Episode #80 – Jennifer Hunt – Pursuing, Developing and Achieving Dreams While Enriching the Lives of Others.

“What I love about REIN is it’s true, it’s authentic and it’s the whole system… If you play the system, and you play it to win, you can reduce your risk. Not only reduce your risk but even capitalize on it and take care of yourself. Ultimately, I want people to have a rich lifestyle; their financial security handled and then whatever they want. And it can be done, but REIN is the only one that does it all the way through. Full stop. – Jennifer Hunt

Jennifer Hunt is the Vice President of the Real Estate Investment Network and she began investing in real estate in 2009. Her real estat e investing experience ranges from investing in syndicated mortgages, MICs and REITs with LIRAs, RRSPs and TFSAs. She has a real estate portfolio including vacation rentals, residential and multi-family properties (in Canada and the US). She has led and completed significant industrial real estate development projects in the US and commercial leases – some of which were high-profile, unique deals for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. Jennifer is one of the first Real Estate Investment Advisors in Canada.

 She supports REIN by drawing on nearly two decades of a full-range of general management experience, including: business, leadership, management, performance and motivation. In addition to these, Jennifer also supports REIN with her communication skills. Jennifer holds a master’s degree in communications and her experience ranges from crisis management and sponsorship to social, internal and operations communications.

Jennifer’s real estate investing goal is to achieve financial freedom by design. She is investing for the long-term and to supplement retirement, with cash-flow, appreciation and mortgage principal buy-down along the way. Much like her position at REIN, Jennifer continues to wear the captain’s hat outside of work; in her free time, she loves to sail as a way to feed her love of adventure and travel.



    • Show Notes
    • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next guest, VP of Research at REIN: Jennifer Hunt
    • [04:00] Jennifer and Patrick get underway with a long-awaited conversation, a little tequila and a broader look at what Jennifer does in addition to being part of the REIN executive team.
    • [05:33] Jennifer is a self-professed and official “geek” (check it out: she’s done the research and seen the venn diagram).
    • [06:56] A robust and varied career thus far, Jennifer enjoyed some cool opportunities in crisis-communications, media and public relations and along the way realized the value of investing in real estate.
    • [08:48] Jennifer explains how she got started in real estate investing in 2009 after a working lay-off with Canadian Pacific Railway inspired her to take control of her financial future.
    • [11:27] After 10 years with CP Rail Jennifer talks about the betrayal and exposure she felt, and Patrick shares his experience with a similar scenario in his early years. The outcome for both revealed a strong entrepreneurial spirit.
    • [15:20] Listening to her husband Randon talk about real estate felt like another language for many years. Jennifer describes how it finally clicked for her and “got it”. Real estate was the vehicle for creating financial autonomy. When the student is ready…
    • [17:30] A chain of Olympic events allowed Jennifer to land her dream job and stay on with CP for another four years after which she did some contract work with the Vancouver Port Authority.
    • [19:42] After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad in 2009, education unfolded with vigour and Jennifer dove in to make business and personal development a top priority, learning from others and taking direct action.
    • [21:08] Early childhood was not the breeding ground for Jennifer’s entrepreneurial action, though her Dad tried!
    • [24:20] Jennifer tells the story of meeting her husband Randon and how the driver for maintaining her connection with him initially, has never come to fruition after 15 years.
    • [26:03] Jennifer’s direct action in buying investment real estate brought with it an immediate bundle of lessons. Jennifer tells the story of why cheap doesn’t always mean good and the power of the systems REIN teaches.
    • [32:01] Taking their lessons from that purchase, Jennifer and Randon increased their velocity, bought many more properties, sold a few and purchased the first of several multi-family buildings.
    • [33:08] Where did their confidence come from?
    • [34:24] Jennifer shares how they practically and strategically approached and ran one of their 10-plex buildings in Sarnia, ON to produce a game-changing investment and kill it with this property.
    • [35:43] Jennifer explains how she and Randon operate within their business together with firm agreements, each playing to their strengths and their complementary roles within their partnership.
    • [37:58] Expanding further, Jennifer talks about the path she and Randon followed to come together in the same conversation and find alignment in working together.
    • [42:23] Jennifer imparts guidance for those looking to follow a similar path in alignment.
    • [45:37] Out of the corporate world and into an entrepreneurial space. Three and half years later, what has Jennifer learned?
    • [47:25] Living into the foundation of REIN’s systems, Jennifer values her analytical qualities and feels empowered by the clarity it creates.
    • [52:04] Jennifer’s advice through experience for those with aspirations of entering into the business of real estate full time: reverse engineer it.
    • [56:38] Jennifer and Patrick dig into the business of real estate for income today, and the power of buy and hold investing for long-term wealth creation.
    • [60:45] One last real estate story which illustrates the enduring strength of integrity, professionalism and courtesy to attract and unfurl capital raising opportunities. Be conscious of who you’re being and how you show up.
    • [68:53] Intentionally creating a life that aligns with her values.
    • [70:22] Among Jennifer’s many passions are love of travel and the ocean. Hear how she has created more opportunities to indulge both.
    • [73:32] Back to real estate: Jennifer shares what’s next and whether she knows what will be enough.
    • [75:00] What Jennifer loves about REIN, and how she came to join the REIN executive team.
    • [76:56] Vulnerability and judgment: Jennifer shares her evolution as a speaker with REIN. The passion she feels for the content she delivers and the benefit it creates for the audience is of great value and importance which grounds her.
    • [82:56] As Jennifer becomes further immersed in the REIN community, she finds her experience within it significantly enriched by her core values of connection and intensity being met.
    • [87:12] After Patrick airs his grievance about airport security line-ups, they are ready for some rapid-fire! Most impactful book that Jennifer likes to gift; favourite swear word; favourite inspirational quote; alternate profession in the legal world; message at the pearly gates; Jennifer’s weirdness scale; what she’s not very good at; room-desk-car; favourite tune; favourite movie
    • [92:41] Jennifer’s gratitude.

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

The Wealthy Barber by David Chilton

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Real Estate Investing in Canada by Don R. Campbell

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson 

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