Episode #21 – Dr. Matt Motil – Man on Fire

“There’s never going to be a right time for anything you’re considering doing in life. Whether it’s starting a business, taking a leap of faith to go do your own thing, start[ing] a family… the stars are never going to align enough, just do it. Take action, take imperfect action and just do something. – Matt Motil

Dr. Matt Motil is a real estate investor, business owner and entrepreneur and he is in it to elevate, not only himself, but also his family, his team, his investors and his students.
Matt has worked with hundreds of investors from around the world to help them grow their wealth and passive income through remote real estate investments. He leads a retail real estate team whose agents work with buyers and sellers in all 50 states.
Before real estate, Matt spent 17 years as a project manager and licensed engineer in the construction industry building bridges, highways and industrial plants throughout the United States. He and his wife Amy steadily began building their real estate investing business until one pivotal day, when this became their full-time focus.
In his spare time, and aside from spending time with Amy and their family, Matt teaches college courses as an adjunct professor at a handful of colleges and universities.
Through his experiences and drive to help others succeed, Matt has leveraged his purpose and passion to become an author, mentor, teacher and help people all over the world unleash their abilities to achieve their highest potential.

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Show Notes

  • [02:17] Patrick introduces today’s guest: Dr. Matt Motil
  • [03:55] Patrick and Dr. Matt get rolling!
  • [04:12] What’s his doctorate in?
  • [04:27] Let’s hear a little bit about what Matt’s up to from Cleveland, Ohio.
  • [06:28] Matt explains how he was first brought into the world of real estate investing and his role of manager by default.
  • [08:50] Like many other investors, Matt starts in the 90s with the “gateway drug” for real estate investing – Rich Dad, Poor Dad.
  • [10:10] Although Matt was fascinated with and absorbed as much as he could about real estate investing, he remained committed to the track of becoming an engineer and investing as a side hustle.
  • [12:00] Matt talks about his practical, hands-on dive into property fix and flips.
  • [13:05] A quick side note about the wonders of learning from You Tube!
  • [13:25] Patrick takes Matt back a little further to learn about his family and beginnings.
  • [15:56] Matt’s entrepreneurial spirit was not set from example; indeed a degree in college was the opportunity he was presented and undertook.
  • [18:56] Was engineering even enjoyable for Matt?
  • [19:40] Matt carefully explains why being a project manager and employee in a firm didn’t resonate for him.
  • [21:00] Matt dials us into the inequity he felt in the workforce and how that played out for him.
  • [22:47] Matt asks himself: how can we be a six figure income family and still have nothing left at the end of the day? Where is all the money going?
  • [25:00] And who CAN afford to be buying all of those fancy cars?
  • [27:15] Things for Matt start to click when he cuts the cord as an employee and starts building his own business. And a little self-awareness comes along with that.
  • [28:15] Matt tells the story of his fork in the road; his defining moment. {if you’ve seen the movie Office Space, it may sound a bit familiar}
  • [33:30] Matt’s gut feeling on the end of his employment – Happy New Year!
  • [34:49] A fork within the fork in the road. A pivotal decision to make.
  • [36:15] How do Matt and his wife Amy work together as a team in business? A potentially tricky proposition.
  • [41:20] Work-life-balance in the context of research, employees and entrepreneurs.
  • [43:10] Matt shares his opinion about working together with your spouse as an entrepreneur and how critical it is to be in alignment.
  • [45:20] Patrick and Matt expand on the wise advice from one of Matt’s mentors.
  • [47:00] The mental hurdle of hiring the right team, sharing control, and standing steady in decision.
  • [49:34] It’s all about elevating everyone to their highest and best use. We’re not all good at everything, so let’s work together.
  • [51:40] A lesson in perspective: creating opportunity for others from the tasks you enjoy the least. One person’s dislikes is another person’s dream job!
  • [54:45] Matt explains how that shows up for him and for his wife.
  • [57:48] Building a team: overcoming the small business psychology of the “cost” vs. the “investment” in their business.
  • [58:58] “F*ck your excuses”
  • [60:45] Matt talks about how he creates his teams a little bit differently and how effective the evolution proves to be for him.
  • [61:44] Hiring for culture and environment vs. skill: how Matt applies this in his business.
  • [63:07] Leadership. Matt shares his experience and philosophy of how this shows up for him in life and business.
  • [67:03] How much support does Matt get from his coaches and mentors? What kind of support is he receiving?
  • [68:43] Matt shares the vision and structure he and Amy have for their business and their optimal lifestyle design.
  • [71:29] Matt talks about their real estate investing model and strategies. Deeper not wider.
  • [74:18] The pros and cons of purchasing diverse property types and how they eventually narrowed their focus.
  • [77:30] Matt dives into employing private capital and how they work with investors.
  • [81:15] The advice Matt would give his 18 year-old self : there’s never going to be a “right” time.
  • [82:55] By curating intention now, Matt’s 70 year-old self isn’t left with what-ifs.
  • [84:37] The routine and alignment Matt and Amy have created to set intention and set themselves up for success.
  • [86:48] The walking contrast that is Dr. Matt Motil.
  • [89:00] Matt’s going to nerd out a bit!
  • [91:45] Rapid fire time! Favourite swear word (hint it’s been used in this conversation!), pearly gates, a conversation about “weird”.
  • [92:40] Veering off the rapid fire road for perception and perspective.
  • [94:12] Back on the road: multi-tasking, favourite music and favourite movie.
  • [94:53] Dr. Matt’s gratitude.

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