Episode 189 – Lynette Zang: An Age of Uncertainty: Wealth Protection Amidst Out of Control Global Debt

“Food, water, energy, security, barterability, wealth preservation, community, and shelter. If you can create an environment where you are as independent, and self sufficient surrounded by community, surrounded by other like-minded people and then take that whole piece and put it on a global stage – there are way more of us than there are of them.” – Lynette Zang

  • Lynette Zang is the founder and CEO of Zang Enterprises LLC, a company which focuses on developing community and a sound money system globally. After her experiences in banking and the stock markets, Lynette intensely researched historic global currencies and their life cycles. This led to the uncovering of central bank corruption and the ongoing exposing of Federal Reserve Data, and her prediction of the Great Recession following the housing market crash in 2007. This multi-decade research effort resulted in understanding global economic policies and currency lifecycles far beyond the norm of financial advisors and many economists.
  • After her subsequent work in long-term trend identification and asset class analysis, the plan became abundantly clear. Lynette quickly started creating a system to assist others in surviving and thriving the inevitable collapse of the USD, which will ripple across the entire global economy. Although Lynette was one of the first to speak about the “Reset” on YouTube, this has now become the known agenda for the World Economic Forum’s “The Great Reset” and is now discussed at great length by the entire economic education ecosystem online.
  • With a passion for simplifying complex financial topics into understandable language, Lynette has been a keynote speaker on currencies at many educational events and conferences throughout the world. She is a host on The Lynette Zang YouTube Channel, where she creates multiple weekly videos to help expose the hidden truths which underlie complex financial and economic systems, so people can take decisive action and protect their future. Lynette believes strongly in the value of community and relationships for building a thriving financial future in the face of the global challenges we are facing.
  • In this episode, Lynette and Patrick discuss precious metals, currency life cycle, controlled economic implosion, food security and most importantly, community. Lynette shares her mantra – food, water, energy, security, barterability, wealth preservation, community, and shelter – and why she is laser focused on educating and empowering the greater collective. She shares her story which brought her to this trajectory in life and a few pivotal people and circumstances that greatly influenced her awareness. There is no downside to the self-sustainability and community focus that Lynette is sharing with remarkable passion and clarity, and it is all in service of the highest good.
  • Show Notes
  • [00:42] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest, Lynette Zang.
  • [03:22] Lynette and Patrick get rolling! Lynette tells us the main two main things that does and wow, it’s impressive.
  • [04:57] Lynette shares the story of how she got started on the trajectory she’s on now which truly started at four years old. She talks about a couple of pivotal moments, the important influences in her life and why its important for her to be of service and share the knowledge she has amassed. Plus Patrick and Lynette discuss precious metals, currency life cycle, controlled economic implosion, food security and most importantly, community.
  • [15:33] Turning a blind eye to what’s unfolding. Lynette has a bite-sized method to approach the “how we have all been lied to since the day we were born” conversation. She uses short videos to explain concepts to impart as much knowledge as she can and ideally spark a new conversation for some. Lynette reminds us we must also do our own due diligence.
  • [20:36] Food, water, energy, security, barterability, wealth preservation, community, and shelter. Regardless of the outcome of this economic unfolding, there is no downside to creating for ourselves, security in all of these areas. Gold and silver have the broadest base of functionality and are used in every sector of the global economy, so again, no downside to holding some of these assets. At a time when our currency is at the end of its life cycle, it serves as wealth protection and risk mitigation.
  • [26:17] Lynette advises and invests in undervalued assets with a long-term positive trend. Many people with a fear of missing out mentality will go for overvalued assets that really have a long-term negative trend. Inflation is a concept that is not widely understood, and therefore not considered when looking at the real economic picture.
  • [29:38] Lynette provides a real example of how cost of living has changed with the introduction of inflation into the economy. Dollars with no purchasing power are not assets!
  • [32:05] Central bank digital currencies and gold. If digital currency is the way government is setting us up, how is gold going to matter? Lynette gives us the answer to that and discusses some of the “fine print” of how central bank digital currencies can hurt us (i.e. charge negative rates without limitation.) The easier it is to create “money” the less value that money actually has.
  • [37:14] We are in a slow boil. Patrick offers some small things to pay attention to such as 15 minute cities, digitizing, and health care. Lynette brings home the point, that there is power in community. Building a life that is as self-sustaining as possible, and surrounding ourselves with like minded individuals who don’t readily accept government overreach is very powerful. There is hope and Lynette is not laying down to let this just happen. Choose how you participate.
  • [39:48] Don’t go it alone.
  • [40:39] Patrick shares a story about the vulnerability of the digitization we have today. Convenient? Sure. Invasive? You bet. Lynette emphasizes once again why her mantra for as much self-sufficiency as possible matters so deeply for choice and voice.
  • [44:05] Orchestration to drive the illusion. Currency life cycles are directly linked to war. War is a distraction, a way to justify inflation, and a way to divide humanity. The reality is we all want the same thing – food, shelter, love.
  • [47:48] Inflation and hyper inflation explained.
  • [49:34] Purpose. Patrick shines a light on Lynette’s crystal clear purpose and articulation and drives home the fact that there is no downside to her message. It is in service of love and the highest good for the collective.
  • [50:47] How is Lynette viewing the timeline of further collapse?
  • [53:13] Global central bank. This is something we all need to ask more questions about. Liberty and freedom are being eroded but if we fortify our personal security with sound currency, we can protect ourselves and our families with choice.
  • [54:06] One rapid fire question only: what does Lynette want to hear at the pearly gates?
  • [54:30] Lynette’s deep gratitude.

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