Embracing Growth: A Journey from Fear to Love

Navigating the uncharted waters of our global economy and the storm of our inner emotions, I’ve come to realize that the journey of personal and professional growth is much like sailing against the current. It’s during my recent conversation with Jeff Booth, author of his bestselling book “The Price of Tomorrow,” that I found a lamp to use to help me see through the current fog of uncertainty.

As change is unfolding around us, Jeff’s insights into the monetary systems and the burgeoning role of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in our portfolios feels akin to a lighthouse on the shoreline of safety, clear and most importantly, grounded. His book, released at the cusp of the pandemic, was by his own admission, a stroke of luck, but I would not minimize the testament to his keen understanding of our era’s defining challenges.

Yet, it’s the exploration of the human psyche, where the truest form of wealth lies, which is the discussion Jeff and I ventured into. Our conversation led to recall and remember that our actions are fundamentally driven by either fear or love. Our aligned belief is that negative emotions, the mostly reactionary waves of hate and anger that we seem to be witnessing more of, are borne from an undercurrent of fear—a fear of loss that threatens our identity (ego), security, or connections.

On episode 116 of The Everyday Millionaire Mindset Matters podcast, my co-host Steffany Hanlen and I delve into the societal storm of victim mentality. It’s a narrative that grips many, I would consider it to be the unrecognized undertow beneath the surface of our consciousness. This negativity is undeniably addictive in its pull and can emotionally hook us, dragging us down into our darkest mental depths. But the good news is, there’s hope—by mindfully steering our unconscious into the conscious with the intentionality of moving towards the calm of neutrality. It is in this space that we find ourselves in waters where solutions and opportunities can surface.

Victimhood is a subtle call, for many a habit and often a subconscious cry for love and attention. In recognizing this I’ve learned to distinguish between those seeking genuine support and those living in a downward cycle of self-pity, often a default in their operating system. It’s here that ‘Mindset Matters’ in the practice of bringing our awareness to what we are thinking and to guide the intention behind our words and actions.

Complaints, when made thoughtfully and constructively, transform from anchors into an engine, propelling us forward. I often think back to a wealthy friend’s enlightening take on this. She would say, “I’m not complaining, I’m explaining,” and in that statement, she differentiated venting from seeking understanding and resolution.
And what about anger? It’s a complex emotion most often misunderstood, more often suppressed or misdirected, creating storms of other issues. Yet, when expressed thoughtfully with intention, it can be a powerful catalyst, inspiring us to take a stand and instigate change. It’s about harnessing this energy and expressing it consciously, not reactively.

My conversation with Jeff shifted toward the many bits of wisdom and the practice shared by the Stoics, focusing on those issues that lie within our control—which is our reactions and responses. It reminded me of a quote that comes to mind in the challenges I face in my life: “It’s not the weight we carry that breaks us down, it’s the way we carry the weight.” This wisdom is a mantra to remind us to consider how we are carrying the weight as we navigate life’s rough waters.

It often seems that in the pursuit of happiness and success, we lose sight of the fact that both growth and strength are born from struggle. Whether it’s personal development, achieving professional success, or simply living a life of meaning, challenges are as inevitable as the tides. It’s not the challenges themselves that define us, but our courage to face and take them on.

Even well-known and successful individuals like Mel Robbins, Elon Musk, Joe Dispenza grapple with their inner battles, a powerful testament that no one is immune to life’s trials. It’s through embracing these challenges that we find true growth, akin to a ship’s crew strengthened by the storms they weather.

As I capture these thoughts, the illusion that life should be easy or at least easier dissipates with the simple but true reality of life. Growth demands effort, persistence, and the bravery to face adversity. Avoiding these challenges, or denying the need for change, is a seductive path that leads to mediocrity and ultimately stagnation.

Let’s consider that the journey of a champion, the path of growth and fulfillment, is never easy, but it’s bright in the light of self-discovery and resilience. And in this journey from fear to love, we find not only the essence of our podcast but the heart of our shared human experience.

So let us cast the lines of fear, set sail with love, and embark on a transformative voyage together. For in the ocean of life, it’s the mindset that matters, guiding us through the unknown, ever towards the shores of living our best life.

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