Episode #49 – Tahani Aburaneh: The Power of Perspective

There is a gift in every challenge that we face in this life… everything that has happened to you is truly a gift if you can switch the perspective and look at it as a gift rather than poor me, why me…

Tahani Aburaneh is an infectiously positive force. She defied her humble beginnings in a Middle Eastern refugee camp and a sudden arranged marriage at 15 years old followed by a move away from her family in Jordan to Canada, to become the founder of five multi-million-dollar companies, trainer and coach for realtors and entrepreneurs and one of Canada’s top experts on real estate investing.

Tahani’s core belief that education brings freedom is profoundly evident in her journey. Her insatiable curiosity for learning and a natural inclination for entrepreneurialism kept Tahani’s perspective on possibility vs. apathy. Once she chose to become a single parent, self-reliance kicked those skills into high gear. While her initial motivation was keeping a roof over her kids’ heads, Tahani’s drive produced financial freedom far beyond her expectation.

“The more I helped people, the more I got helped.” At the core of her business is a genuine desire to understand all people and their needs. Giving back and paying it forward is of vital importance to Tahani. She is a global advocate for education, a leader in women’s financial empowerment and a champion for wealth creation through real estate investing. Her most recent undertaking truly ignited a F.I.R.E. in Tahani. In November, her organization Females In Real Estate held the first real estate conference exclusively for women designed for connection, collaboration, and community.

A proud mother of two, dedicated daughter to her parents, supportive sibling to her 7 brothers and 2 sisters, world traveler and champion for many, Tahani has a full life and is immensely grateful for it all.

  • Show Notes
  • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next guest in the REIN Member series, Tahani Aburaneh
  • [03:36] Nancy and Patrick get fired up
  • [03:48] Tahani’s talkin’ at TedEx in Toronto! She shares what her talk will be about.
  • [04:50] Tahani is no one trick pony. She gives us a glimpse of what she’s up to in the world of business.
  • [05:57] Tahani describes when and how she got involved with real estate investing and what prompted her desire to share with and teach others.
  • [08:31] A look at how Tahani International began.
  • [09:10] Tahani travels back to her roots in Jordan, the special relationship she shared with her Dad, her humble beginnings and how all of that shaped who she is today.
  • [13:28] Her earliest memories of life were amid war in a refugee camp at the age of five, but Tahani’s perspective is focused on gratitude for all that she did have and being together with her family.
  • [15:20] What did an unexpected arranged marriage at 15 years old mean for Tahani and how she perceived her future?
  • [17:24] Tahani shares a bit about the challenges that came with suddenly navigating through all the adult responsibilities of marriage, plus coming to a new country and learning a new language while still a young teenager.
  • [18:50] Trust. Although she didn’t feel happy being married and having these changes in her life, Tahani was committed not only to trust, but also to work everyday on her big WHY. Her children and her education towards freedom. Her own and for her family in Jordan.
  • [22:47] Making the choice to leave her marriage 22 years later and become a single parent brought Tahani the gift of fierce self reliance together with focus, determination, asking for what she wanted in her world as a realtor and accepting the help and business she received.
  • [25:30] An entrepreneur from the start, Tahani was naturally drawn to the idea of being a realtor which matched her love of working with people to help them achieve their goals.
  • [27:55] Mastering mindset for Tahani wasn’t entirely deliberate but she marched to the beat of her own drum and sought out the best in business and motivation despite the naysayers around her.
  • [30:25] Tahani is undoubtedly an action taker in a big way, and she adeptly marries that to how she can help her clients and the people in her life, so it becomes a win-win.
  • [33:19] Perspective. In the beginning and even now, Tahani’s perspective of being in a potentially intimidating situation, being the only female realtor in a room full of men for example, is met with her own genuine curiosity to understand and learn about people on a human level; it’s not all about business.
  • [36:57] Patrick shares another quick but poignant story about perspective.
  • [37:53] Tahani hits home her point around perspective with gratitude for her own journey.
  • [39:39] Tahani reflects on the driving force in her life that has brought her great success. It was never driven by acquiring money or becoming a millionaire. It was about relationships.
  • [42:51] Tahani recognizes that her integrity and long-term vision were vital to her ability to make hard decisions with self-assurance.
  • [44:20] What were the supports Tahani had in place to help her as a single parent and to help her children thrive?
  • [47:22] Experiences over things became an important way for Tahani to connect with her kids which provided a lasting effect of happiness within their memory.
  • [49:19] Tahani talks about the events that ignited her purpose to work with women and empower them with knowledge which she could share from her own education and experience. F.I.R.E. is born and it is truly a passion project.
  • [54:57] Tahani talks about what she sees for her future, paying forward her knowledge to help others and always keeping her real estate investing in motion.
  • [56:05] Though not in the same business, Tahani’s kids see the power of real estate first hand with her son’s first investment property experience.
  • [58:05] Patrick and Tahani delve into a conversation about choices as parents, and as human beings. Seeing the gifts in facing challenges over dropping into victim mode.
  • [60:41] Back to the power of perspective. Patrick shares a personal experience and Tahani shows how she is using that power in her work with women.
  • [63:43] Continually stepping up to meet adversity increases the velocity of our resilience. Worry and fear can be overcome by constantly bringing it back to being present.
  • [65:52] Patrick reflects on lessons he’s learned from Tahani about authenticity and perception during this conversation.
  • [67:43] Rapid Fire Wrap Up! Favourite inspirational quotes, a fabulous message at the pearly gates, what Tahani’s not very good at, an impactful book, room-desk-car, love of ALL music and her favourite movie.
  • [72:11] Tahani’s all encompassing gratitude.

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