Mindset Matters – Episode #73 – ‘Coaching or Coaxing’ Are you Coachable?

“Why the conversation about mindset and why is it important? It’s not just about success, it’s not about getting shit done, it’s not about being uber successful in business or in life. It’s really how we approach business, how we approach life. It’s actually all about us and how we view the world.” – Patrick Francey  

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    • Join Patrick and Steffany as they explore the topic of coachability and why it is essential for personal and professional growth. They discuss the importance of having a coach and how it can help individuals achieve their goals more efficiently. In this episode they delve into the fact that coachability is a two-way street, and it is essential to be receptive and open to feedback to make grow.
    • Together they share their personal experiences of being coached and share insights into being coachable and what traits are needed to be receptive to feedback.
    • This is a thoughtful discussion on the importance of coachability and how to develop this trait to achieve success in different areas of life. Patrick and Steffany do their best to highlight the need for individuals to have an open mindset and willingness to learn and grow. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested getting supported in their personal and professional development.

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