Episode #68 – Lorene MacGregor – Faith, Cultivation, and Verve

“I didn’t want to go back and regret anything… I don’t want to look back and say, I wish I had done that, and I had the opportunity. I want to go through life just doing as much as I possibly can.” – Lorene MacGregor

Lorene MacGregor was born and raised in Castlegar, BC and is the eldest child of four. Her drive to be self-sustained, overcome the fears she experienced as a young girl and do as much as she can with no regrets has produced some extraordinary results.

Lorene always enjoyed movement and sport and the results from physical fitness fascinated her. She attended the University of Alberta from 1981-1984 to obtain her Bachelor of Physical Education with an Administration major; serendipitously the U of A is where she met Steffany Hanlen-Francey.

Business and sport often went hand in hand for Lorene and in addition to being a Master Trainer for fitness leaders, managing sports facilities and golf courses, she also obtained a grant and started the first decentralized YM/YWCA in Canada.

Lorene’s motivation to take things on and thrive have been evident as a Body Shop franchise owner for nine years, a rental property owner, a successful realtor and within just a few years owner/broker of RE/MAX Home Advantage, western Canada’s owner/broker of the year no less, and purchased the commercial building where her business resides in Castlegar. Sport was no different and at the age of 47 began training to compete as a Figure Athlete, achieving her goal of going to the Nationals at age 56!

Lorene calls Castlegar home where she shares her life with her husband Kere of 33 years, once a school Principal and now her Operations Manager. She is the proud mother of two grown children Nikole and Mark and proud grandmother to Mercy, Amina and Harrison Fox. Her next goal? Cycle from Castlegar to Vancouver. Just another day and 700km cycle through the park!


  • Show Notes
  • [01:57] Patrick introduces his next guest live from TEDM HQ, Lorene MacGregor.
  • [03:35] Patrick and Lorene get going and are ready to make a splash!
  • [04:00] Lorene gets started with her elevator pitch and what she’s up to in her life.
  • [04:47] Castlegar, British Columbia is where Lorene calls home, so she fills us in on this beautiful little city.
  • [05:56] A woman of many skills, Lorene talks a little bit about her turn as a franchisee of The Body Shop for 10 Christmases.
  • [07:01] Lorene reflects on her Mom’s desire to start a business and the fears which prevented her from starting. Ultimately Lorene feels she gleaned her own entrepreneurial essence from watching her Mom.
  • [08:28] Lorene explains how she feels hunger was the great catalyst for her to achieve, get educated and stay motivated. Although she was never without three square meals a day, the fear and scarcity she felt from her parents drove her to think bigger.
  • [10:58] In her early teens, Lorene’s gut led her to really acknowledge there was more; and she was going to go after it herself.
  • [12:04] As soon as she completed her high school education, she hit the ground running to Edmonton and the University of Alberta to achieve her Bachelor of Physical Education and Administration major. It was now her time.
  • [13:22] Lorene remembers her first job, back in Castlegar, in the era of the Jane Fonda Workout craze.
  • [14:12] Lorene describes her role as a Figure Athlete within the world of bodybuilding. Her curiosity back in University got her excited about her physicality and the way her body changed so she gravitated naturally toward body building which was reignited when she was 47.
  • [18:04] Competing several times over the next nine years, Lorene achieved her goal of competing in the Nationals in August 2018 hitting the stage at her peak physical condition.
  • [19:00] Discipline, training and fortitude is a common thread in Lorene’s undertakings. She talks about her Body Shop franchise, how it played out and the opportunity it provided her and her team.
  • [20:37] Lorene recounts the story of how she and her husband Kere got involved with a Body Shop franchise and how her restlessness also led her to fulfill other dreams along the way. When the international owners closed the stores down, Lorene was surprised to find how much of her identity was tied to the Body Shop which caused some inner turmoil.
  • [23:47] What were some of the learnings Lorene took away from the experience of losing their Body Shop franchise? Her husband and her faith played big roles.
  • [26:09] Going back to her hunger as a young girl, and doing what needed to be done, Lorene feels that spirit and quality within her allows her to adapt and re-invent herself in any community in order to thrive.
  • [29:38] Lorene reflects on her family’s economic situation and how their perceived lack, caused her parents to ration and hold back out of fear. It’s a pattern that can creep up on Lorene so she’s learning to identify and extinguish that neuropathway.
  • [31:31] Her own physical-ness, the results and euphoria Lorene experienced from exercise and pushing her body was a huge driver for her to pursue physical education and want to share that with others. The capability of the body is astonishing.
  • [35:14] Using her natural gifts to her advantage, Lorene found it easy to pursue body building and easy to follow the discipline and structure required to get where she wanted to go with it.
  • [36:33] Lorene offers guidance to anyone who may be pursuing a new endeavour: get a coach. Have someone who will hold you accountable and help you achieve your goals in whichever arena you choose.
  • [38:39] Fit vs. healthy. Patrick and Lorene have a robust conversation about where they’re at right now in their fitness journey and what defines healthy. Is it all about vanity? Does it have to include fitness or is there a place for showing up physically in a different way and feeling great.
  • [43:15] Patrick shares a story about his awesome Mom, her life-long walking regime and still needing to prove to herself at 90 years old that she can takes things on. A full game of bowling, not to mention breaking 100!
  • [45:21] As demanding as competing at age 56 was, Lorene firmly did not want to have regrets around it and gave it her all. Now it’s time for her next adventure!
  • [46:40] Lorene shares an emotional story of connecting with her inspiration and role model, Rachel McLish, and the touching message she sent to Lorene after she competed at Nationals.
  • [47:56] More inspiration to live without regret, find the supports needed to accomplish great dreams and acknowledge those people along the way.
  • [50:41] Drawing from the same energy well that drove her in her physical pursuits, Lorene voraciously pursued her realtor’s license, and within a few years owned a brokerage, brand and commercial building.
  • [54:10] Learning how their skills complement one another, Lorene’s husband Kere was able to join their business as the Operations Manager, free up Lorene to focus on what she’s great at and together with their team take the business to new award-winning heights.
  • [56:46] Lorene talks about her children, what they’re up to and her experience as a new grandmother in the world!
  • [61:07] Lorene describes her daughter and son-in-law’s valuable missionary work in Kenya and the experiences they have being in Kenya with their family. One boy, one family, one community at a time.
  • [63:57] Words of wisdom from Lorene about how she and her husband Kere need to communicate and work together effectively as a married couple. Coaching once again plays such a valuable role in opening them up to each other.
  • [68:50] Patrick expands on how he and his wife Steffany show up in this same dynamic within their relationship, then Lorene and Patrick reflect on their history and their journey.
  • [71:02] Football! Lorene delves into her passion for football (CFL BC Lions!), what it meant to her as a little girl spending time with her Dad, and once again the fascination of what the body is capable of.
  • [74:32] We can’t miss the rapid fire! The one book Lorene reads and would gift; a job she dislikes but is so darn good at she keeps doing it; the Golden Rule; she’s not much for swearing; messages at the pearly gates; room-desk-car; the favourite tunes of a self-professed 70s rocker chick; favourite movie. [77:26] Lorene’s gratitude.

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