Episode #22 – Rich Danby – Being in Contribution

“At the beginning it was about how can I create wealth and make money and support my family. And now my thoughts are different. It’s about how can I inspire and change the world and make it a better place…” – Rich Danby

Rich Danby had a challenging start early on in his life, and at 16 years old decided he needed, and wanted, to make his own way. He took on and leaned into responsibilities which tested him immensely. With the support of other including a close mentors and his wife Christina, he has carved a path of success, through his commitment to leadership and contribution.

Rich began his career in television broadcasting, first as a videographer with a local Ottawa TV station, The New RO, with a vision and aspirations of becoming a sports anchor. When an opportunity was presented by Rogers TV for him to take on a role as a producer he decided it was the right move for him and his family. Over the course of the 13 years he worked at Rogers TV, Rich learned, developed and honed many of the leaderership skills he continues to use to this day.

In 2010 Rich Danby founded Rich Ottawa Investments. His business of investing in real estate focuses on renovations, flips, rent-to-own and buy-and-hold. He and his wife, Christina hold a diverse mix of properties in their portfolio including single and multi-family units. Rich attributes the success of the company to in-depth real estate education, in the trenches knowledge, teamwork and a commitment to producing win-win results for everybody involved. Richard and his team are inspired to help others succeed in creating wealth through their investment opportunities.

Rich and Christina are focused on their vision for living an amazing and fulfilling life by design. Together they share a commitment to their children, a contribution to community and their ongoing personal and professional development. For Rich it’s not as much about his goals as much as it is about who he is being, and who he has to become to achieve the goal that matters most.

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Show Notes

  • [02:25] Patrick introduces Rich Danby in the next REIN Member Segment of The Everyday Millionaire
  • [05:42] Elevator Pitch – what does Rich do and how long has he been doing it?
  • [06:49] Rich delves into how and why he started buying property, and what or rather, who caused him to up his game.
  • [08:49] It all started with wanting to own a home which turned into a $67,000 profit and he was hooked!
  • [10:18] Patrick digs a little deeper to find out what was really driving Rich to pursue real estate and elevate his game while working alongside the fear.
  • [12:28] Rich recognizes that the “good soldier” wiring of his childhood allowed him to secure a good job and stand on his own two feet but becoming a father is what sparked the entrepreneur in him.
  • [13:58] Overcoming the limiting beliefs and obstacles he took on as a child is the fuel for Rich’s drive.
  • [14:58] Rich shares his primary limiting belief which he learned growing up and how his first mentor at 16 years old starts to shift that.
  • [15:54] Rich shares a story about his mentor Brad and the impact of unconditional love.
  • [17:56] Taking responsibility for the shape of his life. Rich shares the journey of his early career in broadcasting.
  • [20:16] Rich describes how encouragement from his wife Christina allowed him to shed his golden handcuffs. An experience that was bittersweet.
  • [22:04] Rich shares with us a bit of Christina’s story, the choices she made for their family and the support and space she gave him to soar.
  • [24:00] What guidance would Rich give for those who are in the throes of deciding whether to take on real estate investing full time?
  • [25:23] How did Rich start to manage the fear and anxiety he felt as a full-time entrepreneur?
  • [27:24] A huge turning point for Rich is also the advice he would give himself if he could go back 20 years. “Join REIN.” Hear how that experience has showed up for him.
  • [30:33] Patrick and Rich talk about the unique position of Rich becoming an entrepreneur under his own steam and how his experience of that has evolved from wealth creation to contribution.
  • [33:00] The importance of good care and the struggle to stay on track with healthy regimes – especially when a pizzeria is your sponsor!
  • [36:45] Increasing your thermostat of expectation with clean eating.
  • [38:17] Patrick discusses how it can show up when we don’t take care of ourselves. [and darn it he has to reset his cold clock!]
  • [40:25] What books have made a difference in Rich’s life?
  • [41:30] Rich talks about his regular routines and strategies to reset and clear his mind.
  • [44:10] Remodeling his life and shifting his focus to what matters most – family.
  • [46:05] Rich’s evolution of spending less time trading time for money to delegating and creating systems.
  • [47:24] Pizza! Rich tells us about getting into the pizzeria business in Ottawa and the win-win-win he created with the previous owner and his new business partner.
  • [51:55] How does Rich define success?
  • [53:05] Rich’s guidance: sharing your vision and your “why” with the important people in your life, aligning with your spouse and understanding you’re not alone.
  • [55:35] What happens when you and your spouse are not on the same page? Rich shares his experience with personal development.
  • [58:23] Being in conscious choice of the relationships Rich and Christina attract and nurture.
  • [60:03] Rich describes the blessings and gifts that resulted from the lack of relationship with his parents.
  • [63:40] Changing the conversation to real estate: what strategies does Rich use in his business of real estate investing?
  • [66:54] Rich outlines their process for building a crew and how they work together to get the projects done.
  • [69:10] Attracting capital for real estate investing: how Rich approaches it from a place of how he can help his investors vs. how can I help myself?
  • [72:06] What does “enough” look like for Rich and Christina?
  • [72:36] What is the biggest failure Rich has experienced that turned out to be a blessing in disguise?
  • [75:42] Patrick shares a story about the mindset of “mistakes” from one of his friends.
  • [77:32] The message Rich would give his 20-year old self and his 70-year old self.
  • [78:58] Money lessons with his kids.
  • [82:30] Let’s hop on the rapid-fire train! What would Rich be doing if not this? Words from the pearly gates, weirdness scale, what he’s not good at, room-desk-car, favourite swear word, tune and movie.
  • [84:11] A cool spin on Rich’s gratitude.

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