Episode 152 – Shawn Shewchuk – Change Your Results!

“To make those significant changes it takes an investment of time, energy, effort, and money. Are you prepared to do anything and everything that it takes to get where you want to go provided it’s legal, moral, and ethical? I think you have to be able to answer yes to that question, if it’s going to work.” – Shawn Shewchuk

  • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest, Shawn Shewchuk.
  • [03:32] Shawn and Patrick rock ‘n roll, Shawn lets us in on what he’s up to, and where he prioritizes his time.
  • [05:27] Shawn expands on his business, and where his niche shows up in the coaching world.
  • [07:56] Mindset plays such a massive role in getting to the things we say we want. Shawn shares a client story to illustrate his point that we know our potential deep down, and a coach is there to help us excavate that potential and sometimes, kick our butts a bit to move it forward.
  • [15:45] Shawn & Patrick discuss reverse engineering our goals as a means to get clarity on our vision, and why we want to go there. Setting our sights on more, and elevating our experience requires a fresh approach, breaking things down and doing things differently.
  • [21:15] Being an Author! Shawn shares his journey to authorship and encourages Patrick to reconsider writing one himself! Shawn was also part of a movie designed to open up the world of coaching, to show the value of getting help to guide our future facing path.
  • [26:50] Coachin’ the coach. Shawn recounts some of the life events that led him to find his first coach, to fully commit to the process, and change the experience of his life at that moment to something dramatically different. To make those significant changes it takes an investment of time, energy, effort, and money.
  • [38:25] Growing up with an entrepreneurial Dad had Shawn actually run the other way. His experience as a kid of the entrepreneurial life, was not a positive one and he was determined not to go there. That is, until he found out he wasn’t terribly employable… He did eventually allow the innate entrepreneur to surface which included an old book he sent away for in his teenage years that turned out to be a catalyst for some of his business consulting ventures. Through the 40+ companies he has built, Shawn has made a real positive impact.
  • [44:20] Shawn explains the driver behind building and selling businesses – some intentional accidents, some not. He saw a need and value and would follow the path. Although not always a pleasant road, he rises to a good challenge.
  • [49:31] Taking money off the table, what lights Shawn up about consulting, coaching, and publishing books? They each have a slightly different take, but what you’ll hear overall is to be of contribution and have a significant impact.
  • [53:14] As a big journaling fan, Patrick asks Shawn to expand on one of his books “Your Freedom Journal”. Shawn explains the system behind it, the accountability factor, and space to cultivate gratitude.
  • [57:07] Patrick notes the three meaningful factors we need as humans: contribution, fulfillment, significance, and how he sees that showing up in Shawn’s journey, and arguably, his success. But does Shawn have his own meaning of success? First, Shawn addresses significance, then on to success.
  • [62:29] Patrick shares another version of success from another of his guests that resonated, and Shawn speaks to where money does have its place amid the more altruistic reasons.
  • [65:55] This show often focuses on the lens of entrepreneurs, and Shawn points out there are other pillars in our lives that substantially contribute to success and for him the main one among those is his family.
  • [67:36] Putting his feet to the rapid fire, let’s learn a bit more about Shawn! His morning routine; favourite impactful book and book to gift; iPhone or Android; favourite inspirational quote; no swear words for this guy; room-desk-car; favourite musical genre.
  • [74:20] Shawn’s gratitude.

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