Episode 194 – Natalie Brunell – A Broken System Needs Real Solutions: Embrace Bitcoin for Our Empowerment.

“We need a digital form of money that we can actually trust, that empowers us to not have to trust anyone at all. No nation state, no corporation, no business, and that’s the real potential and promise of Bitcoin. Being able to reorient a global economy with a base layer unit that is free from control and manipulation.” – Natalie Brunell

  • Natalie Brunell a podcast host, educator, and media commentator in the Bitcoin space
  • Her popular independent show, the Coin Stories Podcast, features interviews with Bitcoin thought leaders and cover headlines related to finance and economic issues facing society. Coin Stories is the top woman-hosted Bitcoin education show in the world and ranks Top 10 in Business News podcasts.
  • Previously, Natalie was an award-winning TV journalist and investigative reporter. For more than 10 years she covered in-depth local and national news topics and holds a regional news Emmy for breaking news coverage as well as multiple Emmy nominations for investigative news stories.
  • Natalie was recently an adjunct professor of advanced communication and visual storytelling at the University of Southern California. She holds a Master’s of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University.
  • In this episode, Patrick and Natalie have a fascinating conversation and deep dive into the broken monetary (and societal) system and what the cause is, at its core. Natalie is passionate about self-empowerment through education and research of Bitcoin and the real solution it provides in our technology centric world. Natalie shares the catalyst to her own research and enlightenment after watching her parents suffer during the great financial crisis, and the truth of what’s she discovered with her natural proclivity to learn and investigate. It’s more important than ever to have people like Natalie using her podcasting platform and interviews to share real stories of what has and is unfolding. Both Natalie and Patrick feel hope for what’s next, as more people start to wake up, ask questions, and seek sovereignty over sleepwalking into the cage of convenience and control. Natalie’s message is clear: “embrace Bitcoin for empowerment.”
  • Show Notes
  • [00:42] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest, Natalie Brunell.
  • [02:01] Natalie and Patrick get the show rolling, with what she’s up to in the world of financial literacy. Natalie shares a bit of her journalistic background, and how that led to the most recent season of her life with podcasting and Bitcoin education.
  • [04:40] Investigative journalism over the decades. Patrick shares his view of the current landscape in Canada and Natalie speaks to her experience, first as a young person who admired what she observed and loved about the profession and then how it started to unfold once she entered the workforce and the shifts she noticed. Now with the decentralization of media, it’s creating an opportunity for those who question the mainstream narrative to host their own platform or start to find alternate answers.
  • [11:44] New language, new phrases, and terms – so much has come front and centre in the last 4 years especially. With all the misinformation and disinformation, it’s more important than ever to have people like Natalie doing the work and interviews and sharing the real stories. Natalie explains her experience of learning about the broken monetary system, why she dove into the subject so rigorously, and is such a huge proponent of Bitcoin and the sovereignty it provides.
  • [19:48] What was the catalyst that brought Natalie to the trail head of her monetary research and brought her down the path to Bitcoin? Her parents’ experience during the great financial crisis. To watch them lose everything after working so hard to get the modest success they’d had, planted a seed with Natalie to try and understand how a system worked that could permit something like this to happen. When she stumbled upon Bitcoin everything became clear.
  • [25:15] Money is at the base layer of how we interact, and the more controlled it is, the more vulnerable we are. Natalie shares her dismay that more people choose convenience than digging deeper into the history of money, the manipulation of it, and what that can mean for our society. Freedom is fragile and we don’t want to lose it.
  • [28:19] Natalie offers her viewpoint of the collapse of our fiat monetary system and the US losing reserve currency. It’s a house of cards and this is why Natalie stresses the importance of educating and empowering ourselves so we’re not sleepwalking into the cage of convenience and control. The challenge is real when so many people are just treading water to survive.
  • [33:05] We need a fix and Natalie passionately believes that solution is Bitcoin. If gold could be the solution in today’s world, she would be all for that, but with the speed of Bitcoin, the ability to audit and verify and hold accountable – Bitcoin is the technological answer.
  • [33:37] Patrick discusses the paint points for many people and the quick fix solutions they turn to. Many people think the problem is that they need more money but what we to investigate is the root cause of why things are so broken. Natalie and Patrick talk about the real issues stemmed from detrimental government and central bank policy, and the mass manipulation and skewed information that gets pushed out by those seeking the control. Push aside the fabricated social issues being used as a distraction and look at the core of our societal issues. Educate ourselves, embrace Bitcoin for our empowerment.
  • [40:07] Natalie shares her message of the world state, how things are changing, risk mitigation, cyber security, and the space in which she holds Bitcoin for herself and future generations.
  • [47:21] Natalie and Patrick wind up their conversation with a quick rapid-fire question and Natalie’s gratitude.

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