Episode #57 – Kirsty Dunne – Committed to the Process

“Even with the perfect plan and work out schedule… life will happen. Instead of having those expectations of yourself to always having to commit to a certain amount of time, I always say, especially to someone that’s overwhelmed or has a really busy schedule is to just exercise the habits. Whether it’s showing up for 20 minutes, whether it’s doing a downward dog for one or two minutes or stretching. It’s more important to exercise the habit.” – Kirsty Dunne

Kirsty Dunne has embraced a life of well-being, deep impact, and a healthy sense of fearlessness. A celebrity fitness expert, wellness performance leader and brand ambassador for Adidas, her expertise, holistic brand presence and depth of knowledge have helped make her a respected wellness ambassador for a variety of well-known brands.

Kirsty has dedicated her life to impacting thousands of people through coaching, creating wellness programs and hosting wellness events for premium brands and Fortune 500 companies. Through it all, her wellness and fitness mindset has remained steadfast since first crafting her brand in 2007.

Her portfolio includes presenting and leading major Adidas campaigns for the global initiative “Here to Create”, the “Her Better” campaign with Sport Chek and she hosted the first worldwide wellness event Wanderlust, in partnership with Adidas. In 2016, she became Maybelline’s spokesperson for an online digital billboard wellness and beauty campaign appearing in US Weekly and Bustle digital, to a reach of over 1.1MM female empowerment.

Kirsty has been featured in celebrity training guides and became the first influencer and ambassador for the Ontario Government’s wellness initiative Carrot App. Her expertise and methods in nutrition and fitness have been featured with Adidas, Wanderlust, Sport Chek, Equinox and in publications such as Shape, Elle, Chatelaine, Oxygen and Best Health.

Kirsty’s purpose-driven mission is in channeling wellness initiatives into the culture of people’s lives and brands, through innovation and collaboration to impact health on a global scale. Her leadership and captivating presence continue to make her an established authority, making her mark on the health and fitness industry.


  • Show Notes
  • [02:09] Patrick introduces his next guest to The Everyday Millionaire: Kirsty Dunne
  • [04:00] Kirsty and Patrick get moving with Kirsty’s elevator pitch!
  • [05:15] Kirsty shares a brief introduction to what lead her to fitness and nutrition, where she grew up and how she came to Canada.
  • [07:46] Through illness, Kirsty’s entrepreneurial role model in business also became an influence in her journey to nutrition and fitness.
  • [09:23] An early start in modeling and fashion eventually bred a harmful environment around Kirsty’s teenage years which became a further driver behind her desire to embrace fitness and good nutrition.
  • [12:07] Kirsty describes the mental disorder she developed called body dysmorphia.
  • [12:53] The dark side of the modeling industry, the unhealthy competitiveness and severe self doubt, had a direct impact on Kirsty’s mental state and well-being. Eventually she said, enough.
  • [15:30] Patrick leads Kirsty back a bit to give more context around how old she was during this experience and the difficulties of such a scrutinizing industry.
  • [17:36] At eighteen, Kirsty’s experienced a mental shift that gave her the confidence to take control. Her path, choices and self-esteem were going to be self-driven, not at the mercy of others.
  • [19:30] The simplicity of her decision allowed it to energize Kirsty, see the gifts in her experience and not paralyze her with fear.
  • [21:02] Kirsty describes how the next phase of her life unfolded in education and fitness competition.
  • [23:24] Witnessing her stepfather die from brain cancer, her role model and someone who worked hard and had such discipline, sent Kirsty into another form of unhealthy discipline through fitness and trying to regain a sense of control.
  • [25:52] Kirsty details her path from fitness competitor to wellness coach, connecting with and empowering people to achieve positive results in their life.
  • [27:54] In the context of living her passion, what was the difference Kirsty was intending to make for her clients’ lives?
  • [29:49] Kirsty opens to how she works with clients to get underneath the physical “doing-ness” of exercise or diets or quick fixes to look at the mental side and the emotional triggers behind their current state.
  • [32:07] Kirsty explains the difficulty of programs with a premise like The Biggest Loser TV show where it’s very extreme but can also be quite unrealistic upon return to “real life”.
  • [33:16] Kirsty weighs in on her stance with nutrition, science, pH balance and how to test it, alkaline vs. acidic foods and incorporating more valuable foods to keep our bodies in a healthier state.
  • [36:26] Patrick describes where he is at from a physical standpoint.
  • [37:10] Kirsty and Patrick put the spotlight on water! Healthy water, alkaline water, infused water; it has amazingly positive impacts on our bodies and mental clarity.
  • [41:36] Kirsty talks about the difference between fitness and wellness with an example from a campaign she ran for Adidas. The importance of wellness is in its multi-dimensionality.
  • [45:44] Meditation: Kirsty’s introduction to it and why she recommends it to her clients.
  • [47:45] How the practice of meditation does evolve to clear mental space and Kirsty’s personal routine.
  • [49:55] Exercising the habits: Kirsty expands on former TEDM guest Leon Taylor’s discipline of even five minutes for a yoga pose or a stretch to create a daily habit in our bodies on the days we can’t get in a full work out or a longer meditation.
  • [53:26] Life happens and unplanned events occur. Exercising our habits allows for a back up plan to keep us focused on we CAN do vs. fretting over what was supposed to happen.
  • [56:09] Kirsty provides her view of social media, her impact and purpose of using it.
  • [60:08] Kirsty discusses the difficulties of showing up authentically in the face of social media and/or her industries’ expectations and reconciling those differences that exist for most of us in that medium.
  • [64:17] Reflecting on her stepfather’s illness, Kirsty emphasizes self-care, preventative checks, good sleep all in addition to good nutrition and exercise.
  • [67:21] The way we manage or don’t manage stress can so significantly impact our physical health that we need to be mindful about when to stop pushing and let our bodies and minds recover. Our bodies will warn us with a whisper but will inevitably turn up the volume if we don’t listen! Particularly difficult for overachievers.
  • [70:02] Kirsty shares what she is most proud of in her life’s work so far.
  • [73:18] Busting through the fear wall: Kirsty demonstrates how breaking through her fears and staying committed to what she believes in builds joy, resilience and strength.
  • [76:28] A detour in Kirsty’s professional life, brought about a fork in the road that reunited her with her passion in a stronger and brighter way.
  • [79:24] Kirsty shares her evening routine that includes preparation for the next day, reflections on gratitude, no social media, stretching and mindful breathing to promote rest and recovery.
  • [81:26] Patrick and Kirsty riff on the addiction of social media, mindless meandering and on the flip side, its usefulness. Plus, a hint of a possible part two to this conversation.
  • [84:20] Rapid Fire Roll out! Impactful books, cleaning as a necessity, favourite inspirational quote, messages at the pearly gates, weirdness scale, room-desk-car, favourite tune, favourite movie and favourite swear word.
  • [86:40] Kirsty’s gratitude.

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