Episode 187 – E.B. Tucker – Dynamic Thinker, Perspective Expander

“You can enjoy every single moment of your journey, now. When you do that, I’m telling you, magical stuff happens. You notice more opportunities when you’re living a balanced life, than when you’re on tunnel vision.” – E.B. Tucker

  • E.B. Tucker is an investment industry veteran and author of The Tucker Letters blog, and Why Gold? Why Why Now? The War Against Your Wealth and How to Win It.
  • In this episode E.B. shares the simple answer for what he’s up to, and the reality of why. Patrick and E.B. get into world events past and present, the real estate landscape in the U.S., along with the ever-increasing government debt and how it could unfold. They discuss the inevitability of emotional decision making, but rather than beating ourselves up (we are human after all) consider cultivating strong habits that fortify our intellect and physical body. E.B. offers ideas and guidance around protecting the wealth we build, shifting our perspective from static, linear thinking to dynamic thinking and rowing our boat of life more gently down the stream.
  • Show Notes
  • [00:42] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest, E.B. Tucker.
  • [02:10] E.B. and Patrick get rollin’ with the simplest of explanations into what E.B. is up to, the reality of why, and how we can get stuck as we build and grow.
  • [05:54] E.B. recounts the fork in the road moment that brought him to the understanding of what he desired (intellectual and financial independence) and that this [life] will not go on forever, so live now, have fun.
  • [12:02] In 2008, after doing a LOT of homework and not making money, E.B. saw the “Haley’s Comet” opportunity in finance. Mortgages were defaulting in the U.S., so he started writing about it in his blog to which many people surprisingly had a hostile reaction. His next step was then to just start buying rental properties. E.B. explains his strategy, and how he did it.
  • [17:30] In February 2022 though, E.B. had enough with his rental properties and sold it all!
  • [20:48] E.B. shares his perspective of where real estate sits in the U.S. right now including the problems with construction.
  • [28:22] Guidance on protecting our wealth and what we have built. How the Fed has turned citizens into junkies, playing along with the game, shifting our perspective, cyber security and putting our eggs into more than one or two baskets.
  • [36:37] E.B. describes a few ways to divvy up the eggs.
  • [40:00] Patrick throws out a surprising stat about humans and goldfish, which relates to emotional decision making. E.B. highlights that inevitability of human emotion driving decisions from time to time and reinforces that we can’t beat ourselves up about it. It is important to understand though, that our habits shape where we end up so take the time to adopt a routine, then change it up a bit!
  • [44:11] Maintaining vitality in a seemingly crumbling world. Live life with real human connection and broaden your perspective beyond the media rhetoric.
  • [52:28] It’s an interesting time with ever-expanding government debt (US debt doubles during every 8-year presidential cycle), impending debt bubble collapse, plus our own intellectual dishonesty and laziness. In his newsletter, E.B. writes about one specific thing to watch for, which will signal the end of the fed (and how the fed engineers that.) To live a more enjoyable life, start seeing things for what they are, there’s no need to outsmart the system; be the observer. Stop looking for the answers from someone, and start looking at the question. Flow more, down the river of life.
  • [64:36] Static, linear thinking vs. thinking in a dynamic fashion. Dynamic thinking allows for multiple variability points to bring multiple outcomes, and this can come with increased advantages. Learn about things, work on habits, work on goals, listen to your body – these inputs allow us to see more opportunity, and realize success, whatever that is for us.
  • [70:25] And just like that, we’re ready to roll into the rapid fire! Android or iPhone; favourite band; favourite movie; room-desk-car – it’s all handled and creates great relationships; the book that’s had the most impact; message at the pearly gates.
  • [75:03] E.B.’s gratitude.

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