Episode 175 – Balazs Kardos – A Diamond Life for Global Impact

“I’m trying my best as my mission and purpose to create freedom in family’s lives.” – Balazs Kardos

  • “In the past 6 years, we’ve been able to impact tens of thousands of people’s lives all around the world, helping over 1,000 people quit their jobs once and for all… and over 150 people in our company earning $250,000 – $500,000 per year with our systems and training.
  • It’s been so cool for me to see people on my team take their lives into their own hands and create the life they’ve always dreamed of… all the while helping more and more people do the same.
  • These days, my life is full of these amazing stories and messages of inspiring people changing their lives and changing the world together…
  • All while meeting great people, building magical relationships and lifelong friends… doing what I love with the people I care most about… with enough time to travel the world and spend time with my dream girl and earn 7 figures every year, virtually on autopilot…
  • It’s crazy to sit down now and think about it…
  • A poor Hungarian immigrant who could barely hold a job as a bartender can make it here… and I’m just getting started…”
  • In this episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Balazs and Patrick talk abut health, wealth, and business created in a model of integrity-based sales. Listen is as Balazs opens up to share personal stories of struggle coming up from an immigrant family to Canada, overcoming great limiting beliefs, hardship, and health issues to create a thriving and flourishing business that provides him both time and financial freedom. Balazs shares the business model that eventually became a turning point in his life, the mentor that elevated his perspective and the purpose to which he is committed – to be a present father and husband for his family, while contributing to a global prosperity movement.
  • Show Notes
  • [0:42] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest, Balazs Kardos.
  • [02:00] Balazs and Patrick re-connect after 10+ years as Balazs shares his millionaire mindset, how he got there and where he landed. Balazs goes on to explain his wealth creation vehicle of choice which has also become his passion project.
  • [06:29] To introduce how he came to the direct sales path, Balazs shares his story from immigrating to Canada from Hungary as a little boy with his parents in pursuit of a life of freedom. Balazs describes the lack of time, lack of money, and health problems that weighed heavy on him, and the spark of light that began to turn things around.
  • [13:58] Flipping the switch on a money mindset. Balazs describes the sequence of events that took him from hating money (the reason he never saw his hard-working parents) to getting curious about how other people were making money and where he could find his best fit to do the same.
  • [20:54] Understanding water. Balazs shares the three reasons why we get sick, what he has learned and come to understand about water and why the water his mom finally convinced him to try had such a remarkable impact on his health, giving him back quality of life physically, mentally, and emotionally. Balazs realized a turning point when those who were trying the water his mom was giving away were also finding relief.
  • [30:39] Was it the water or the money? Balazs explains that once free of the dark shackles of pain because of the water he was drinking, he had mental capacity to focus on things other than pain. With that, everything shifted for him and once he was being of service, it elevated his experience dramatically and he was able to see the light of opportunity.
  • [33:51] Patrick shares his story of better health in his thirties, which included a switch to better, and increased consumption of, water.
  • [36:13] Balazs shares the sequence of events that led him to overcome his limiting beliefs, improve his communication skills, and start realizing his own potential. He also shares a fork in the road moment when he realized he must become the master of his own destiny.
  • [44:04] Back to the water! While looking for business models to start directing that destiny, Balazs was brought full circle back to the Kangen water machine. A very straight conversation with his brother, and an ego check reignited his interest to sell this product, but the difference now, was Balazs had overcome his limiting worthiness belief.
  • [46:24] Balazs explains the elements of the Enagic business model and how people can make it work and earn commission in different ways for their own particular style.
  • [51:51] Although the concept of self development and self improvement was completely foreign to Balazs in his early years, meeting his first mentor changed all of that. Balazs recounts the story of what led to their first meeting (which consequently saved Balazs from a big scam) and how his assignments opened up Balazs to a whole new world.
  • [63:03] With his initial business vision realized both personally – being a present father and husband for his family, and professionally – being able to pay it forward for others to realize their own freedom, Balazs is set on his additional purpose of a global prosperity movement toward personal freedom for all.
  • [66:00] In a single profound moment he shared with his daughter, Balazs describes how this new purpose was ignited, his business momentum recharged, and new goals were set to be of bigger service and have a more powerful impact.
  • [73:09] Be a guest on The Everyday Millionaire and you will crush your goals! 🙂
  • [73:56] Future thinking, Balazs keeps his energy dialed in to things in his world he can control and be of service to, so he can focus on an optimistic outlook and being a solution provider. Enagic, during a time of upheaval for many companies in post 2020, grew substantially and with a flexible and empowering business model, should continue to thrive and flourish. Hear why!
  • [88:02] Rollin’ with it! Here we go into the rapid fire: Android or iPhone; top 2 playlists on Apple Music; favourite type of movie; 2 go-to inspirational quotes; impactful books; favourite swear word.
  • [94:46] Balazs’s gratitude.

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