Episode #112 – Sean De Vries – Devoted to the Art of Storytelling

“When you exercise your curiosity and you come to someone without an agenda, you get so much more back. You’re going to learn from that person, it’s going to spur ideas, it’s going to help you change your thinking.” – Sean De Vries  

  • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest: Sean De Vries.
  • [03:17] Sean and Patrick get rolling with a quick peek into what Sean’s up to in television land, in the space of real estate investing and why he decided to try his hand in the investment world.
  • [06:54] A jack of all trades, Sean has worn many hats in the world of television and production. He breaks down how that unfolded and talks about some of the shows he has created and/or been part of.
  • [11:40] Taking it back a bit further, Sean shares his journey from university to a short spell in journalism that was a great bootcamp for the art of storytelling, then ultimately on the path he felt aligned with the most and felt the most passionate about.
  • [14:28] From an early age Sean knew the direction he wanted to take with his life without knowing why. The underlying theme was always about the story – creating it and telling it in a visual form.
  • [16:37] Storytelling from a business perspective is another skill Sean developed. Whatever the venture that we’re excited about, developing a show or raising capital, the story development and execution is just as important as the product itself.
  • [19:25] The methodology of storytelling. Sean shares some practical guidance around the craft of storytelling and applying it to any situation. Authentic enthusiasm and passion about what you are presenting is essential to the other person being interested enough to want to engage with you.
  • [31:10] That entrepreneurial chutzpah came at an early age for the youngest of five kids! Sean’s strengths didn’t lie in being an employee or abiding by rules dictated by others, but he did get excited about being able to tell stories that hadn’t been told already and that people would pay attention to. The encouragement Sean got from his father contributed to his confidence to follow his chosen path.
  • [34:00] Circling back to real estate, Sean talks about how it occurs for him in a different way than television and how he came to the type of investing he does.
  • [37:25] Sean shares just a teaser about what’s on the production horizon for him! Sean and Patrick discuss a documentary that has all the elements of great storytelling.
  • [40:18] The Idea Machine: Sean shares two solutions he uses to manage his perpetual writer/creator/idea blocks.
  • [41:52] Sean talks about his exercise and morning routine, a time when he feels the most effective, and the rhythm of writing. He shares one particularly critical writing technique with which he starts every day. Sean and Patrick go on to riff about the power of journaling and the space it creates for our brain.
  • [47:21] Sean outlines what his ideal day looks like and how he intentionally creates that.
  • [50:15] Morning person or not the art of discipline, focus, and routine, for Sean, has been a game changer. He shares a story about his friend who has also found creating a morning routine elevated and improved his business game. The difference of being proactive vs. reactive.
  • [52:17] How do diet and sleep show up in Sean’s life? Intentionally or reactively? Patrick and Sean each talk about their experiences and what is important for them.
  • [57:02] Meditation, goal setting, and what’s up for 2021.
  • [60:35] Let’s get down with some Rapid Fire! iPhone or Android; favourite inspirational quote; favourite book; favourite tune; favourite movie [plus a little dive into Patrick’s faves]; favourite swear word.
  • [64:04] Sean’s gratitude.

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