  • [35:30] Yes, although ACRE is woven through every fibre of REIN’s DNA, S.O.S. does present differently from a traditional ACRE event. This one is very specific to strategies in Alberta’s current challenged market.
  • [37:03] JG gives us his prediction for how Alberta investors will view this time in the future – look out! We are wise to heed seasoned investors past…
  • [38:56] Get online, call the REIN office, send a homing pigeon if you must, but get registered and don’t miss out on this chance to empower yourself, elevate your investment business and gather invaluable knowledge and resources from the REIN community.
  • [39:09] S.O.S! You will get started the evening of Friday, March 1 and wrap it up late afternoon March 3. Tons of great information and an impressive roster of speakers.
  • [39:39] JG gives us a few last words and lots of excitement about his marketing segment and the great ways to reach out in this new environment.
  • Real Estate S.O.S. {Strategies. Opportunities. Solutions} Calgary, March 1-3, 2019. See you there!

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