Episode #33 – Dave Toynbee, Transforming Adversity into Seeds of Opportunity

“Every adversity comes with the same common choice; every single one, no matter what it is. It’s either the perfect excuse for giving up and self-pity or it’s a perfect opportunity to become an example of inspiration to help other people.” – Dave Toynbee

When it comes to doing what it takes to overcome adversity, Dave Toynbee is no stranger. From an incident as a young man that left him physically impaired and without a job, Dave has held steadfast in his commitment to growing and creating his financial future and to looking after his family through investing in real estate.

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Show Notes

  • [02:20] Patrick introduces his next guest in the REIN Member Guest series: Dave Toynbee
  • [04:18] Dave and Patrick get this conversation started!
  • [04:52] An important and redefining experience which changed the trajectory of Dave’s life.
  • [06:58] Dave shares the incident that lead to his brain injury, paralysis and instant life change.
  • [09:03] Dave describes his decision when he arrived at a crossroads: become a victim or forge ahead with optimism.
  • [11:52] An unexpected gift in the hospital, allows Dave to make a conscious decision toward accepting support and moving forward.
  • [16:00] Before moving forward, Dave feels the effects of his reality once released from the G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre and the changes that are present in his life.
  • [17:46] Aside from the physical limitations, what was Dave experiencing cognitively?
  • [19:38] Dave explains his renewed awareness and how his heightened analytical brain served him but challenged others.
  • [22:20] A book about real estate investing starts to illuminate a new path and Dave gets excited for the future.
  • [25:15] The opportunity that arose from Dave’s brain injury to recalibrate his retention and cognitive abilities.
  • [27:38] What was the turning point for Dave where his mindset shifted, and he knew he had to take action?
  • [29:07] Dave’s primary action takes the form of education. With that knowledge he takes his first critical steps toward creating relationships and investing in real estate.
  • [32:23] One step at a time, Dave starts researching and analyzing commercial real estate opportunities – a strategy that worked for his personal situation – and presents three deals to his banker. The commercial office building wins!
  • [33:13] Dave describes his first commercial property deal (and brief joint venture!).
  • [35:32] Even with uncertainty and doubt (both his own and from others), Dave follows the buying systems he’s learned and takes action toward his future dreams.
  • [37:25] During this time Dave becomes a REIN Member. With a new understanding of economic fundamentals he decides to sell his commercial property on the Sunshine Coast and reallocate his money to other markets.
  • [38:55] Dave briefly shares the joint venture deals he did once he sold his properties in BC.
  • [39:33] Dave attributes his action-taking mindset to both nature and nurture from watching his parents’ journey in entrepreneurialism as well as the myriad of books he read during his rehabilitation.
  • [41:09] Dave recounts a rogue investment deal and a financial loss that requires him to draw on his deep well of resilience.
  • [46:04] Dave shares the lessons he’s learned so far as he continues to recover from his financial adversity.
  • [48:03] Dave’s optimism and resilience have kept him from treading in the dangerous waters of self-pity.
  • [50:13] His awareness is heightened around how powerful his thoughts are, both in manifesting success as well as the attraction of chaos.
  • [52:19] How has the REIN community supported Dave in his journey so far?
  • [55:19] Segmenting the challenges to recognize adversity is temporary and neither defines who we are, nor how we experience life overall.
  • [56:50] Dave describes how he is now creating positive momentum in his life.
  • [58:39] What lessons would Dave like to share with listeners? Humour, perspective and observing your thoughts.
  • [63:21] Dave notices how his cycles of reading occur, and he shares what he’s re-reading.
  • [64:10] Dave and Patrick each share their health and wellness routine. Momentum at any level is key.
  • [67:08] Self-pity vs. inspiration: the common choices in any adverse situation.
  • [67:57] Ready for some rapid fire? Favourite swear word, Dave’s alternate profession, weirdness scale, what he’s not very good at, the most impactful books he read, what he cleans first, his diverse musical taste and Dave’s favourite movies.
  • [69:58] Dave’s gratitude.

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