Episode #17 – Jose Jafferji – Passion, Persistence, Results

“To me the definition of success is a natural progression of your thoughts; changing your mindset. If you are getting better every single day, that to me is success. If you are improving in your business, or in your physical health, in your relationships, that to me is success.” – Jose Jafferji

Born in Tanzania, East Africa, Jose Jafferji immigrated to Canada at the age of ten, full of anticipation and excitement. This energy has not waned in the subsequent 25 years and has kept Jose curious, passionate and driven.

Jose’s professional journey includes inventor, engineer, multi-level marketer, real estate investor, coach and realtor to name just a few. The consistent threads that are woven throughout Jose’s successful journey are continuous education, improvement and taking action. These have been instrumental in achieving his goals.

Starting out in real estate in his early twenties, Jose was able to grow his portfolio in just a few short years using strategies like rent to own, multi-family, renovate to flip, and single family buy and hold. Today, almost a decade after purchasing his very first property, he is a full time award winning investor, and is sought after as an expert speaker, guest columnist and adviser on various real estate markets.

Having attained a great deal of success through real estate investing Jose gains fulfillment showing others the power of real estate and supporting them to use it as a vehicle for wealth and lifestyle creation.

Working hand in hand with his wife who is also his best friend and business partner, Jose is living life on his terms. One year ago their world became extraordinary as they proudly welcomed their first baby boy, Daniel.

When he isn’t working, Jose is an avid reader, listener of audio books, travel enthusiast and big time foodie. He believes that there are no limitations in life, and that the sky is truly the limit.

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Show Notes

  • [03:15] An introduction to today’s REIN Member Guest: Jose Jafferji.
  • [05:55] From BC and Ontario – Patrick and Jose get underway!
  • [06:50] Jose’s elevator pitch and why it is so important to him.
  • [08:10] Jose delves into his origins in Tanzania and the influencers of his entrepreneurial path.
  • [11:15] Jose talks about his family immigrating to Canada, his personal challenge as well as the excitement of uprooting to a new country.
  • [14:35] Jose pursues his love of being an inventor at McMaster University.
  • [15:25] Jose explains how the disloyalty he experienced at his first corporate job quickly led him to pursue more entrepreneurial avenues.
  • [18:20] How Jose’s multi-level marketing experience deeply influenced him.
  • [20:00] Despite all of the training and lessons he gained, what led Jose to leave MLM?
  • [21:40] Jose goes back to engineering for 10 years, constructing and weaving in his passion for invention.
  • [23:00] What was the fork in the road that altered Jose’s pursuits in MLM and engineering over to real estate investing?
  • [24:40] Jose shares his [in]experience with his first property and what he took from that.
  • [25:45] Jose starts his real estate investing education journey and begins to see the impact real estate investing can have for him.
  • [27:15] Jose explains how, and more importantly who, made it possible for him to work full time and run his new real estate business at the same time.
  • [28:35] The passion that created and propelled Jose’s vision at that time.
  • [31:05] Jose explores additional facets of real estate and his speed of implementation brings even greater opportunities.
  • [33:25] Jose’s philosophy and intention around providing massive value and making a difference for his clients.
  • [36:55] Patrick and Jose discuss the importance of mindset and how Jose is “being” in what he is doing.
  • [39:50] Jose shares some of his favourite books around investing and entrepreneurialism.
  • [41:25] How does Jose define his success? Has it evolved?
  • [43:25] Patrick shares his perspective of what success means and how it changes.
  • [44:50] A new blessing for Jose and his wife.
  • [45:20] Jose expresses gratitude for having the freedom to control his schedule and spend more time with his family, which he created through his success in real estate.
  • [46:45] How have setbacks been a blessing in disguise for Jose and his wife?
  • [49:10] Jose and Patrick share their morning routines and offer insights into how that helps them to be successful.
  • [52:48] As a coach, realtor and advisor, what does Jose see as some of the biggest reasons why people get stuck or don’t take action.
  • [55:15] How joining the Real Estate Investment Network significantly shaped Jose’s investing strategy, mindset, inspiration and education.
  • [57:30] Leveraging and connecting with the REIN community over the last 10 years has not only been a confidence builder for Jose, but has helped to build phenomenal results and friendships in his life.
  • [59:25] Overcoming discomfort with networking and transforming it into a leadership opportunity to be of contribution.
  • [61:54] The significance of a relational vs. transactional relationship with your realtor in the context of being an investor.
  • [63:25] The benefits Jose sees for his clients when they experience his relational approach and why one size fits all doesn’t work.
  • [65:00] Meeting and supporting investors from where they are at, to apply appropriate purchasing strategies, not cookie cutter.
  • [68:05] Patrick recaps insights and lessons Jose has shared over the course of the past hour.
  • [69:25] Rapid Fire Time! A clean desk, the pearly gates, owning a swear word, Michael Jackson and what Jose’s not very good at.
  • [71:29] Sharing gratitude.

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