Episode #118 – Mark Vosylius – Embracing Life with Vigor & Passion

“It’s quality of life; that yin and yang between money and happiness. I’ve also chosen the happiness route; I’ve never been overburdened. Yes, I always end up biting off more than I can chew but that’s not because of greed, it’s because of ambition. It’s because I’m motivated, I love what I do, and doing what you love is part of that quality of life.” – Mark Vosylius  

  • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest: Mark Vosylius
  • [03:17] Mark and Patrick get the show on the road to discuss what Mark has going on these days, the new real estate space he is entering into and what provoked his interest in this new strategy.
  • [05:56] Rent-to-own explained. Mark and Patrick provide clarification of what that term means, and the full-service approach Mark’s company offers to set tenant buyers up for success.
  • [11:24] Mark further discusses how they decided to solve the problem of a fast-moving market with slow-moving lenders.
  • [12:59] As a developer and builder, Mark describes the challenges they and many others are up against, building new homes in the face of rising inflation that is likely going to last for some time.
  • [17:19] Patrick and Mark riff on the housing market, economic fundamentals, money printing, and the inflationary world as it relates to the current climate.
  • [21:18] Mark stresses the importance of keeping current and highly educated as real estate investors and stewards of investment dollars. Analyzing, critical thinking, and keen attention to the economic fundamentals are essential
  • [23:39] Mark and Patrick have another robust conversation, this one about the influence of both the United States and China on Canada’s market. We need to pay attention to the ripple effect on our interest rates and overall economic condition. There is a much broader effect at hand than the housing market alone with potential unintended consequences.
  • [32:11] Invest in what you know. To hedge against impending inflation Mark’s focus is on additional real estate investments, but he is also looking at crypto currency. The main take-away remains independent and critical thinking so we can all make our own choices vs. blanket acceptance of messaging from governing bodies, media, and other people’s thoughts and opinions.
  • [36:28] Moving forward, we listen in on more of Mark’s journey, his turn in the music business, who brought him to the trailhead marked Real Estate Investing and what compelled him to follow the trail even with a highly tumultuous start in the eighties. Eventually, joining REIN introduced him to an unparalleled community of support and many of those close relationships continue today.
  • [41:09] Mark shares the story of a life-changing event which impacted the trajectory of his real estate investing and property development path.
  • [43:48] What drove Mark to go from being entrenched in the music industry to following his grandmother’s advice, buying real estate, and becoming a full-time, business savvy, investor guy?
  • [45:43] Despite his parents’ displeasure, Mark chose life on his terms as an entrepreneur and left his secure, lifetime job at the railway. What they did agree on however was the importance of a quality life: free time, health, enjoyment, love. For Mark there was and still is no other way to live.
  • [50:10] Mark recounts another story of how he came to ride his motorcycle through a snowstorm and work on a cruise ship at the young age of 19!
  • [51:27] Mindset and mentorship. Mark talks about the tools he relies on when opportunity appears, but he lacks the practical knowledge to move forward and seize it.
  • [53:53] Number one thing to remember: ask for help! When we afford someone the opportunity to help us, we are also giving them the opportunity to be of contribution and feel great doing it. His view is there are two ways to live life: through abundance or scarcity; Mark chooses abundance.
  • [55:50] In the space of adventuring, creating, and taking chances Mark explains how, or even if, the fear of failure occurs for him. Taking it a step further, the fear of failure is b.s. – it’s the fear of judgment we perceive from others that is the truth.
  • [58:40] Mark talks about opportunity, possibility, action backed with preparedness, and a good dose of humour
  • [63:00] Begin with the end in mind. Mark starts with guidance for younger people who are starting out and then reflects on how he has piloted his own ship in life, what the next forty years may look like for him and his family, and how real estate has opened so many doors for him.
  • [66:06] Mark talks about passion, his inspiration for creating with music, and his kids’ musical genes.
  • [68:19] Dancing our way to the rapid fire first with Mark’s favourite tune, then favourite band, Android or Apple, favourite quote, favourite swear word, favourite movie, room-desk-car.
  • [71:25] Mark’s great gratitude.

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