Episode #41– Jean-Guy Francoeur “The Futurization Of Real Estate”

Growing up in Northern Ontario, Jean-Guy (JG) Francoeur had entrepreneurial tendencies from a young age. A self-proclaimed “old soul”, he fixed bikes and sold lemonade for cash in his hometown of Timmins, Ontario when he was a child. Later discovering his passion for business while he was in college, JG changed his pathway in his last year of university, when he left school and pursued his dream: starting his own company.
An adverse event in 2004 was a turning point in JG’s life that forced him to make very tough decisions in a short period of time. This led him on a journey of self discovery that impacted who he is today. JG now owns multiple businesses, including an investment company and a spa. He aspires to impact future generations through entrepreneurship, and gets to live that aspiration every day as REIN and LEGACY’s Chief Growth Officer (CGO). In business, JG is wired to keep growing and believes in the importance of self-reflection and awareness.
In addition to being an entrepreneur, JG is also the author of Messy Manager and specializes in simplifying marketing strategies to increase sales and profits. He has been featured on Success Today, the TODAY show, ABC News, Entrepreneur Magazine and more.

  • Show Notes
  • 2:04 – Patrick introduces author, entrepreneur, and the latest addition to the REIN and LEGACY executive leadership team: Chief Growth Officer (CGO) Jean-Guy Francoeur.
  • 4:38 – JG’s 30-Second Elevator Pitch: He is a real estate entrepreneur and the CEO of an investment company that’s involved in investing in multiple businesses and real estate all over Canada.
  • 6:52 – JG talks about his background growing up in Northern Ontario, where he played hockey and had entrepreneurial tendencies from a young age.
  • 7:51 – JG discusses how he fell in love with the game of business while in college and then went on to change his pathway in his last year of university, when he left school and started his own company.
  • 8:56 – JG’s father getting sick in 2004 was a turning point in his life where he had to make very tough decisions in a short period of time. This led him on a journey of self discovery.
  • 10:48 – JG talks about how his purpose is to try and impact future generations through entrepreneurship.
  • 12:15 – Patrick asks JG where his entrepreneurial and business spirit comes from.
  • 13:59 – JG shares the story of how he got into business, which starts with a love for motocross during his teenage years.
  • 17:34 – JG talks about how he has always been an old soul and made better friends with people who are older than him, which provided mentors and fast-tracked his personal development.
  • 22:28 – Patrick asks JG about the importance of the development of mindset and his view of the world.
  • 23:58 – JG believes the “how” is easy; it’s the subconscious and mindset work that is the hard part. To be the best version of yourself, you have to start with the mindset.
  • 25:19 – How JG knew REIN was the right company for him: it always starts with the Belize.
  • 27:24 – Patrick asks JG about building his first virtual company, mentioning his balance of “humility and ego.”
  • 29:38 – JG says the art of not knowing is very important in business when you’re just starting out.
  • 30:55 – Patrick and JG talk about Podio, a platform that allows cloud-based teams to communicate in real time.
  • 34:49 – Patrick asks JG about his wife Kerri and the role she played in his start-up company. In the beginning, she helped him do everything involving events management and later focused on running all of the travel for the business through JG and Kerri’s travel agency.
  • 36:15 – JG and Kerri also own a spa and other businesses. JG says she is his best friend and they tackle everything together.
  • 39:34 – JG says mentors used to tell him if you’re doing a job you can pay someone to do, that amount is what you are worth.
  • 40:24 – In business, JG is wired to keep scaling and growing. He believes he can only increase his contribution and his value to the world if he “replaces himself” and moves up.
  • 44:05 – Patrick and JG discuss how hiring the right people and even just one person can make a world of difference in a company. The importance of hiring a team and creating positions: from bookkeeping, finances, property managers to personal assistants.
  • 48:55 – Business decision making is a skill. JG acknowledges what we decide isn’t relevant, but the ability to make quick decisions is critical.
  • 51:40 – Patrick shares his perspective on the importance of slowing down and creating an atmosphere for his team to generate collective clarity on their vision and goals.
  • 54:12 – JG reflects on the business teams he’s built and the types of people he chooses to surround himself with.
  • 55:15 Patrick opens discussion on the Futurization of REIN, staying ahead of the game and leading the way for present and future real estate investors, leaders, real estate markets,etc.
  • 59:00 – JG elaborates on the Futurization of REIN and the emerging opportunities as a result of Real Estate Investment Advisor (REIA) education.
  • 1:00:30 – Embracing technology: Patrick and JG touch on building your LEGACY with financial preparedness and how digitization and A.I. ties into all of it.
  • 1:06:28 – The game of real estate has changed significantly with massive transformation occurring globally. LEGACY and REIN are facilitating a global movement rooted in REIA entrepreneurship, apps, block chain technology and more.
  • 1:13:05 – The world is getting smaller: renters and buyers are connected more than ever before.
  • 1:15:31 – Patrick reveals how REIN and LEGACY’s executive leadership team is passionate about their commitment to make the world a better place: teaching and inspiring others to create more meaning, purpose and opportunity in their own lives, creating a ripple effect.

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