Episode #71 – Krista Hope – Leading from Love

“Real estate can be an amazing vehicle for people. It can help you achieve security through financial freedom. However, when these needs are met, have you achieved what you really want? If real estate is the vehicle, what is the destination? Krista is a professional coach that works with her clients to clarify and articulate their destination. She supports people in finding fulfillment in the journey itself and works with them to identify and overcome challenges along the way. As a successful real estate investor with over 150 properties in her portfolio, Krista specializes in leveraging investing to holistically support her clients in living the life they desire.

Hear more about Krista’s journey and experiences which not only inform her approach to coaching; they are ever-expanding, developing, folding in and teaching her.



    • Show Notes
    • [02:13] Patrick introduces his next guest, and good friend, Krista Hope.
    • [04:04] Krista and Patrick get warmed up with a lead in about what Krista is up to!
    • [06:37] Krista shares a bit of her background growing up on a farm near Grande Prairie, starting her first business right out of school and parents who set the entrepreneurial bar with side hustles and good advice.
    • [09:38] Krista opens up more about her education, self-development and career pursuits.
    • [12:06] As a Registered Massage Therapist, Krista engaged her interest in development and healing. Starting her first business at a personal training gym in downtown Edmonton gave her the a clientele of exceptional entrepreneurs and a gift to surround herself with every day.
    • [13:37] With the forethought of her parents, Krista’s first real delve into real estate started with a condo in her 20’s that later produced capital for her first house. So it was Krista who was the true catalyst for the real estate ventures she and her husband Jared have undertaken!
    • [15:06] How Krista and her husband Jared met, and the inspiration for their extensive real estate journey: from Rich Dad, Poor Dad to Steffany Hanlen to Patrick to REIN.
    • [16:46] Krista fills us in on how she met Steffany Hanlen, how that led to Patrick, and the unique work Krista and Jared have done as a couple.
    • [19:38] Patrick recaps Krista’s story to form and illustrate the strong foundation and depth of her path.
    • [22:34] Krista and Patrick digress from Krista’s story, to have an in-depth discussion about parenting styles, nature vs. nurture, and awareness around potentially raising a generation of self-righteous children.
    • [31:18] Comparison and judgement. Often kids can be at the affect of their parents’ egos and how they want to be seen in their community.
    • [33:35] How do Krista and Jared show up as parents within the world of their kids’ sport teams? What challenges and opportunities for growth have been presented both for them and for their kids?
    • [36:49] The struggle of overcoming ego to seek out the knowledge and expertise from those who have walked the path before us. Be it sports or real estate investing, why is it so difficult?
    • [39:56] Patrick offers one last insight to aggressive sports-parents. YOU may be the barrier to your kid’s success. Krista expands on that insight to emphasize the need for kids to connect to their own why within the sport they’re pursuing.
    • [42:25] Krista talks about how her experience has informed her coaching style and how she relates that to the work she does with real estate investors.
    • [46:03] Krista’s purpose: to live from love. It may not necessarily be clear to others, but it is a clear anchor for her decision making.
    • [48:20] Krista’s approach to her own life and coaching, is not always cerebral; it comes from a place of feeling, then knowing. Nobody’s journey will be exactly the same, but why not learn and grow from others’ experiences.
    • [51:23] Krista explains the complementary aspects of her relationship with Jared and perspectives their coaches have offered them as a couple.
    • [54:05] Having those complementary attributes and skills, blends very nicely into the realm of their coaching business, helping couples cultivate self-awareness and elevate their life experience.
    • [57:30] In the space of coaching, Krista is jazzed by people who are ready to do the work and develop themselves. As a secret Ninja coach, she exercises boundaries and discernment with who she works with.
    • [58:55] Clarity, tenacity and conviction are the difference for those who are ready and willing to take the extra steps and go after what they want. Krista’s words of advice: if you want something, make it happen and do it!
    • [61:16] For couples investing in real estate, Krista shares some important insights into how that can look – it doesn’t have to be the same for everyone.
    • [62:21] Fundamentally, couples need to have trust. Krista dives back into her story and experience around trust between her and Jared and their real estate journey.
    • [66:33] Patrick shares The Four Quadrants of Trust: Truth, Ability, Competence, Care [Love].
    • [67:59] “Own your need” – Donna McGuire. Getting clear on that within ourselves and in the context of our relationships is a game changer.
    • [71:02] These types of conversations, for some, may seem irrelevant to the conversation about real estate. The truth is, you can have all of the “how-to” knowledge in the world, but the degree of our success will be equal to the degree we get real about ourselves and cut through the sh*t to get out of our own way. Then embrace the fact we need help to get there.
    • [74:18] Krista explains the key of coaching at its best; not to tell people how they need to get there but dropping in to feel where clients are at in their world and help them with their blind spots.
    • [76:13] Creating the space of coaching from a place of support and service vs. survival, allows Krista the fortunate position of working from grace.
    • [78:02] Time to wind this conversation into a not-even-remotely-rapid fire: book Krista’s currently reading plus an influential author of late; favourite swear word; favourite inspirational quote; success with living from an open heart; messages from the pearly gates; releasing the trigger of judgment; more books; room-desk-car (ALL of it); favourite tune;
    • movie shout-outs.
    • [88:24] Krista’s gratitude.

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Selected Links and People Mentioned from this episode:

Zig Ziglar


Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Steffany Hanlen

Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee)

Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

The Thin Book of Trust (4 Distinctions [Quadrants] of Trust) by Charles Feltman

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Pema Chodron

Maya Angelou

The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer

The Illusion of Money by Kyle Cease

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