Episode 130 – Anthony Vicino – A Life of Amplified Impact

“Not thinking just about the sticks and bricks and how many units it would take to acquire a billion dollars worth of assets but to think “how many families is that to serve?… At the end of the day if we get to a billion dollars and we haven’t made a meaningful impact on the world around us, then what was the point.” – Anthony Vicino  

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  • Invictus Capital
  • Jake & Gino
  • John Demartini
  • Tom Billyeu
  • Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
  • The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday
  • Passive Investing Made Simple by Anthony Vicino & Dan Krueger
    • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest, Anthony Vicino.
    • [03:03] Anthony and Patrick get rockin’ with what Jesse’s up to in the field of real estate investing, what that looks like in his backyard of Minnesota, and where the advantages live within the multi family arena. Class B and C buildings with value-add potential are their focus, and Anthony discusses the renovations they pursue.
    • [10:09] Anthony’s real estate path started with his friend’s dad and working on his fix and flip property in exchange for rent. Quick to realize construction was not his bag, Anthony moved on to become a broke professional rock climber. At first perplexed by his landlord’s lack of a j-o-b, Anthony figured out that real estate investing was the ticket.
    • [13:09] Books, podcasts and YouTube were his first real estate teachers and Anthony continued to learn by doing and consuming information. Once he was ready to elevate to joint ventures and syndication, he realized mentorship was the next best step.
    • [15:51] Anthony’s top five reasons for investing in multi-family buildings.
    • [21:12] Anthony explains his organization’s proactive and solution-finding approach to property management in a challenging time both for rental housing providers who face moratoriums on evictions, and for tenants who have lost jobs or may be faced with difficulties due to the current global situation.
    • [23:51] Operating from both the offense and the defense, Anthony loves to find creative ways to both increase revenue but also lower operating costs. This strategy makes a more impactful contribution to their business than simply driving up rents.
    • [27:11] ADHD and the medication that accompanied it, defined his younger years and forthcoming years each in different ways. Once off the medication, Anthony found he lacked the systems and skills to navigate the chaos of potentiality for his life. Once out of college, he needed to find a path outside of the confines of a corporate job. Rock climbing was a natural fit and ticked a lot of boxes, except for the financial one. Ignited by an entrepreneurial opportunity, Anthony found lasting fulfillment in forging this path.
    • [34:44] Anthony shares the effect of an ADHD diagnosis at six years old both on him and his family. His current passion is to share the things that helped him control and focus his ADHD, which is applicable for anyone.
    • [36:29] Anthony describes the prison he felt trapped in with the medication he took, the reprieve he would get in the summer, and the fall out of going off it at the age of 16. Turning his hyper focus on a sport helped in the short term. Long-term, he needed something more…and he found a solution.
    • [40:50] Patrick and Anthony discuss attention deficit disorder from a different lens, the gift it can truly be, and the feeling of trapped potential.
    • [46:35] Shifting gears, Anthony talks about one of his other businesses which on the surface is about rock climbing and at its core is about promoting a healthy lifestyle.
    • [48:21] Anthony and Patrick talk a bit about the coaching program that had them meet, and the deeper connection with his business that resulted for Anthony.
    • [50:06] These days, Anthony is fully focused on building Invictus Capital, his multi-family investing endeavour. What is his current vision for this business and the impact he desires to make?
    • [56:18] Anthony shares the dynamic he had and has with his father. He recounts one event that defined the way he approached life early on; an approach that certainly led to achievement but lacked fulfillment.
    • [62:08] How does self-discovery and personal development show up for Anthony? He discusses the vulnerability that needed to unfold to receive support and mentorship.
    • [65:30] Social capital and the importance of relationship. Advice Anthony would give to his younger self, the benefit of investing in reciprocal, quality relationships and one of the most profound learning experiences he received from a relationship.
    • [71:08] Self-care. Anthony holds self-care in high regard, and shares what he does in the space of his own Universe to fill his cup and take care of himself, so that he can be of the most contribution to others.
    • [74:03] Writing is a winning outlet for Anthony, and he offers his approach to, and his evolution of, journaling. Plus, he and Patrick each provide different analogies for anyone who struggles with the traditional idea of meditation.
    • [81:28] Patrick shares the power and psychology of journaling to clear mental clutter and how it helps slow down the chatter of the monkey in our mind. Anthony and Patrick each have their own “second brain” or “second hard drive” who support them!
    • [85:39] Time for the (not so rapid) rapid fire! The book Anthony has gifted most (speaks to Patrick’s values!); what Anthony listens to while he works and the music he enjoys; favourite movies; fiction vs. non-fiction writing; favourite swear word; room-desk-car; a parable for the pearly gates; iPhone or android.
    • [98:06] Anthony’s gratitude.

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