Episode #46 – Steffany Hanlen – Authentic Performance

“Performance whether it’s skating…or standing on stage speaking to real estate investors, it’s [about] where are you the most authentic? And that’s where, to me, performance lives. It’s not about being fake it’s about connecting to that place inside where you can be fully authentic and be fully yourself: on purpose, on track, on point regardless of what people are thinking or judging.” – Steffany Hanlen-Francey

Steffany Hanlen-Francey is a business owner, international speaker, coach, mentor, innovator, pioneer and path-finder for entrepreneurs and leaders. She is known and trusted as a performance coach internationally in both the figure skating and ice hockey world.

Starting over 30 years ago, Steffany has built a reputation for results as a skilled and impactful personal and professional development workshop leader and facilitator. Her Personal Performance Coaching program is known for providing a foundation for her clients to plan and create their next level future.

Steffany has been a Master Coach and Course Conductor for Skate Canada and an NHL Strength and Conditioning Coach and Skating Coach for the Edmonton Oilers, St. Louis Blues, and 100’s of NHL players from across the league. She worked with the Hockey Canada-U22 female skating program and since 2012 has been Hockey Canada’s master skating instructor.

Currently she is the managing partner and CEO for SKATETECH Group of Companies, a strategic partner in the Montreal training school EPMISS (École de Patinage Montréal International Skating School), a performance coach for business owners and a world and Olympic class coach in the space of mental performance, most recently working the top three placing medalists in ice dance in the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics.

In all the accomplishments Steffany has created in her life, she centres herself in personal integrity and contribution, living life in a joyful, meaningful way including the space she creates to enjoy her family, her husband, their daughter and son-in-law and their amazing grandchildren.

  • Show Notes
  • [02:08] Patrick introduces his returning guest, who also happens to the love of his life, Steffany Hanlen-Francey.
  • [03:45] Patrick and Steffany get rockin’ and rollin’ on part two of their conversation!
  • [05:15] Steffany’s 30-second elevator pitch.
  • [05:59] Steffany discusses what she means by performance from the “inside-out”.
  • [06:35] Given all the support that surrounds the performers and the athletes Steffany works with, she describes where her world class performance coaching enters and how she shows up for them.
  • [12:22] Steffany talks about how we can show up in authenticity and in alignment within our journey and the results we want.
  • [15:16] How do Steffany’s clients find her? When the student’s ready, the teacher appears.
  • [17:25] Steffany shares some of the things that get in the way of individuals becoming top performers.
#1: Incompletions.
  • [19:22] Steffany digs a little deeper into what authentic or inauthentic means.
  • [21:28] Where do relationships live for top performers and where does Steffany see them getting in the way?
  • [24:10] Steffany shares her work and her self-talk on her own world class journey.
  • [29:08] In the realm of coaching, what does it mean when we say “what are you operating on top of?” or “what is the story you’re telling yourself?”
  • [32:34] Linking together lessons learned from the past to what the lesson is moving forward to remain centered and grounded in the present.
  • [35:37] Steffany talks about the difficulty for some individuals to release the safety of their stories from the past and where her entry point is with clients when they decide they want more and want to move forward.
  • [37:52] Steffany delves into the “levels of power” conversation she has both with her athlete clients and business clients that can help them open up and powerfully move forward.
  • [42:32] Steffany is a “why” coach. What that looks like and how it ties into authenticity.
  • [52:05] Money. How does the energy of money and her relationship with it show up so powerfully in Steffany’s life?
  • [56:33] Relationship. Steffany shares her perspective of the relationship she and Patrick have, and together they talk about what makes the difference in their commitment to one another.
  • [64:53] Understanding the crucial aspects of team, Steffany has discovered how looking after herself better and creating teams of support around her, better equips her to support Patrick and her clients in an effective and meaningful way.
  • [67:28] Patrick furthers this lesson, which he learned early on, by talking about how important it is that our significant others who are the core caregivers, look after themselves so they can show up with the energy they need to create the impact they choose to create in their individual world.
  • [70:14] Steffany describes how self-care showed up for her in their early years together and how as time went on, the priority level of that self-care increased. It’s non-negotiable.
  • [71:47] Linking self-care back to relationship and authenticity: be truthful in identifying what each individual in the relationship needs in order to feel cared for. Steffany furthers links taking care of herself internally and externally to making more money.
  • [75:22] Steffany tells the story about how she raised her rates and busted through the hourly rate mindset.
  • [76:59] Steffany shares the relationship she has with her parents and a bit about how she grew up in Edmonton, Alberta.
  • [81:24] Is the relationship Steffany has with her Mom, strongly influential in Steffany’s world class success?
  • [84:07] Steffany shares final thoughts on the champion’s journey, which is everyone’s journey as citizens of the world: what we need and why we need to bring forward our best selves.
  • [86:05] Steffany’s gratitude.

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