Episode #26 – Dave Lowrey – The Power of Real Estate

“I see my kids growing up so fast and I want to spend as much time as I can making memories with them. That has been a big part of our life, creating experiences together, and real estate has done that for me and for us. ”– Dave Lowrey

Dave Lowery is a long-time member of the Real Estate Investment Network and credits much of his action, clarity and inspiration to REIN’s educators and community. Working together with his wife Rebecca and their joint venture partners, Dave has created a fruitful real estate portfolio based in Edmonton, Alberta.

Early life experience offered Dave a variety of influences including an opportunity to attend a small, close-knit private school, to participate in competitive sports and to receive exposure to corporate business. His combined experiences helped ignite an entrepreneurial spirit in Dave which carved a path toward creating his own success in business.

Dave finds professional fulfillment in his leadership position with Vancity Credit Union along with his real estate investing business. His true passion lies in coaching his kids’ sports, developing leadership skills in young people and creating memories with his family.

With the power and reinforcement of real estate, Dave, Rebecca and their kids are creating a memorable journey together, which for them means a life of success.

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Show Notes

  • [02:23] An introduction to our latest guest from the REIN Member Guest Series: Dave Lowrey
  • [04:10] Dave and Patrick get underway!
  • [04:30] What is Dave up to both in the real estate world and in his role with Vancity?
  • [06:04] Dave shares his story of how he came to real estate investing and the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN).
  • [09:00] Patrick reels it back a bit to find out what first compelled Dave to pursue real estate investing and the Real Estate Investing in Canada (REIIC) book.
  • [10:53] Dave describes where he and his wife Rebecca were professionally during this time, working hard in their careers.
  • [11:57] Dave shares his insights into why the systems taught in the REIIC book and within REIN stand out as so impactful for him: the methodology, common sense approach, and treating real estate investing as a business.
  • [14:08] How did real estate investing land for Dave’s wife Rebecca? And what was the effect of Rebecca being the one to attend the Authentic Canadian Real Estate Program (ACRE) at the beginning?
  • [16:30] The unexpected and fortunate results of having potential joint venture partners attend ACRE!
  • [18:16] Dave dives into the story of their first real estate deals and how REIN served as a confidence builder as he learned.
  • [19:50] The REIN community shows up at its best to support Dave and Rebecca in making key decisions for their real estate investing business.
  • [21:00] Dave explains where his entrepreneurial mindset stems from and the opportunities he was given in his youth to experience business first hand.
  • [23:41] Turning his daily commute into a rolling university, Dave talks about how he keeps current and educated by listening to all of the recorded REIN meeting audio, Monday Morning Motivator coaching calls and Audible books.
  • [24:40] Let’s hear a bit about Dave’s portfolio and where he is investing.
  • [25:55] What guidance would Dave give others about getting started and taking action in real estate investing?
  • [27:25] Dave talks about his biggest failure which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
  • [29:55] How does Dave define success?
  • [32:22] Dave takes us back to his early experiences. He discusses the dynamic of his parents’ mindset vs. the learned mindset from his peers and the positive influence they all still bring to his life.
  • [35:27] The importance of a like-minded community for shared knowledge and support through experience.
  • [36:29] What is Dave’s long term vision for his real estate investing? When is enough, enough?
  • [37:44] Dave emphasizes the value of sport and competition for confidence, conditioning and teamwork.
  • [41:01] Overcoming his intimidation and exceeding what he thought was an unattainable goal at the start of his journey. Now Dave and his family are reaping the rewards as a family unit.
  • [43:30] Dave’s not getting off the rapid fire hook! His favourite swear word, alternate profession, messages from the pearly gates, his weirdness scale, favourite tune and favourite movie.
  • [44:55] Dave’s gratitude.
  • [45:24] One final word from Dave about giving kids an early start in financial literacy and education.

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