Episode #69 – Jared Hope – Learnings on the Journey to a Limitless Life

““As much as we were out of alignment, we still had integrity within our business and we still had the same core values throughout the whole journey of our real estate partnership. Just because we veered off…our business is still successful, it’s still growing.” – Jared Hope

Listen in to this special episode where Patrick Francey and Jared Hope circle back and re-ignite their conversation after a two-year detour in their relationship. Hear them speak candidly about their experience and what we can all learn from it.

Jared Hope is an avid income property investor, business owner, coach and co-founder/CEO of Tilt Property Group. Jared owns over 150 properties in Edmonton, Alberta, has transacted over 400 and has renovated over 130 properties. This guy has seen a few things.

Jared’s purpose is to teach people how to get results with income property and secure a stable financial future while avoiding the expensive mistakes he made when he started out on his own. He takes a strict NO-BS stance at his speaking engagements and openly shares the lessons he has learned and what it takes to find success.

Jared founded Tilt Property Group in 2003, with his wife, Krista Hope. Together with their team they not only offer comprehensive property management and real estate investments but a systematic approach to coaching that makes it easy for any Canadian to own income property.



    • Show Notes
    • [01:57] Patrick introduces this next special episode with his guest Jared Hope, along with a glimpse into their conversation and a slightly complex relationship.
    • [03:50] Jared and Patrick start their conversation after a two-year hiatus with a brief explanation of where things have been.
    • [06:15] With a mutual commitment to be in contribution to others, Jared and Patrick will open up about what can happen on the journey of joint venture partnerships and relationships, particularly when things go off the rails, and how they rose above it. It isn’t an easy journey.
    • [08:25] Patrick provides some background and Jared sets the context for how they became business partners in all things real estate.
    • [11:52] A competitive edge began in childhood sports and spanned into Jared’s real estate career. Jared freely shares, he always wanted to be the best and it was driven purely by ego. Fast forward to 2019, ego still exists, but isn’t steering the decision-making bus.
    • [13:38] Jared speaks about his time on the REIN stage, why he chose to leave in 2017, which forced him to grow up and take responsibility, and where that led him in his own business and his relationship with Patrick.
    • [15:31] Reflecting on the way in which he is showing up in what he is doing, Jared speaks to his development and the evolution of how it’s shifted from ego to contribution.
    • [17:36] Jared talks about the personal development work he’s doing, masculine and feminine energy and how he and his wife Krista are creating containers and structure for themselves individually, as a couple and for their family; plus the damaging effects of operating without them.
    • [21:25] Jared has proven to himself that how his business is, and relationships are is a direct reflection of how he is showing up in his life. In rebranding Tilt Property Group, it was important for he and Krista to get clear on their values.
    • [23:40] Jared and Patrick riff on the importance of connecting with a tribe for support and for success. Specifically: men need men and women need women. Different perspectives, different approaches.
    • [30:26] With a firmly ingrained win/fight/slay the dragon approach to dealing with conflict back in 2017, Jared couldn’t go to Patrick and have a vulnerable conversation about his concerns and frustrations. The egos they both exerted ultimately formed a wedge in theirrelationship.
    • [32:41] There’s no blame, there’s no complain. Extreme ownership demands we own 100% of our stuff.
    • [34:25] When we put people on a pedestal it can have damaging effects when we inevitably knock them off. Jared experienced this with Patrick, and it took two years for him to do the work that brought him around to where they are now.
    • [35:31] An important take-away for listeners: although their personal relationship was out of alignment, their JV agreement was solid. Integrity kept that firmly in place to strengthen and grow their portfolio.
    • [36:47] The commitment to continually do the work on their own development is ultimately what brought around Jared and Patrick’s relationship again, to where they found themselves in even more alignment. Once again, extreme ownership.
    • [38:51] Jared walks through an example of a couple he and his wife Krista are coaching about how easy it is to normalize our way of being in our lives without realizing there’s another level from good to great. Coaching can take us there.
    • [40:53] Does Jared feel people are generally coachable? How does he approach coaching with his clients?
    • [44:32] Jared and Patrick discuss how a coaching program can fall short when an inherent container or environment isn’t present to support the success and results an individual is working towards.
    • [45:47] In Jared’s view, coaching must always start with, and come back to, the “why.” In the context of real estate, many people believe starting a business of real estate will be get rich quick. It’s a slow, continuous process of eventual success and if you’re not locked into your why, it will wear thin.
    • [46:49] Having the support and alignment with your spouse in the business of real estate investing is crucial. Growing and developing as your portfolio worth also grows is so important to retaining the wealth you’ve worked for.
    • [49:24] What is Jared’s take on the space of real estate education and the glut of “experts” who are erroneously teaching systems they know little about? What is his solution to the issues he sees?
    • [56:02] Patrick speaks to the power of social media, our ability to find evidence to support any stance we decide to take and the confusion it can cause. Jared turns the table to find out how Patrick makes his decisions today in the face of that reality.
    • [57:32] Jared continues to take over the interviewer role to get Patrick’s perspective on how his 25-30-year-old self could make decisions on who to trust and work with, in today’s world.
    • [60:05] Flipping it back, Jared gives his perspective on the same.
    • [61:47] Staying current along with a whole lot of experience is the name of the game for teaching and coaching and building trust. Personal experience and understanding your current audience is critical no matter the product.
    • [62:42] REIN’s Millennial Report is second to none in research and understanding the current landscape. That said, awareness around who your client is within the region you’re investing in is equally important. Toronto millennials may have different values than Grande Prairie millennials.
    • [64:58] Jared expresses his appreciation for REIN’s extensive research in top investment towns like Edmonton. This brought him to take the work even further to fill in the gaps about where to invest in Edmonton which has so much diversity.
    • [67:21] What does Jared see as the biggest blocks and sticking points facing real estate investors who are just getting started? What is his advice for overcoming that?
    • [70:00] Jared shares his insight into how a person can decide on which coach to work with.
    • [71:56] The strategy for coaching and investing can vary and Jared shares his own strategy and outlook, plus his formula for when to re-evaluate properties, sell or re-finance.
    • [75:31] Jared offers two ways a part-time investor, with a full-time job can build future wealth through real estate investing. As always, an investor must identify why they’re investing and whether they need future income or current income before choosing a strategy.
    • [78:41] It’s important to remember there are many ways to make money in real estate. Listen, learn, ask the tough questions and get aligned with investors or coaches who are a right fit for you.
    • [80:44] Jared explains the exercise he has clients work through to help them overcome analysis paralysis, to build confidence and take action.
    • [84:08] Jared and Patrick further discuss what’s behind that analysis paralysis. What patterns and circumstances are at the root of it? What methods and systems can act as an antidote?
    • [88:11] Listen up! Riffing off some top tips for taking action in real estate investing from two veteran real estate investors.
    • [92:57] Jared and Patrick wrap up their conversation with coaching opportunities and gratitude.

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