Episode #19 – Randy Dyck – Uncommon, exceptional, extraordinary and superb

“If my intent is pure, I’m going to do the best I can. I want my intent to be pure in how I think process for the people that are involved in whatever the situation is. And if that is true to my heart, and I really want to be pure about my intent, then I’ve done the best I can. And in most cases the result is Eximus”

Growing up on a farm in small town Alberta with a family of six, the appreciation for hard work and discipline was instilled in Randy at a young age. A life-changing accident as a teenager also fueled a drive and determination for excellence which Randy has woven into every facet of his life.

Getting into the real estate game early on, Randy has honed a practical and grounded business philosophy: work hard, treat people fairly, give straight advice, and success in business will follow. It’s that attitude and belief that has led him to be an award-winning realtor year after year.

Randy owns and operates a top producing, full-service real estate company in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, Eximus Real Estate Team. Over the past 25 years, Randy and the Eximus team have sold over 4,500 properties throughout the Fraser Valley and Vancouver’s lower mainland.

In addition to business excellence, Randy and his wife of 30 years, Jolene, are proud parents and recently welcomed a son-in-law into their fold.

While Randy loves the business he’s created (with no plans to stop), his priority is his family and their well being. Randy is also committed to his own self-care and, in addition to training at the gym, his new passion is kite surfing.

Randy is a veteran REIN Member real estate investor who has graced the REIN stage many times to share his knowledge and insights. He operates from his heart first, and leads with the pure intention to inspire and support the journey of others.

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Show Notes

  • [01:57] Patrick introduces his newest REIN Member Guest: Randy Dyck from Eximus Real Estate Team.
  • [04:00] Welcome back to the poolside studio where Randy and Patrick relax with a cup of coffee and get their conversation started.
  • [04:20] Randy shares what he does, who he is and how he prioritizes both.
  • [05:25] Where Randy got his start in real estate and how he built that into Eximus.
  • [07:48] The origin of Eximus is powerful!
  • [08:46] Journey back to Randy’s roots where he and his twin brother Jerry learned the skillful art of dodging farm chores.
  • [10:25] Although not as evident when it came to farm chores, the work ethic his father demonstrated and desire to be an exceptional farmer became ingrained in Randy.
  • [12:51] Randy’s first crucible: a monumental, life-changing accident at the young age of fourteen.
  • [14:43] What was Randy’s mindset at such a young age, having to learn how to walk again?
  • [16:12] Randy’s road to recovery.
  • [17:17] The gift both of Randy’s competitive spirit and the built-in benchmark that is his twin brother.
  • [18:50] When was the entrepreneurial spirit lit for Randy and how does clothing fit in?
  • [20:23] Randy finds liberation in his high school experience away from home.
  • [21:30] Randy’s second crucible: not graduating high school with his twin brother offers him the opportunity to up his game.
  • [22:58] How did Randy’s upbringing differ between the way he experienced his Dad vs. his Mom?
  • [25:54] The encouragement Randy’s parents provided allowed him the space to try things and make some of (and learn from) his own decisions. Being led but not pushed.
  • [27:25] Randy gives us some insight into his siblings and a family connected by leadership.
  • [29:15] 1984 brings Randy to Abbotsford, BC, first for school but next he finds love.
  • [29:44] Randy and his wife Jolene (married now 30 years) work together to start building their life, a family and a new business in real estate.
  • [31:53] Randy describes how he and Jolene worked as a team as they managed the compartments of their life and worked hard to bring it all together for the betterment of their family.
  • [33:48] Commitment to be the best humans we can be. Patrick and Randy riff about the philosophy of individual commitment and common commitment in the context of a marriage and family.
  • [37:44] Evolution of Eximus and the beauty of leveraging a team.
  • [40:53] A conversation for entrepreneurs about hiring an assistant to grow and develop business exponentially.
  • [44:18] Leadership, leveraging and legacy.
  • [45:07] What has Randy discovered about himself in the process of being a leader for the individuals in his life?
  • [47:08] Randy shares his self-awareness around his individual intensity and the effect of that.
  • [48:40] Randy feels the importance of creating a good team is leading and communicating with conviction and commitment. And where he sometimes falls short.
  • [50:11] Failure and the subtle art of not giving a f*ck.
  • [51:22] The power of pure intent behind decision-making.
  • [52:27] What is Randy’s philosophy around driving revenue? Is it all about the money?
  • [53:52] Randy describes what lights him up about what he does every day.
  • [55:32] Randy and Patrick have an open conversation about calling, purpose and self-induced vulnerability.
  • [59:34] How does Randy define success?
  • [61:26] Being a source to empower and inspire others, and Randy’s awe of those who are taking action at an even younger age.
  • [63:00] Randy talks about how Eximus has changed over the years and what he sees Eximus as now.
  • [65:11] Randy’s mantra around the messes that crop up in business.
  • [66:30] The commonality Randy sees in real estate investors and the guidance and support he can offer.
  • [69:03] Randy explains the importance of building a reciprocal, trustworthy relationship between realtor and client.
  • [72:10] Personal development and how Randy approaches it.
  • [73:48] Randy shares his daily routine and self-care practices.
  • [75:49] Patrick and Randy delve a bit more into patterns of lifestyle, sports and diet.
  • [78:05] Looking to the future and how Randy sees that unfolding. Doesn’t look like he’ll be stopping anytime soon!
  • [80:35] Patrick winds things down and heads into rapid fire!
  • [80:58] Randy’s favourite swear word and alternate profession.
  • [81:21] A jog out of rapid fire to riff a bit about being in contribution and having an impact.
  • [82:59] Back on the rapid-fire rails: what Randy hopes to hear at the pearly gates, room/desk/car, favourite tune, favourite movie.
  • [85:39] Randy speaks from his heart about gratitude.

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