Episode #45 – Richard Dolan – LEGACY: Live Powerfully, Lead Powerfully and Leave Powerfully

“The less you want to confront, define and own your past, the less power you’ve got to understand what’s going to catalyze the future you can have. A great predictor of what’s ahead is going to actually come out of the ashes of the past.” – Richard Dolan

Richard Dolan is as remarkably diverse in his interests, as he is in his skills and abilities both personally and professionally. Born and raised in Toronto, Richard was resolute in developing the persistence and discipline he needed to overcome his turbulent early life experiences and emerge as a successful entrepreneur. A celebrated business leader Richard is the President of REIN, the CEO of LEGACY Council of Canada and works globally with brands such as Louis XIII, Chanel, Pagani, Rolls Royce, Porsche, and Google.

Richard is recognized as a gifted and world class speaker having spoken to collectively more than two million people across ten countries and he is the official host for global thought leaders when they tour across Canada. He has shared the stage with leaders and legends such as Presidents William Jefferson Clinton and George W. Bush, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey to name a few.

Richard is an advisor to professional athletes, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and investors on personal excellence. He was gifted two NBA Championship rings by NBA star Juwan Howard for his contribution as a friend and advisor after Juwan’s wins with the Miami Heat in 2012 and 2013. As an educator Richard has both developed wealth management educational programs and taught them at the Schulich School of Business Executive Development Center at York University.
As a leader and visionary Richard is committed not only to his own legacy but the legacy those around him desire to create.

  • Show Notes
  • [02:06] Patrick introduces his next guest, friend and business partner: Richard Dolan
  • [02:10] Patrick and Richard rock ‘n roll.
  • [04:46] Given all that Richard is up to, his elevator pitch these days remains reasonably simple.
  • [06:22] Richard paints a “then” and “now” picture since he and Patrick took over the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) before he delves into the Legacy Council of Canada (LEGACY)
  • [11:00] Richard articulates the vision for what LEGACY is and what it means in the context of the futurization of real estate.
  • [13:30] Leading the charge for industry change in the world of real estate investing.
  • [15:40] Richard centres on the developing and transformative technologies and digitization both forthcoming and already at hand.
  • [18:51] The undeniable changes and impacts emerging from these technologies, governmental decisions and interventions and the opportunity that exists around it.
  • [21:40] Richard explains the growth curve with his own resistance to learning another new thing, accepting “enough” and pushing through to the commitment of effectiveness and expanded capacity.
  • [25:14] As a quick sidebar, Richard highlights Patrick’s MacGyver-like skills!
  • [26:22] Patrick describes the emerging future both metaphorically and practically in how it is unfolding within REIN.
  • [29:29] Richard describes what he sees as the emerging future of LEGACY: the convergence of ontology and technology.
  • [33:23] Patrick and Richard jam on our fundamental human tendency to try and fit the larger box of advancement into our own smaller box, figure out that it doesn’t fit, then make it wrong. Alternatively, we could take where we currently are see where it can fit inside that larger box of advancement and make a contribution within that context.
  • [36:45] Richard articulates the construct of comforts that can govern our lives and the three things that drive it (they can be altered by the way). Then how it relates to LEGACY.
  • [42:04] Patrick and Richard further the conversation on leaving a legacy.
  • [47:30] Richard offers his insights into what makes some individuals soar and some individuals remain on the ground. Neither are wrong, simply different.
  • [54:54] Is discipline an innate quality within Richard? How does discipline change his end game?
  • [58:25] Richard recounts his early turning point, and how what he saw became the catalyst which pushed him past his current reality towards bigger dreams.
  • [62:11] Richard clarifies how he sees his role in raising capital, along with how he showed up to realize the successes he did.
  • [65:30] Richard shares one of the biggest debacles he experienced that gave him his greatest life lesson.
  • [70:08] Richard expands on the notion that owning our life’s narrative and experiences serves as a great ally toward creating our future.
  • [74:12] An Irish proverb that Martin Sheen shared with Richard was impactful on his perspective of legacy.
  • [75:57] Patrick eludes to a part two to this conversation with Richard! There’s so much more to dig into and talk about.
  • [77:51] Final questions: what book does Richard recommend? What job does Richard do because he’s good at it [or in this case because he must do it] but doesn’t like.
  • [79:40] What is Richard grateful for?

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Consciousness and The Brain – Stanislas Dehaene
The Philosophy of Language – A.P Martinich & David Sosa

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