Episode #15 – Reto Steiner – Building on the Foundation of Integrity

“Most people know when they’re doing the right thing and in their gut they know when they’re doing the wrong thing. And if there’s any hesitation…if it doesn’t feel right, 99 out of 100 times it’s not the right thing to do. That’s a lesson for any decisions or any process you go through in life: are you doing the right thing for the right reasons?” – Reto Steiner

Reto Steiner is the co-founder & Chief Creative Officer of Indevelopments Inc. which is a full service commercial development and construction company. Reto and his partner have built a reputation for providing their clients speciality and innovative construction solutions with a commitment to be on time and on budget. It is this commitment to integrity that has resulted in over $100 million in deals over the past decade.

Reto was born in Switzerland and has lived in Italy, France and Canada. His love for Canada is widely apparent and a privilege he doesn’t take lightly. After selling one of his companies in his early years, Reto set out on a bike for a 2-year journey of discovery. What he learned, and the experiences he returned with, shaped the next 25 years of his business, relationships and how he shows up in the world.

Reto loves golf and has some great insights to share about the time spent on the course with his father Otto Steiner, who founded Woodside Golf Course in Airdrie. Reto’s skills are vast – among other things he can include in his repertoire: artist, architect, engineer, adventurer, skier and Texas Hold ‘Em aficionado.
Reto loves what he does, has no plans to retire, and is excited to get out with his family on new travel adventures.

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Show Notes

  • [02:00] Getting to know a little bit about today’s REIN Member Guest: Reto Steiner
  • [04:20] Reto and Patrick fire up their conversation
  • [05:20] Let’s hear it! Reto’s elevator pitch
  • [06:35] Reto talks about his company Indevelopments Inc. and what they’re up to in Alberta
  • [08:45] Reto describes the way they are innovating, creating and finding solutions for sustainable buildings in a challenging economy
  • [11:40] Delivering with integrity – Reto talks about how they are working together with the First Nations bands and the reciprocal learning opportunity as a chance for everyone to win and benefit
  • [16:00] Four university degrees! But before we get to that, Reto goes back to describe a little of his background
  • [17:25] Ok back to the tetra-academic: Geography, Engineering, Architecture and an MBA!
  • [18:10] Reto takes us on his journey of discovery from the pages of National Geographic to a real life 30,000+ km bike adventure around the world
  • [21:20] Reto and Patrick reflect on their gratitude for the privilege of living in Canada
  • [22:15] Post-university business in Switzerland and when it’s time to move on
  • [23:30] Reto shares a couple of stories that illustrate how his entrepreneurial spirit was sparked
  • [27:25] The early years of Reto and his father working together in design and development and how they acquired a golf course!
  • [29:25] The crystal clarity behind Reto’s passion for what he does, starting at the ripe old age of nine
  • [30:50] Reto explains how having his father ease up on expectations could still bring them together on the direction of Reto’s education and his future aspirations
  • [33:15] The driving force and foundation on which Reto has both built and woven into the fabric of his business: a conversation on integrity
  • [35:10] The value of reputation and win-win relationships
  • [37:35] The roots of Reto’s credibility and philosophy on business run deep
  • [38:50] A pivotal fork in Reto’s road which made a significant and far-reaching impact on his life
  • [41:30] Woah let’s back up the story! Patrick isn’t letting Reto step over the “I got arrested” part of his world travelling story
  • [44:27] Mental fortitude. Resilience, perspective and patience can bring not only surprising change but sometimes swift and dramatic shifts
  • [46:25] How important is mindset to the success of Reto’s business?
  • [48:35] Reto’s response to adversity
  • [49:55] Reto discusses development and the power of autonomy for his business team
  • [51:10] Reto offers his perspective on building a successful team
  • [53:28] Patrick and Reto expand on this and riff a bit on the right or wrong hire
  • [54:15] Reto talks about the significance of his personal relationships in his continued life success
  • [55:45] Reto shares his philosophy and insight on how he shows up in the world
  • [58:05] Honouring his own process of gut feelings and clarity in decision making
  • [59:30] Love for the game of golf!
  • [62:05] Has Reto found his tipping point or feel that he has “made it”?
  • [63:50] Does comparison show up for Reto?
  • [64:43] Reto delves into his business partnership: their background, how they overcome differences (Vegas anyone?!) and the magic of how they work together
  • [67:20] Rapid Fire – turned on its head a little bit!
  • [70:55] Reto adds a question: his favourite book! (hint: also preferred by about 500 CEO’s in the US)

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