Episode #64 – Thembi Bheka – She Breaks Through

“Who are you NOT to be who you are? If a girl like me who came to Canada with five dollars in her pocket can do this, why can’t you?” – Thembi Bheka

Thembi Bheka is the founder of She Breaks Thru. She believes in helping women reignite their passion, gain more clarity, and reconnect with their bigger purpose. Thembi is heavily involved in empowering women in Africa. As a result, she trains African women to work online as virtual assistants. She is on a mission to empower 1 million women by 2025, so money is never a reason a woman is stuck in an abusive relationship.

Thembi was voted the Launch Club (Jeff Walker’s community) Spokesperson for the year by 1000 entrepreneurs. Thembi has inspired others at live events including PLF Live 2019, LaunchCon 2018, REIN, African High Tea, and the upcoming Inbound 2019.

She has been featured on top-rated podcasts including Cashflow Ninja and Her Success Radio that have also featured top entrepreneurs that include Kim Kiyosaki, Kevin Harrington, Ali Brown and Marie Forleo, to name a few.

Thembi is also an active real estate investor who has gained clarity, confidence and knowledge through her membership with the community of REIN. Using several strategies including buy and hold, agreements for sale and rent to own, Thembi has built a successful portfolio that has provided a solid foundation for building on her passion: helping others and empowering women.

When Thembi isn’t busy helping women reconnect with their passion and grow their businesses, she enjoys spending time with her two children and traveling on road trips. She also is a volunteer with Kelowna Community Resources- a government organization that helps new immigrants settle in Canada. Thembi lives between beautiful Kelowna, Canada, and Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.


  • Show Notes
  • [02:01] Patrick introduces his next REIN Member guest, Thembi Bheka.
  • [03:31] Thembi and Patrick jump into their conversation and Thembi’s long-lasting REIN Membership!
  • [04:25] Thembi quick and easy elevator pitch followed by a little more detail about who she supports with her coaching.
  • [05:43] Thembi shares the story of why she came to Canada from Zimbabwe and how her desire to empower other women led her to REIN and real estate investing.
  • [07:09] How REIN gave Thembi the confidence to start investing and the community gave her the push she needed to really make an impact on other people’s lives through coaching, mentoring and giving back.
  • [09:49] Living in Zimbabwe at the age of 22, married for eight months and pregnant, Thembi discovers her husband’s dishonesty. Her desperation to escape her situation drives her to take a chance on immigrating to Canada.
  • [11:31] Why did Thembi choose Canada?
  • [13:04] A Canadian program that funded Thembi’s nursing education was a catalyst not only for changing her life but possibly saving it.
  • [14:39] Thembi’s mindset during this time was certainly rooted in survival but also flourished in gratitude to be in Canada and have abundant resources available to her.
  • [15:44] After a difficult four-year separation from her daughter, Thembi was able to bring her to Canada, finish her nursing education and when she relocated to Edmonton, found REIN.
  • [16:32] Thembi describes her journey into real estate, the inspiring story from a fellow nurse and investor which had her reach out and consequently join the REIN community.
  • [18:24] How the Rapid Cash Program accelerated Thembi’s confidence, knowledge, investing and wealth.
  • [21:58] Thembi’s passion to positively impact women in Zimbabwe was realistically not going to be through real estate but her training sparked another idea to increase income and quality of life for these women through their own business of being a Virtual Assistant.
  • [25:17] By letting down her guard and sharing her story, Thembi created broader public speaking opportunities for herself. She wanted to reach her audience and allow them to understand what could be achieved by letting go of excuses.
  • [28:11] What was the tipping point for Thembi to finally break through her personal barriers of shame and tell her story?
  • [29:34] Thembi shares the other ways she is working with women to help them discover their “why” and their passion – The Lioness Within and the agency she began for her virtual assistant clients.
  • [30:52] Thembi expands on her Lioness Within program which offers women an opportunity to travel with her to Zimbabwe for a 10 to 12-day workshop, to identify their blocks and
  • passions in life and ultimately through their experience expand their perspective and their lives.
  • [32:57] Over time, Thembi has come to realize the importance of investing in self-discovery and leadership in an intentional way, which has helped her to overcome challenges. She truly believes in the power of surrounding ourselves with the right people to make the right difference in our lives.
  • [37:20] Thembi explores how a scarcity mindset at times held her back from acting on investment opportunities.
  • [39:02] Thembi’s definition of success. Changing lives is at the core.
  • [40:26] Thembi describes the team she has for her Virtual Assistant training program and her plans to scale her business and impact even more women’s lives.
  • [42:25] Empowering women. Thembi illustrates what that looks like and means to her and how she approaches the financial conversation with women in her workshops.
  • [44:12] The lack mindset is a common roadblock Thembi encounters within her coaching programs. How she flips that on its head to show her clients their worth and contribution.
  • [46:52] Thembi takes care of her well-being and positive mindset with early morning routines, gratitude and a great team around her for support.
  • [49:20] Incorporating evening rituals that include prayer and meditation benefit not only Thembi but her six-year old son too.
  • [51:45] Thembi shares more about her background in Zimbabwe, her education, and the interesting perspective of normalizing the situation we’re in whether poor or privileged.
  • [54:52] While Thembi feels her entrepreneurial fire was lit by poor circumstances, she understood what it took to be creative about making extra money and had a great knack for it even at a young age!
  • [56:05] Thembi’s “why” for making extra money evolved to become more about making a difference in many people’s lives. This passion fans her entrepreneurial fire.
  • [57:10] The everlasting influence of the first book Thembi read and the impactful book she has most recently read.
  • [58:59] Thembi explains how a person can find their “Zone of Genius”.
  • [60:46] Patrick wastes no time and shoots straight for rapid fire! Favourite inspirational quote; messages from God at the pearly gates; learning to ride a bike (any instructors out there?); taking on her taxes even though she doesn’t like doing it; another favourite book; room-desk-car; favourite tune; favourite movie.
  • [63:31] Thembi’s gratitude.

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