Episode #97 – Natasha Phipps – Commitment & Passion

“I love helping people reach their goals, I also love teaching people about what they can do with their lives, with their money, with their passions. Real estate is one way to do that. It’s one way to fund many different things and it can open up a lot of doors for people. So, my favourite part is meeting people, finding out what makes them tick and helping them take that even one step further.” – Natasha Phipps  

  • Show Notes
  • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next guest from the REIN Member Series, Natasha Phipps.
  • [03:27] Natasha and Patrick get goin’! Natasha shares what she does and what lights her up.
  • [04:49] Providing a bit of context and background, Natasha talks about how she got started 20 years ago with her first real estate purchase, and with enthusiasm for what she was creating, remained motivated to not only stay in the game but elevate it.
  • [08:07] Natasha credits her entrepreneurial passion to her parents who had her working in their family new construction business at the age of 12. By 16 she had her first big sales deal! As an adult she started her career in the Calgary oil & gas industry, but when she realized that environment was not a fit for her, she embarked on a path to create a business on her own terms.
  • [10:57] Through the ups and downs of her learning cycle, Natasha began to home in on where she found the most satisfaction as a realtor. The space she felt had the most positive impact for her clients (which also happened to be her passion) was in investment properties.
  • [12:53] Respecting the roller coaster reality of being a realtor, Natasha talks about the fears and hesitancy she felt in pursuing this career. She felt compelled however to push through that fear with the inspiration from parents fueling her, to pursue the business she loves.
  • [15:27] Natasha and Patrick discuss experiences for women working in traditionally male dominated industries. Natasha touches on where she came from with this to where she is now.
  • [18:53] With a shared interest in real estate, Natasha and her husband Rodney enjoyed a connection from the start. When they decided to start a family, their real estate portfolio provided the support they needed for Rodney to pursue his passion in music which led to a whole new career that is thriving today.
  • [20:57] Natasha shares how she and Rodney acquired their real estate portfolio, but more importantly the critical ways in which it supported their careers, their family life, and their health.
  • [23:33] Patrick highlights a couple of pivotal pieces for real estate investors to understand:
    1. Natasha & Rodney were not living off the eight properties they held, rather the properties allowed them the capacity and breathing room to build a business and take care of their health and family.
    2. An investor-focused realtor like Natasha who is also in the trenches as a real estate investor and understands the needs and nuances of buying investment properties is a great asset to your business. Natasha’s passion stems from her experience of how impactful investment real estate can be.
  • [26:28] Through the adversity of health problems, building a new business with her husband and financial strains, Natasha attributes her strong mindset to help her stay focused on her dreams and desires for her life. The mental game is a constant requirement and she is not willing to give up.
  • [28:42] Natasha explains her chronic health issues and the routine she undergoes each day.
  • [29:46] Digging into routine, Natasha talks about her morning rituals (they have their ebbs and flows): the mental wherewithal to tackle the Wim Hof method, breath work, physical activity and how this all contributes to her better well-being.
  • [34:06] Natasha and Patrick chat about Rodney’s business, who he is working with in artist development, and how their business is developing. Both Natasha and Rodney are fired up about the entrepreneurial side of business and she talks a bit about what they have learned working together, how they navigate their differences and understand that their commitment to open communication is everything.
  • [40:48] Folding kids into the mix is not a simple proposition but Natasha and Rodney do their best to keep everyone aware and involved, make the most of their time together, cherish special traditions and celebrate the wins along the way!
  • [45:05] Shifting gears, Natasha offers her perspective on what she is seeing in the Calgary real estate market during, and post-COVID. Although it is still a bit early to tell how it will be affected in the back half of the year, currently investor money is still flowing into Alberta. Deal execution is a bit more complicated and change is happening, but there is still opportunity.
  • [47:20] Natasha shares the top four reasons she sees out-of-town investors still attracted to the Alberta market: 1) price point & affordability; 2) cash flow; 3) no land transfer tax; 4) favourable landlord laws compared to provinces like BC & Ontario. What is the comparative pricing for a house in Calgary vs. the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)?
  • [49:33] Currently, with Calgary’s long-term buy and hold market being far more favourable than the short-term market, Natasha’s experience as an investor once again holds an advantage for her out-of-town clients to help them navigate property management.
  • [50:35] With her background and focused commitment, Natasha has forged relationships in the turn-key property market that makes it simple and unique for her out-of-town clients to invest from a distance with far less hassle. From purchase to financing to management, she has her clients’ back.
  • [52:48] Economic challenges in Calgary and Alberta are a fierce reality but recognizing optimism and opportunity alongside pragmatic diligence as the market adjusts is where the differentiation is apparent between an investor and a homeowner. Long-term view.
  • [56:53] Natasha describes the strategies they are capitalizing on in the current Calgary rental property market (which nicely aligns with REIN’s systems), how they structure the transaction and what their roles are within it. Plus, she talks about the secondary suite landscape in Calgary and where the parameters currently exist. It is important to know your stuff, or work with someone who does.
  • [62:18] Leadership. How does Natasha step into that world in a meaningful way, and show up powerfully?
  • [64:08] Discussing failures and wins. Although Natasha hasn’t encountered a situation to cause big regret, she is learning to recognize when a path is going askew, is mindful to heed her inner voice or intuition, pivot and learn from experiences. Sometimes her husband reminds her to celebrate the wins, but Natasha is indeed proud of her journey.
  • [66:47] Let’s get down with the rapid fire! Favourite book she is reading and favourite book she’s read in the past that’s a stand-out, message at the pearly gates, favourite swear word, room-desk-car, favourite music artist, favourite movie growing up. Wait, we have a new one! A question for Patrick – if he could sit down with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
  • [70:10] Natasha’s gratitude and how she weaves it into her everyday life.

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