Episode #10 – Jane Blaufus – Life Resilience: Planning for the Unplanned

“I want to help people have the first important conversations with themselves, then how do you sit down and have a conversation with your family about what you want. Because funerals are for the living, they’re not for the dead so you’ve got to talk about this stuff.” – Jane Blaufus

A Catalyst for Courageous Conversations. This is how Jane Blaufus describes who she is and what she does. Best-selling author, international speaker, entrepreneur, business coach, real estate investor and more, Jane Blaufus is deeply passionate about her calling. Listen as Jane delves into the important and often difficult topic of preparing for the possibility of a devastating life event such as sudden long term disability or the sudden death of a significant other in your life – husband, wife, business partner…

Jane Blaufus, is the bestselling author of the book WITH THE [STROKE] OF A PEN®, Claim Your Life. Her book has become recognized as one of the most comprehensive, actionable, personal and financial planning resources available today for families, individuals and business owners.

Today she is the Principal of The Blaufus Group Inc., based in Ontario, Canada. With over 25 years of insurance expertise as a financial advisor, Jane consults in the financial services industry and her reputation and expertise make her an influential coach for many entrepreneurs and sales professionals.

Jane is a is a highly sought after international keynote speaker, frequent guest expert on national TV and radio, a Huffington Post blogger and a faculty member, recommended speaker and coach for the Hoopis Performance Network.

Jane believes that the key to success in today’s marketplace is relationship building. And she most certainly walks the walk and talks the talk.

Hear Jane’s story, her experiences and learn valuable lessons firsthand.

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Show Notes

  • 02:10] An introduction to today’s guest Jane Blaufus and the important conversation they will engage in
  • 06:20] What’s Jane’s elevator pitch these days?
  • 07:40] Hear Jane’s background story and what led to the creation of her book.
  • 10:50] The early years of Jane’s life and where her entrepreneurial streak originates.
  • 12:25] Jane shares what led her away from the steady secure job to following her heart.
  • 14:50] From fashion to insurance – Jane talks about that path and the most important component to anything she does.
  • 19:40] Jane shares the story of the devastating life event that was the impetus of her book.
  • 23:50] Helping people with a call to action. What gave Jane that push 9 years later to bring her book to life and figure out what she was supposed to do with it. Take the fear out of the discussion and equip people with knowledge.
  • 26:40] Patrick explains how this conversation shows up both for him and a room full of REIN members and how Jane’s book shines a bright light on its importance.
  • 29:20] Jane talks about some of the important components that comprise estate planning to mitigate the domino effect.
  • 31:45] The fall out after the news of Jane’s loss and the inspiration it provided.
  • 39:50] The shift that illuminated the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • 43:35] Jane reflects on how these events shaped where she is today.
  • 44:50] WITH A STROKE OF A PEN, Claim Your Life. How impactful the concept is and how it unfolded.
  • 46:30] Showing up as the “catalyst for courageous conversations” to help people start the conversation, first with themselves. Listen to an overview of the conversations we need to have and with whom we need to engage.
  • 48:05] Patrick shares some personal experience with estate planning.
  • 50:15] Jane offers advice around choosing an Executor of the Will and estate planning.
  • 52:10] Jane recounts a story about a courageous conversation from the book.
  • 54:25] Patrick emphasizes the impact of Jane’s book and the inspiration it has been for REINVEST.
  • 56:05] Hear what Jane’s a-ha moments have been along this journey.
  • 60:15] Insights on how Jane deals with the coaching aspect and the emotionality of this dialogue.
  • 63:10] Dial into the intellectual conversation around life insurance. Jane invites us to think about our legacy for the ones we love and protecting the partnerships and assets we have.
  • 69:40] Jane delves into the Blaufus Group Inc., their powerful mission to not only help people, but help them own who they are, what they do and empower clients to have courageous conversations.
  • 71:55] Jane proudly expands on what she’s doing now and talks a little bit about Post-traumatic growth syndrome (PTGS).
  • 74:35] Patrick and Jane discuss Jane’s calling and passion and why this topic is so important.
  • 78:00] If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.
  • 79:00] Jane’s vision for her book – how it can most effectively serve.
  • 81:15] Another example of how Jane’s experience on the other side of this gives her a unique perspective on the critical value of putting plans in place now, for unexpected loss
  • 83:30] What is the trend Jane sees and what advice does she give when one partner is reluctant to have this conversation around estate planning? Everyone needs to be involved.
  • 86:45] A recap of important points and lessons from today’s conversation
  • 87:45] What is Jane’s practice and what does she recommend for those tough days?
  • 89:40] Jane’s strong message to her 20 year old self.
  • 90:05] And her fantastic message to her 75 year old self – there’s lots of life out there!
  • 90:50] Patrick and Jane rockin’ it in their 70’s!
  • 91:40] Jane’s wise advice on life.
  • 92:30] Final thoughts and sincere gratitude from Jane Blaufus.

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