Episode #66 – Aaron Moore – Anything Will Work if you Work It

“If you will become the person who can handle the problems, solve the problems then you can handle the properties that have big chunks of equity and have bigger cash flow… you might have to drive 45 minutes to see it but there’s opportunities all over the place .” – Aaron Moore

Aaron Moore is a multi-award-winning real estate investor and the founder of GTA House Buyers. He started buying houses for investments back in 2003 and in 2008 left his career at a Fortune 500 technology company to build GTA House Buyers full time. Aaron is now very well known for having one of the most established house buying businesses in the Greater Toronto Area.

Aaron offers homeowners an easy and convenient way to sell their asset and although it is a niche market, there are plenty of homeowners who are thankful to have an option to escape their stressful situation. Using a mix of long term holds, wholesaling, and fix & flips, Aaron has built a successful full-time real estate business which also allows him to be in contribution to people who need a timely solution. 

Aaron has been around the Greater Toronto Area and southern Ontario all his life. He was born and raised just east of Toronto in Port Hope, has family in Whitby and Oshawa and spent time living in Hamilton. He now calls Toronto home where he happily enjoys life with his wife Cristina and their four-year-old daughter.


  • Show Notes
  • [01:56] Patrick introduces his next REIN Member guest, Aaron Moore.
  • [03:45] Patrick and Aaron get this show underway.
  • [04:23] Aaron shares what he’s up to with his 30-second elevator pitch, then where he gets up to it!
  • [06:47] Wholesaling: Aaron gives us a simple tutorial about what the heck wholesaling is.
  • [08:31] In an honest effort to illustrate Aaron’s business model, Patrick misses the mark a bit so let’s hear it straight from Aaron how he transacts the deal.
  • [10:34] Aaron explains how he uses the wholesaling strategy for income, sometimes without any money in and simply his own “gung-ho-ness.”
  • [11:48] The chicken or the egg conundrum: Aaron needs properties to market to investors and investors who want to buy properties; which comes first for wholesaling?
  • [13:17] Digging into the strategy further to give beginners some insight, Aaron gives a great explanation of how he started out finding the deals and some obstacles to be aware of that will need to be overcome. Sometimes it’s a slow boil but the marketing and hard work do pay off!
  • [16:54] Through his investment in the REIN community and the resources he gained through the network, the Rapid Cash Program being one, Aaron dove deep into his education to understand the real estate game he wanted to play.
  • [18:11] Patrick speaks to the interesting polarizing effect of some of the speakers REIN has had on stage.
  • [20:41] Aaron describes the spectrum of ways he has made connections and built relationships with potential and viable investors. Again, sometimes it’s a slow boil.
  • [23:32] Aaron talks a bit about the types of strategies he raises capital for.
  • [24:09] Going back to where it all started, Aaron shares his background from an economic and educational perspective. Soon after university Rich Dad, Poor Dad and real estate conversations became the predominant influences for his chosen path.
  • [26:06] Aaron shares one of his first purchase stories and how got ‘er done.
  • [27:15] What was Aaron’s motivation and mindset that shifted him from employee to entrepreneur? It’s multi-faceted but at its core it is a matter of family and the heart.
  • [31:19] Although the corporate world isn’t for everyone long-term, it can be a phenomenal training ground to learn, absorb and ultimately get to know your own motivations much better.
  • [32:24] Aaron’s realization of the power of real estate to augment his income became the impetus in his pursuit to learn more about it and ultimately find REIN in 2009.
  • [33:35] Being long-term REIN Members, Aaron explains the draw of the network that keeps him and his wife Cristina coming back. Part of the secret is their intentional mindset within a REIN room.
  • [35:19] As his business grows, Aaron is now scaling and adjusting his role slightly by enhancing his team, while still offering great service for his clients.
  • [37:56] Aaron offers four valuable lessons he has learned as a seasoned real estate investor.
  • [40:38] Expensive mistake #1: don’t buy a flip property in the middle of planning a wedding!
  • [41:54] The enjoyment of being a solution for people’s problems and being in contribution while also making money keep Aaron interested and motivated in real estate.
  • [43:45] Aaron shares a story of the positive impact he was able to have on one homeowner’s life who was in a desperate situation with her property. Integrity goes a long way.
  • [46:37] Delving next into his personal routine, Aaron details what he does to take care of himself physically (eating right and sports), how working with a coach keeps him aligned personally and professionally and the kinds of things occupying his reading time.
  • [49:30] How he and his wife Cristina work together and evolve as a couple together in business balanced with keeping their marriage fun and healthy. Intentionality and mindfulness are the name of the game.
  • [52:42] Aaron offers some advice on great ways for spouses to work together: complementary skills, strong communication and staying in their respective lanes.
  • [54:51] Does the shiny object syndrome ever interfere with Aaron’s business focus?
  • [56:30] Aaron’s perspective on the negative concept that there’s “no deals to be had” and “no money to be made” in this market.
  • [60:19] Gearing up for Rapid Fire: impactful books; a job he continues to do despite his distaste for it; favourite inspirational quote; no favourite swear words for this guy; alternate profession; favourite tune; favourite movie; messages at the pearly gates.
  • [64:44] Aaron’s gratitude.

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

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