Episode #40– Kyle Guthro – Mindset Mastery

Kyle’s real estate journey began 11 years ago after graduating from university when he purchased his first investment property. Since then he has accumulated multiple properties in Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Paris, Brantford, Toronto and most recently a lake front cottage..  During that time, Kyle also become a real estate agent, an REIA and a global partner with LEGACY….and this is where Kyle is stepping up to apply his knowledge and expertise at a whole new level to help his clients achieve their investment and lifestyle dreams.

With a portfolio that has grown in value to millions of dollars, Kyle uses his experience and education to mentor and coach other investors on how to profit in buy and hold investment properties.

By day, Kyle is a project manager for a major utility company and has successfully managed a project portfolio in excess of 200 million dollars…he applies this experience, and know how to his real estate portfolio which amongst many things includes processes and checklists to help manage his tenants (clients) and to to treat his real estate investing like a business.

Kyle also volunteers with the Big Brother program and is an advocate for dog rescue. He lives with his wife and two dogs in Toronto and can frequently find him up at his cottage in Muskoka on the weekends. When the weather turns, Kyle and his wife will often travel looking for other cultures and countries to explore.  He is an avid snowboarder, golfer, and water-skier.

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Think And Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

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    • http://www.elevaterealestate.ca/about/
  • Show Notes
  • 4:11 – Patrick introduces 12 year REIN member, REIA, LEGACY partner and real estate investor Kyle Guthro
  • 4:55 – The 30 Second Elevator Pitch: By day, Kyle is a project manager for a major utility company and by night, a long term real estate investor
  • 5:55 Kyle explains how he became involved in real estate with his Dad – ‘We were literally knocking on people’s doors and offering ridiculous amounts of money until someone finally accepted’. “The skills (my Dad) taught me and what I learned helped get me where I am today” he says
  • 9:00 Patrick and Kyle discuss the challenges he encountered with his first fix & flip property and offers assurance that you can (and will!) move through adversities when you treat real estate like a business
  • 12:00 Why Kyle chose Hamilton to start his real estate investing business and the potential he recognized within the area
  • 13:15 Patrick asks Kyle about his entrepreneurial spirit – was it something he always had? What drove him to pursue a business degree?
  • 17:00 Kyle believes any individual can learn any skillset. They may not have the degree or designation or letters behind their name to prove it – but
 what’s the worst that can happen?
  • 19:32 Dealing with the day to day and ins and outs of project management and working towards a common goal
  • 21:10 Patrick shifts gears to the topic of leadership and confesses it isn’t something that comes naturally to most. He asks Kyle who he’s being and how he shows up – personally and professionally.
    “If you’re eager to learn, the opportunities are endless. 

Be a sponge, keep learning, keep looking for opportunities. If people say no, there’s always a yes on the other side.”
  • 26:20 Kyle explains how he brings characteristics of mindfulness and experience into his real estate investing strategy and is passionate about teaching the same skills to others
  • 26:55 – Kyle’s personal real estate investing strategy and valuable advice to current and aspiring investors and clients
  • 34:15 Discussion on how our biggest failures and mistakes end up becoming blessings. Why Kyle almost threw in the towel on real estate, what got him through it and how he learned to be successful. ‘Everything goes into the planning. What that I’ve learned (in real estate) is everything needs to be calculated.’
  • 47:17 The importance of mindfulness and the biggest lessons he’s learned with REIN – not only in business but in life as a whole
  • 54:36 – Family, work-life balance and what’s truly important. How real estate investment can help his family experience more joy. It’s not just about real estate, its about what real estate can do for my family!

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