Episode #117 – Mark Moss – Driving Transformation for an Awakening World

“If you really want to have success in this, and you really want to have success going forward, you have to change your full thinking; it’s simple, but it’s not easy. There’s a paradigm shift that has to happen.” – Mark Moss  

  • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest: Mark Moss.
  • [03:08] Mark and Patrick get their conversation underway in the spirit of sharing and discussing ideas. Mark gives us some insight into what he is up to today, his core values, and the goals which inspired him to start educating and providing content on YouTube.
  • [09:24] Clarity around our core values is a fundamental component to constructing our lives and how they unfold. Without that clear understanding, we really have no guide for our life. Expand our context and explore the content to fill that context vessel with knowledge.
  • [12:45] Mark takes us on his entrepreneurial journey, the spirit for which was modeled by his parents who owned a contracting business. Along with that came a little forced labour in the construction industry but that instilled a work ethic in Mark and many of his generation, that they needed to work for the things they wanted, it was not simply handed to them.
  • [15:58] He did have one job out of high school, but the embers of Mark’s entrepreneurial fire were always ablaze. His first business while he was employed was investing in real estate where he bought, fixed, and sold properties. The profit from his first deal exceeded his annual employment income! Next, his side hustle in servicing medical equipment became his full-time business.
  • [18:51] Mark shares his viewpoint of Canada and its political, social, and cultural issues, what he studies in the real estate market and the natural resource market where he is also invested.
  • [25:01] On a world-scale, Mark observes we are at the stage of globalization and central planning. He will produce a three-part video series that breaks down three converging cycles and one of those is the 250-year revolutionary cycle the last of which started in 1776 with the American and French revolution. Given history, 2023-2026 will be a time of massive change as this cycle ends. Mark discusses the two different policies that exist – centrally planned, captured control and free, open & competitive – what he is bearish on, and what he is bullish on.
  • [32:21] Mark recaps the research and content he shared on his YouTube video This is How a Currency Dies, which was an exceptionally impactful message for Patrick. Important take-away: we are in it now.
  • [36:49] Mark discusses inflation in the U.S., and the deflation effect of technology and of markets collapsing.
  • [43:05] How do we as investors, gauge and plan for what is coming? Mark shares both his insights on the real estate market and the action he is taking plus what he sees interest rates doing.
  • [52:26] The fallout of the 2008 economic downturn hit Mark hard. He shares the difficult journey from building a solid net worth and income to losing it all. He discusses risk management and the three ways to protect our risk.
  • [56:41] From the perspective of mental fortitude during difficult times, Mark offers guidance on tenacity, and perseverance. He also shares three ways people need to focus on money: 1) be a wealth creator, 2) once you have wealth use it for wealth accumulation (i.e., investing), 3) once you have accumulation focus on wealth protection (harder to keep it, than make it!).
  • [62:24] Currencies. Mark describes his journey to sovereignty, as he now stands for being a sound money advocate. He discusses his experience with gold, silver, crypto and specifically bitcoin. He feels bitcoin is our only tool to break the grip and trend of moving to a complete totalitarian world.
  • [65:56] Patrick and Mark discuss wealth transfer, the mass reaction of consumers who are dumping dollars into the market, and the paradigm shift that really needs to occur to investigate the underlying reasons for the hype. We must think of things in terms of purchasing power.
  • [72:29] Mark uses historical examples to illustrate purchasing power with coins, fuel, and real estate.
  • [74:53] Already? Yes, the rapid-fire wind-down is upon us: impactful books, iPhone or Android and why, favourite inspirational quote, room-desk-car (and by the way what is Mark driving?), favourite music, favourite movie genre, swear word philosophy.
  • [80:27] Mark’s gratitude.

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