Episode #37 – Derek Peever – Committed, Steadfast, Focused.

“I don’t know what the difference is – what keeps you steady. A lot of people go from one shiny thing to the next. You’ve got to really stick to something for an incredibly long and consistent amount of time if you want to get some really awesome results” – Derek Peever

In the context of seemingly ordinary people achieving extra ordinary results, Vancouver REIN Member Derek Peever optimizes that statement.

Derek Peever has climbed a long and interesting road to success, growing up in Vancouver’s lower mainland and the Fraser Valley he worked many jobs through during his early school years ranging from paper routes, to gas stations, concrete pouring and washing dishes just to name a few.

Derek ultimately landed in the West Coast marine industry where he worked and excelled for nearly a decade, but today Derek is pursuing his true passion in life, the people and businesses associated with PeeverConn Group of Companies and his role in real estate investing.

His growing Abbotsford based business PeeverConn Properties Inc. has expanded nationally into Super Suites which are turn-key suited rentals and more recently has delved into seniors’ independent living in the Fraser Valley.

Derek sees himself as a visionary entrepreneur with a clear picture of what the future holds for his Group of Companies. He has an incredible appetite for knowledge in the fields of self-improvement, leadership and real estate, and has adopted a lifelong learning attitude. With over 100 real estate transactions under his belt since 2006 and five active businesses, Derek continues to grow both his business and returns for his investors.

A leader and a supporter in all his relationships including the REIN community, Derek regularly takes time to connect and teach others and he is creating a positive impact for those close to his heart.

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Show Notes

  • [02:15] Patrick introduces his next guest in the REIN Member Series: Derek Peever
  • [05:11] Patrick and Derek kick-off their conversation!
  • [05:47] Derek’s elevator pitch.
  • [06:15] Derek shares the turning point moment that led him to the head of the real estate trail and ultimately to the REIN community.
  • [08:28] Derek and his then partner, Carson, get their feet wet with a condo in Agassiz, BC.
  • [10:03] A chance encounter on a ride from the airport turned on the real estate lightbulb for Derek.
  • (and he got to thank the person during a second unexpected encounter!)

  • [11:18] Where? What? Derek bought a tugboat? We need to hear more about this!
  • [13:09] Patrick shares a quick story on the power of “Belize” (a.k.a. goals & vision work)
  • [14:38] Derek explains the kinds of projects he is working on through his company Super Suites and where he is investing.
  • [17:03] For those not familiar with the term “super suites”, Derek provides some insight into this turn-key strategy.
  • [19:59] Derek talks about his role in Super Suites and how it’s evolving from hands-on, fully working in the business, to increased delegation and being the hub.
  • [21:39] A new venture into a seniors’ independent living project in Abbotsford, BC gives Derek an opportunity to expand his skills and investment prowess.
  • [25:13] Patrick pauses to reflect on the core principle of The Everyday Millionaire and the conversation he is having within the REIN community about understanding what is possible.
  • [27:15] As this new investment opportunity unfolds, Derek is like a sponge, soaking up all the knowledge and experience of the people he’s working with.
  • [29:27] Derek gives us the run-down of his current property holdings and what he considers “harvest time” with some of their real estate in order to take advantage of other buyers’ markets.
  • [32:35] What are some of the cool impacts of Derek’s real estate that are positively affecting his Mom?
  • [33:52] Although PeeverConn and Super Suites are solely owned by Derek – it’s working together with his team that keeps everything in forward motion.
  • [34:53] The great income from working on tugboats in his early years enabled Derek to get the financing he needed to fund his passion for real estate.
  • [37:10] Derek opens up about his background and desire to achieve, starting from a young age.
  • [39:45] Raising capital: Derek’s journey with joint ventures.
  • [42:05] Derek shares a little bit about his personal relationship.
  • [43:45] Derek offers some insight and guidance for Alberta investors during its cyclical economic challenges.
  • [47:05] Biggest mistake or failure that turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
  • [48:12] Cresting the hill and building in some financial breathing room with real estate.
  • [49:25] Forks in the road: one kick-started Derek’s journey and one could have significantly altered it. Derek’s focus is the common factor through it all.
  • [50:28] What is the defining difference for Derek that enables him to realize such positive results?
  • [51:37] Derek’s big “why” is so powerful and meaningful for him, it drives him to continue.
  • [52:53] Keeping the real estate business in the family so everybody wins.
  • [54:42] Books and YouTube University keep Derek pumped and inspired.
  • [56:27] What is Derek’s daily routine to feed the machine and stay healthy?
  • [58:15] Derek’s biggest accomplishment to date.
  • [59:18] How Derek shows up as a leader by example and learning from great leaders before him.
  • [61:23] The REIN difference: after 11 years Derek shares what keeps him connected to the community.
  • [63:58] Managing the hurdles and overcoming some low points and struggles in his real investing journey.
  • [66:06] Digging into mindset, Derek and Patrick each share their steadfast approach to dealing with challenges.
  • [68:42] How does Derek define success? “Service to many leads to greatness”
  • [69:20] Drawing from who he feels are the greats, Derek shares a few concepts that have positively impacted his life and Patrick expands a bit on the notion of “I wish it was easier”
  • [72:15] Ripping through the rapid fire! Favourite swear word, alternate profession to real estate, messages from the pearly gates, Derek’s weirdness scale, what he’s not good at, the value of a good workspace, favourite tunes and favourite movie.
  • [74:54] Derek’s gratitude.

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