Patrick Francey

An accomplished speaker, facilitator, and host, over the last two decades Patrick has taught and presented to thousands of real estate investor entrepreneurs across Canada, both live and online always download outlook 365 images. He is best known for providing his audiences with foundational lessons and context for understanding how to “treat your real estate investing like a business.”

Vast Business Experience

Splitting his time between Vancouver, British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta, Patrick Francey is an entrepreneur, business owner, and real estate investor erweiterungspacks sims 4 kostenlos downloaden. For over three decades the businesses he has built, developed, and guided are recognized not only for their successes, but their resilience through the economic cycles herunterladen. Since 1984, Pro-Skate, an Edmonton-based retail business, has continued to grow, serving both skaters and players at all levels, including professional and Olympic athletes herunterladen.

Patrick began investing and growing his real estate portfolio in 2001; today Patrick’s primary focus is as CEO and Managing Partner of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN), Canada’s leading source for real estate investor education since 1992 download linux for free. Patrick, his partners, and team, support REIN Members and investors by teaching proven investment strategies that assist investors to achieve their financial goals and dreams disney+en android. To date, REIN Members have transacted almost 40, 000 properties worth over 5 billion dollars.

A People-First Approach

For Patrick, it’s always about people audiobooks for mobile for free. A leading from behind management style develops teams, increases performance, fosters mutual respect, creates a supportive environment, provides genuine opportunities, and illuminates a path to success ds spiele kostenlosen. Combining his diverse experience and a lifelong passion for personal and professional growth, coaching entrepreneurs and investors is Patrick’s life’s purpose amazon prime mp3. With his no-nonsense, common-sense approach to management and problem-solving, Patrick helps business operators, entrepreneurs, and real estate investors succeed, by providing them with the proven principles and best practices he’s learned over 35 years, skills he continues honing every day through ongoing learning foxit pdf herunterladen.

The DNA of a Hit Podcast

Determined to create and build a platform to reach even more investors, entrepreneurs, and others interested in building their financial freedom, The Everyday Millionaire podcast was launched in early 2017. The podcast has received rave reviews from a rapidly growing global following. The principles and philosophies Patrick and his every day millionaire guests share are empowering, entertaining, and real. The authentic, charismatic, and approachable style of the informative conversations keeps his audience growing and coming back for more. Listeners often share their feelings of inspiration: “if they can do it, I can do it, too.”

Commitment to Giving Back

As self-described serial entrepreneurs, Patrick and his wife Steffany, are also dedicated health and fitness advocates, actively supporting programs that serve their communities. In their businesses and private lives, they share a philosophy and a passion for helping others achieve their goals. For Patrick and Steffany, the ‘how’ makes a difference. Their holistic philosophy includes: integrity, business and personal success that enriches the other, and, by making the world a better place – not just by ‘making money’ – businesses, families, and communities are all strengthened.

Success is S.I.M.P.L.E
Significantly Impact Many People’s Lives Every day.

Patrick Francey, CEO

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