Episode #25 – Robin Dube – Family values and hard work

“Especially if you’re type A, entrepreneurial person you want to be successful in every facet of your life. And sometimes you just need to let something go and say no, I can’t do this now, I have to take care of my kids. I can’t be everywhere all the time. “ – Robin Dube

Robin Dube is a woman who wears many hats: real estate investor, marketing manager, wife, and mom.

On the real estate side, Robin and her husband, George Dube, have been investing in real estate since 2001. Their first purchase was the office building for George’s accounting firm, and it grew from there.

Today, they have 81 doors, most of them in Ontario, with a handful in Alberta. Robin acts as the operations manager for their real estate business, handling the daily operations of their real estate portfolio, including the bookkeeping, coordinating with property managers, making day-to- day decisions, and keeping the business organized and running smoothly.

Robin also works as a Marketing Manager at BDO Canada, managing marketing activities for six offices in Southwestern Ontario. And finally, but most importantly, she is a wife, and mom to two kids, a daughter aged 16 and a son aged 10.

How does she manage it all? A combination of fierce organization and straight-up hard work and maybe the occasional glass of wine.

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Show Notes

  • [02:25] Patrick introduces his REIN Member Guest, Robin Dube.
  • [05:15] Robin and Patrick get rolling and define just what this show is all about!
  • [06:25] Robin lets us in on her elevator pitch, both factually and overall how she approaches life.
  • [07:48] Patrick gives us a bit of a background about the company started by Robin’s husband George and his partner Peter Cuttini.
  • [09:00] Robin details her role in the partnership and how it evolved.
  • [10:56] A brief aside about why Robin thought working with her spouse would be a bad idea.
  • [12:17] As business quickly builds and expands, Robin shares what that looked like for her: one busy mind and a whole lot of learning.
  • [14:32] How Robin’s skills complement the skills of Peter and George to create a great team.
  • [16:00] Robin and Peter have a candid and important conversation before she joins the firm and the outcomes since then.
  • [19:00] What has Robin learned from these years of working together with George and what guidance would she offer to other people who are considering teaming up with their significant other?
  • [21:23] The many hats Robin wears as a Mom of two, a marketing manager at BDO and a hands-on real estate investor.
  • [22:05] Robin describes how they work to best manage the juggling act of family and businesses.
  • [25:05] Robin takes us back to her upbringing on a dairy farm and how she feels the entrepreneurial spark ignited later more out of necessity.
  • [28:58] Robin and George’s first venture into real estate.
  • [30:25] Patrick and Robin share ideas on the mindset of people, like them, who have grown up on a farm.
  • [33:26] How does Robin define success?
  • [34:32] Robin tries to identify the differences between how she was raised and how she and George are raising their children.
  • [36:27] What would Robin like to see for her kids as their lives progress?
  • [37:42] What commonalities has Robin observed with all the different business owners she works with?
  • [39:07] Robin talks about her awareness as a female in some of the male-centric environments she is in and how she works hard to ensure equal representation.
  • [41:34] Robin’s advice about showing up as a business woman and where her confidence comes from.
  • [43:55] Working from the phrase “confidence is borrowed”, where does Robin borrow hers from?
  • [45:28] The culture of Robin’s business and creating an environment of positivity around her.
  • [46:54] Robin describes the hurdles she has faced and overcoming them to find success. Rose coloured glasses don’t hurt!
  • [50:13] Robin tells us about her intentional practice and mindset when things are hitting the fan.
  • [53:19] The power of writing and taking pen to paper to create intellectual ease.
  • [54:58] How do Robin and George approach communication both in relationship and business?
  • [56:42] Robin shares her philosophy on blame and how it impacts relationships.
  • [58:06] Robin wants to discuss judgment with her 20-year-old self.
  • [59:00] And what does she want to tell her 70-year-old self?
  • [59:50] Robin talks about the busy-ness of business and how she and George are working together to manage it.
  • [62:22] The importance of being present – it’s a conscious and constant practice.
  • [64:15] Robin shares a few gold nuggets of wisdom for other women and for her kids.
  • [67:43] Patrick and Robin talk about the importance of pragmatism and planning.
  • [69:29] Who does Robin go to for mentoring and support?
  • [70:28] Rapid fire time! Favourite swear word, message at the pearly gates, weirdness scale (different perceptions of that), what Robin is not very good at, cleaning priorities, favourite band, and favourite movie.
  • [72:47] Robin’s gratitude comes easy.

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