Episode #5 – Dr. Ken Keis – Living on Purpose

“Is it okay if I was here 20 years from now…? And I said, no! What I’m doing I’m good at, but it’s not okay to be here for the next 20 years. And that was the beginning of saying ok, what direction then. I think this is what everybody needs to ask themselves.”
– Ken Keis

From growing up on his family’s dairy farm and making the difficult decision to leave the farm to his path of becoming an international speaker, corporate coach, business owner and more, Ken Keis’ journey to becoming an Everyday Millionaire is one of hard work and important lessons learned.

Growing up, Ken learned to work around his dyslexia and has now written over 4 million words of content for his training programs, books and articles. He has earned big money but has also paid the price of being away from his home and family for extended periods of time. That’s when he experienced a turning point in his life.

Ken purchased Consulting Resource Group (CRG), which had its beginnings in 1979, co-created CRG’s development models and is an industry leading expert on assisting individuals, families, teams, and organizations to realize their full potential and to live on purpose. CRG is regarded by many professionals as the number one global resource center for personal and professional development and over 1 million people in 30 countries and 12 languages have engaged in CRG processes to enrich their lives.

An internationally known author, speaker, and consultant, over the past 28 years, Ken has conducted thousands of presentations and hours of consulting and coaching. Ken is the author of Why Aren’t You More Like Me?, Deliberate Leadership, and The Quest For Purpose.

Ken’s commitment to continually raise his bar personally and professionally and his desire to contribute and make a difference in the world by being his best, led him to continue his studies to achieve an MBA in international business and ultimately to receiving his Ph.D. in leadership and management in 2014.

Ken Keis’ journey is as interesting as it is insightful.


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Show Notes

  • [01:15] An introduction to Dr. Ken Keis
  • [05:30] Ken and Patrick get rockin’!
  • [06:35] Ken’s Elevator Pitch
  • [07:45] Ken talks about Consulting Resource Group (CRG) and why it exists
  • [10:16] Ken and his writing 4 million words written as an author
  • [11:00] Ken talks about his background and how he came to writing and dyslexia
  • [12:30] The developmental process, from adolescent struggles to present day
  • [13:50] The service mentality and have a meaningful life
  • [14:20] Ken’s mentor Marshall Goldsmith and his research showing where happiness comes from
  • [17:13] Ken goes deeper into his early challenges and working hard and how it helped form the person he was to become
  • [18:50] Earlier teacher experiences and the impact on his life – insecurities, being mindful of our words
  • [22:08] Ken shares about his departure from the family farm
  • [23:10] Sales training company and how Ken came to starting a business – the entrepreneurial spirit
  • [24:05] The question to ask yourself – is it okay to be here in 20 years?
  • [25:50] Ken’s path to speaking and being a speaker
  • [26:40] Ken goes to work for Chrysler to do soft skills training
  • [28:30] The transition from Chrysler – the turning point
  • [32:15] What were the life learnings from Ken’s intense time at Chrysler
  • [34:30] Ken buys CRG and the transition from speaker to writer
  • [36:45] I’m here now vs. when I get there and the impact of visual distractions
  • [39:40] Ken shares about his relationship with his kids and the impact his wife had and her support
  • [41:30] Ken’s biggest failure/mistake and the learning from it. Greed – just stop it!
  • [44:00] Some of Ken’s other businesses – shiny objects
  • [45:35] Ken turns the interview table – Patrick’s shiny object distractions and the balance between fuelling him and hindering him
  • [46:45] Is real estate a game Ken plays?
  • [47:10] The cost of technology in business. Spoiler alert: it ain’t cheap!
  • [48:00] Back to real estate and the gift of a renewed energy working with his kids
  • [49:40] Ken on how slowing down looks beyond 60
  • [50:45] The quest for “evergreen”, passive income and legacy product
  • [52:10] Ken shares a personal story of how staying engaged in life feeds purpose and meaning as we transition and age
  • [53:20] Ken and Patrick: embracing wisdom and mentorship
  • [58:05] Ken on the Rule of Five for self-development
  • [59:40] What is Ken’s self-talk? Engaging a daily practice and know when to let it go!
  • [62:40] How does Ken view success?
  • [63:30] Ken discusses financial independence
  • [64:25] More from Ken on defining success, relationships and really fulfilling our purpose/calling
  • [65:08] Find out what you need to do if you don’t know what your purpose is
  • [66:30] Are you willing to do the work?
  • [67:00] Ken and Patrick riff on being in contribution with your purpose and your happiness rating!
  • [72:00] Self-assessment, understanding our purpose, and resistance to finding it
  • [74:50] Commitment and integrity around self-development and purpose
  • [76:30] Ken talks about responsibility: our responses are completely in our control
  • [78:35] Rapid Fire Question Period! Alternate profession, weirdness scale, and what is true for Ken
  • [81:20] Ken’s sage advice for his 20 year old self and important lessons in authenticity
  • [83:10] Ken’s thoughts and inspiration for his 65 year old self
  • [84:00] What Ken hopes his children see him as standing for, and taking a stand for who you are
  • [85:55] Ken, are you willing to be misunderstood in the context of your life?
  • [86:35] Ken on family dynamics and diplomacy
  • [89:25] The world of comparison, judgment and the pretense of social media
  • [91:50] Ken explains Dr. Wayne Dyer’s view of inspiration vs. envy and how it applies to everyone’s life
  • [92:40] Ken shares a story of cultural pressures and expectations
  • [93:30] Defining success as your own flow and authentic being
  • [95:05] Final words from Ken – encouragement and relationships

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