Episode #96 – Dalia Barsoum – Devoted to Enriching Lives

“What really makes me happy and engaged is actually helping others… to see that we’re making a measurable impact on clients’ wealth is very rewarding for me” – Dalia Barsoum  

  • Show Notes
  • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next guest from the REIN Member Series, Dalia Barsoum.
  • [03:46] Dalia and Patrick get underway! Dalia shares a bit about who she is and what she enjoys in life.
  • [05:24] Dalia describes more about the professional side of her life, the journey to where she is now and her passion for the business she’s in.
  • [08:18] The catalyst for Dalia’s switch from a corporate life with BMO to forging her own road as an entrepreneur.
  • [09:35] With a clear understanding of the dynamics of real estate investors’ needs, Dalia talks about how Streetwise Mortgage works to build a solid foundation for investors and provide the right financing products to grow with and build their clients’ business.
  • [11:43] Further to sustainable growth, Dalia stresses the importance of planning in real estate investing. Build a road map, a team, and the necessary components of your strategy as the first steps to structure an investing business that will expand and flourish.
  • [17:35] Patrick emphasizes how critical it is to build a great team in the space of a real estate investing business.
  • [19:10] Being of service and creating positive, measurable impact for her clients is the fuel that ignites Dalia’s passion.
  • [21:10] Taking a leap from corporate life to an entrepreneurial life, Dalia shares what it took to get her there, her self-talk and the emotions she felt at that time. Does she miss that corporate life?
  • [26:19] Dalia reflects on how the events of the first half of 2020 have affected and enriched her daily life.
  • [30:59] Dalia takes us back to her early life, growing up in Kuwait in a traditional family, and while she briefly appeased her parents’ persistent career wishes for her, Dalia ultimately had to listen to her heart and carve her own path.
  • [34:35] With the foresight of her mother, the plans for immigrating to Canada started in Dalia’s early years. Unfortunately, with the realities of discrimination that exists in the Middle East, moving to another country is a typical eventuality.
  • [37:26] Dalia attributes her resiliency and fortitude to witnessing her Mom’s journey of leaving a comfortable life in Kuwait to start over again in Canada.
  • [41:09] Dad also played a big part in Dalia’s life, demonstrating the importance of mitigating and managing risk, and while it held her back at times, overall, it has served her well in life.
  • [42:20] What is Dalia’s perspective of being a woman and working within a predominately male corporate industry? It is the lens you look through that you operate within.
  • [45:51] Dalia’s guidance for anyone who is going to work in a field or industry where they feel marginalized or inferior because of their gender. Start by removing that self-created mental barrier.
  • [46:55] Dalia talks about the significant role her husband Victor has played in her success plus what has helped them develop and grow together after 20 years.
  • [52:44] Patrick relates that clear communication is behind the success and growth he and his wife Steffany share together and individually. He observes and appreciates the value of quality communication within other partnerships alongside the question “what is right for our family?”
  • [54:56] Circling back to Dalia’s journey to Canada, Dalia talks about university, work, and the opportunity, because of her peak performance at BMO, to complete her MBA with all costs covered. Although a tough four years, Dalia explains what an enriching experience it was, transforming a self-proclaimed IT geek to have more confidence, a more developed mental capacity and business acumen.
  • [57:26] Dalia’s desire to push herself beyond her comfort zone allowed her to unfurl from a shy somewhat introverted personality, relatively isolated in the IT world, into the business world, connecting with people and accepting this was where she would thrive.
  • [59:46] Dalia shares more about her husband Victor, what he is up to and how they work together to support one another in growth.
  • [61:34] Time to dive into the Rapid Fire! Two favourite books Dalia is reading, her new morning & evening routine and how essential a good night’s sleep is for her, favourite inspirational quote, good habits and incremental changes, room-desk-car, favourite tunes in Latin music, her love of dance, favourite swear word, message at the pearly gates.
  • [71:33] Dalia’s gratitude.

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