Episode #18 – Janet LePage – You’ve got this

“My mantra is, it’s not about whether you screwed up, it’s how you correct it and how professionally and correctly you get it back on track. People don’t remember the mistake, they remember the experience of the correction.”– Janet LePage

Described as both forthright and a force of nature, Janet has applied her ability and love of problem solving and deal making into a growing enterprise that now rivals any of the biggest publicly listed real estate businesses.
Janet got the deal-making bug early. Among other pursuits, her father owned two apartment buildings, and the term “passive income” became an early childhood building block. At 25, she got a real estate coach and in 2008, the market imploded. Most thought the real estate sky was falling; Janet saw the heavens opening up. In the space of two years, Janet bought and sold 58 homes all the while nurturing a flourishing career in the corporate world.
As her vision grew, so too did her business. In 2011, Janet co-founded Western Wealth Capital and in 2012 she left the corporate world behind. Currently WWC has a portfolio of 5,100 rental units, with a purchase value of $510 million. Janet’s growth outlook is to make Western Wealth a $1 billion company and has plans to diversify outside of the Phoenix market.
Janet was recently named one of Business in Vancouver’s Forty Under 40 and was awarded the Veuve Clicquot Canadian New Generation Award, recognizing young female entrepreneurs. She is also a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2017.
Janet places a high value on her family and giving back. In 2016, Janet created the “We’ve Got Your Back” charity drive. This year, the annual initiative provided over 1,300 backpacks to children living on WWC properties to help them start their first day of school on the right foot.
Grounded in commitment, clarity and living life with “fun intensity”, Janet has built a vigorous culture around her that thrives in excellence and integrity.

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Show Notes

  • [02:00] Patrick lays the foundation with an introduction to today’s guest, Janet LePage.
  • [06:45] Janet and Patrick are ready to roll.
  • [07:05] Janet has a few elevators from which to pitch, but she shares from her business elevator!
  • [08:15] Janet takes us back to her real estate beginnings, and the advice of her real estate coach: “Everything’s a deal”.
  • [12:08] Repeatability creates scalability. Janet’s strength in replication shows up in a sizable flip strategy in Phoenix.
  • [14:10] 23 years old, working hard and discovering real estate.
  • [15:30] Absolute clarity has made all the difference for Janet’s success, beyond the hard work.
  • [17:12] Janet expands on this and connects how she experienced clarity in the beginning {guilt} and why it had to evolve into priorities and clear decisions.
  • [19:26] Is Janet willing to be misunderstood in the context of her life?
  • [21:00] Janet explains the “why” of her pursuits in business and real estate, stemming from nature vs. nurture and her passion for a putting together a puzzle.
  • [24:25] Being in alignment with what she loves and the fortunate by-product of the wealth it creates.
  • [25:45] How the love of problem solving started early for Janet.
  • [27:25] One of four girls in her family, Janet talks about how she most closely replicates her father’s entrepreneurial spirit.
  • [29:20] The gifts each of her parents contributed to shaping Janet and her sister’s lives at an early age.
  • [30:45] Janet’s parenting mindset with her own children.
  • [32:21] A look back at Janet’s aspirations in the corporate world. Entrepreneurialism wasn’t even a glimmer. Until it got too big!
  • [33:55] The evolution of Janet’s identity and what’s important now.
  • [36:55] Hear about Janet’s drive and absolute love for the challenge and upping her game.
  • [39:25] How do Janet and her husband fit all the important pieces of their busy lives together in a way that works for them?
  • [42:00] There is no work-life balance. Janet talks about her approach to embracing life’s ebbs and flows in an all-encompassing way.
  • [43:50] Patrick takes a moment to talk about Janet’s accomplishments and insights.
  • [45:18] The true value of what Janet is doing and the importance for her to keep her buckets full.
  • [46:52] Janet explains how she stays committed to reaching her outcome, while being open to new routes leading her there.
  • [49:26] Overwhelm. How does it show up and how does Janet manage it?
  • [50:55] Janet’s new leadership goal is to work herself out of her job! Hear why.
  • [52:06] Patrick reflects on how this is also showing up for him as a business owner.
  • [53:45] What sort of self-realization is Janet experiencing through the process of this new goal.
  • [55:40] Empowering her team as a way to progress the business and her own growth.
  • [56:45] Going back to fierce clarity. Working through the challenges and surrendering micro-management for the fruition of her goals.
  • [59:00] Janet describes how her past experiences in university and the corporate world have been critical to her success in the entrepreneurial world.
  • [61:54] Janet addresses the irrelevance to her of being a woman in a predominantly male industry. Integrity is what matters to her.
  • [65:12] Self-care and daily rhythms.
  • [67:20] What is Janet’s self-talk and mindset when things go off the rails and chaos reigns?
  • [70:00] Janet talks about how she and her team resolve mistakes and catastrophes to get back on track swiftly, professionally and correctly. {hint: sometimes you’ve got to first pull out the tequila}
  • [73:28] Creating an awesome environment and crafting a thriving company culture that embraces BSU.
  • [75:33] Janet’s role in hiring the right team and how that is changing.
  • [76:45] Aligning a successful work environment with fun intensity.
  • [79:20] Janet and Patrick talk about what they’re reading and other ways in which they are learning and finding growth.
  • [81:55] Janet shares a bit about her experience and what she looks for by working with coaches.
  • [84:10] How does vision show up for Janet in her world?
  • [87:17] Janet explains the distinguishable characteristic she sees in herself and other people achieving that level of success.
  • [89:21] Life is messy and Janet challenges those who dwell in idealism and call her lucky.
  • [91:53] What advice would Janet want to give to her 65-year-old self?
  • [94:12] Look out! It’s time for some rapid-fire questions.
  • [94:27] Favourite swear word, alternate profession (or not!), message at the pearly gates, Janet’s sets a new weirdness scale, what she’s bad at, room/desk/car, favourite tune and favourite movie.
  • [96:42] Janet’s gratitude.

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