Episode #12 – Edna Keep – Learn. Grow. Share.

“I have a mantra. It’s called learn, grow, share. As long I’m learning, and as long as I’m growing as a person, and as long as I get to share what I’m learning with other people, I’m on cloud nine.” – Edna Keep

At the age of sixteen, Edna had a child and dropped out of high school. She knew she didn’t want to work on the family farm so she left for the city and began what has been a lifelong journey of learning, improving and growing. As a single mother Edna began a series of waitress, secretarial and bookkeeping jobs. She gained momentum when she studied for and became a full time financial advisor.

50 doors in 5 years. Once Edna was introduced to real estate and she started to study it, this became her goal and she didn’t look back. When her goal of 50 doors in 5 years was realized in 18 months, Edna knew she would give up her business as a financial advisor.

Edna established her business 3D Real Estate Investments Ltd in September 2007 when both Edna and her husband Warren became members of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN). Now, 10 years later, using many of the lessons learned from REIN and power of the REIN community they have grown their portfolio to over 400 doors with an estimated value of over $40 million. The majority of their portfolio is invested in Saskatchewan, with holdings in Saskatoon, LaRonge and Regina, but they have recently expanded with partners into Winnipeg, MB.

Their foundational strategy is long term buy and hold rentals where they focus on buying great properties in economically strong areas and attracting and keeping great tenants, thereby maximizing mortgage pay down. For Edna this is a constant that keeps her focused and ensures she is building her family’s future and financial certainty.

Edna’s business interests are diverse but her love of real estate coaching and training is evident when you listen to her interview. Edna’s vision is to empower people through educating them on financial options.

As a serious entrepreneur Edna is always looking to expand her real estate portfolio and businesses and believes that by building and growing great relationships and creating win-win opportunities she will always generate and attract the investors and partners she needs to fulfill her intention of growing and expanding.

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Show Notes

  • [02:00] An introduction to business owner, real estate investor, real estate coach, wife and mother, Edna Keep

  • [05:20] Patrick and Edna get underway!
  • [05:50] Edna’s elevator pitch and how she uses it to invite deeper conversations
  • [07:55] From small town Saskatchewan and a family of 10, Edna talks a bit about her early years and the first turning point in her life becoming a young mother. She also discovers her optimal lifestyle!
  • [11:30] Moving from the family farm, Edna and her daughter take to the city where she explores careers and starts to soar
  • [13:20] Upping the game. Edna observes those around her and feeds her love of learning by focusing on self-study {on her typewriter!} to elevate her experience
  • [17:20] Edna’s intentional shift to a more positive mindset and how that affects her life
  • [19:25] Patrick shares his own experience of both observing and demonstrating a low – no tolerance mindset toward gossip and complaining
  • [20:40] Edna tells the inspiring story of the hand-up she received from one of her mentors and bosses
  • [24:15] The deep-seated influence of personal development in Edna’s life that has kept her on track and how her positive efforts influence people around her
  • [26:40] Patrick highlights one of Edna’s key messages so far: take care of yourself first, so you can take care of others (a.k.a. put your own oxygen mask on first before assisting others)
  • [31:30] The drawer full of forks in the road which have defined Edna’s experience
  • [32:20] Edna delves into her love for the coaching practice she has built and the critical importance of working with her own coaches
  • [40:00] What was the catalyst that brought Edna to investing in real estate?
  • [44:00] Edna explains how she and her husband Warren work together in their businesses
  • [45:48] As it relates to her success, Edna shares the importance of the kind of relationship she and Warren have which allows Edna to be Edna.
  • [48:50] The ways in which Edna and her husband have consciously created a successful relationship
  • [50:30] They have reached their goal of 50 doors! Now what? Taking their real estate investing to the next level with joint venturing
  • [53:10] How Edna leverages the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) community as a long-distance member in Saskatchewan and the power membership provides
  • [55:15] A little context around Edna’s team and how she runs her businesses
  • [57:15] Edna’s definition of success
  • [58:15] The three commonalities Edna sees in people as a coach which she feels holds them back:
    1) Lone Ranger 2) trying to do it all and 3) not valuing themselves and their growth
  • [61:00] How Edna’s vision and goals have changed and what that now looks like for her and her family’s lives. #1: time freedom
  • [63:30] Comparison. Patrick asks Edna to share her perspective on it and how she coaches her clients around it
  • [66:10] What drives Edna to get up in the morning, keep working and do what she does?
  • [68:30] A conversation around the importance of liquidity in your real estate business and rolling with the punches. And in real estate, the punches never stop.
  • [71:10] Why experiencing enjoyment in the journey is paramount. And when the challenges come up – what is Edna’s self-talk?
  • [75:15] Edna’s definitive advice for her 20-year old self and a positive message for her 70 year-old self
  • [79:50] What lessons is Edna teaching her kids about money?
  • [81:35] Millennials. Patrick and Edna discuss a little bit about their experiences with and perceptions of Millennials and how they’re doing things differently than their parents. And that’s ok!
  • [86:10] Rapid-fire! Favourite swear word, new profession, a message at the pearly gates, what Edna isn’t very good at, favourite tune and favourite movie.
  • [88:30] Edna shares her gratitude.

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