Episode #74 – Jules Mckenzie – Honour and Integrity

[In the face of adversity] “I just knew there was a task to be done and there was a significant amount of pressure around that. But we don’t give up and we don’t give in and we don’t cave. I made an obligation and I’m going to live up to that.” – Jules McKenzie

Jules Mckenzie has been in the business of real estate investing in the Orillia and Barrie areas for over 17 years. His strategy has been buying and holding residential real estate and he currently holds 20 investment properties. His portfolio is a mix of single-family condominium town homes and small multifamily buildings. Together with his beautiful wife Ange, Jules has raised the money to buy his properties with joint venture investors and they continue to manage these properties on their own.

Alongside his real estate investing business, Jules has also worked as a Police Officer for 29 years. For 11 of those years he worked with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and subsequently moved to where he is currently works with the Rama Police Service. Rama Police Service happens to be focus of the A.P.T.N. series: Tribal Police Files which followed Jules and team during season 2.

In this episode Jules shares his investing knowledge and experience, how he acquired his portfolio along with a tremendous story of lessons learned, adversity overcome and gratitude within it all.



    • Show Notes
    • [02:07] Patrick introduces his next guest in the REIN Member Series: Jules Mckenzie.
    • [04:39] Jules and Patrick get to work straight away and open the door to Jules’ elevator pitch.
    • [05:15] Jules touches on a bit more of what he’s up to, including raising his new dog Peaches!
    • [07:07] In addition to a real estate investor, Jules is also a police officer and he shares how his father’s encouragement and inspiration led him on his path to work with the Rama First Nation.
    • [08:45] Jules’ path to real estate investing began in 2001 with a U.S. infomercial and a couple of houses that added up to a lot of debt. After an introduction to REIN and a mind-blowing REIN event, Jules found hope, systems and direction which started to turn things around.
    • [12:40] Although Jules’ wife Ange wasn’t fully on board after their first experience, she came to understand REIN’s value in educating Canadian investors about Canadian real estate and 17 years later they are still going strong!
    • [14:09] Jules talks more about his background, his challenging childhood on the reserve in Quebec where his father served as Chief for 18 years, then his decision to move off the reserve.
    • [16:50] At the other end of the road in Ottawa, Jules had to learn how to navigate and integrate into life outside of the reserve into a big city. He describes it as a bit like the scene from Crocodile Dundee. [take that reference back to 1986!]
    • [19:19] As an early aptitude test suggested, while studying to be a counsellor, Jules found his true calling with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Service and quickly moved through training to become an officer.
    • [21:41] After his father fell ill Jules transferred to a detachment to be closer, and there he began coaching a young officer who had become jaded with his career. Together they investigated a new opportunity with the Mnjikaning Police Service, now called Rama Police Service. There, Jules refined his calling.
    • [27:02] In the first phase of Jules’ move, still working as an OPP officer, his dedication and integrity to the service was stretched to the point of breakdown with the heavy responsibility to train four young officers. Time for a change, and a transfer to Rama Police Service.
    • [29:16] Jules explains what motivated him to pursue real estate investing and dive in wholeheartedly.
    • [33:32] Yah, but what was the real tipping point behind the motivation?
    • [37:03] Jules’ wife Ange rounded out their partnership with equal parts determination and hard work during the financial difficulty of their first investments. Once their portfolio turned around to grow and prosper, real estate investing provided her the opportunity to be a stay at home Mom for their kids.
    • [37:51] Once the dust settled with the first two investments and his creditors in 2007/08, Jules was able to start rolling again and found tremendous opportunities in a time of economic downturn.
    • [40:30] Adversity: how did the stretching Jules faced during his early police career, set him up to win during the ongoing pressures early in real estate?
    • [42:34] Jules recognizes that his own integrity and leadership was well instilled by his father’s commitment to leadership and keeping his word.
    • [45:00] As a truly aligned couple, Jules and Ange have worked together to educate themselves, take on the challenges and build their business to a point of success they can enjoy.
    • [47:35] Trying to re-invent the wheel is a common pattern Jules has observed in unsuccessful investors, while those who collaborate, learn and lean on their community realize far more success.
    • [49:11] Jules shares one failure (of many he admits) which he now sees as a blessing in disguise.
    • [51:18] What was Jules’ mindset and the process he undertook to find joint venture partners despite the challenges of his first real estate investments? Be willing to do the ask.
    • [54:00] While the MLM business can be difficult for finding financial success, the environment of training and salesmanship is second to none when applied to joint venture strategies for real estate investing.
    • [55:14] Jules identifies a couple of true fork-in-the-road moments in his life. One inspired by his wife’s firm (and wise) boundaries, the other allowed for significant growth in their wealth building.
    • [58:30] Being part of a supportive community of like-minded investors was imperative for Jules to persevere and stay on course with his investing business. It could have so easy to quit without it.
    • [60:21] Despite the skepticism and negativity from some of his inner circle, Jules stays committed to the business success of his real estate investing and has been there to provide occasional financial lifts.
    • [63:18] Jules describes a great win, as his son Andrew is now using the income from his own real estate investment to support a burgeoning music career.
    • [65:22] We wouldn’t be who and where we are without the paths we choose. No sense searching in the rear-view mirror for anything different; stay present to the gift of where we are.
    • [67:08] After a rigorous career, keeping fit, ready and in good physical condition for Jules now looks like a great cross-fit regime, important food sensitivity awareness and choices that feel better for him.
    • [70:56] With physiotherapy, cross-fit and positive changes in diet Jules has experienced a significant decrease of inflammation in his arthritic knees, increase in strength and a strong sense of well-being. Regardless of your wealth; without your health it doesn’t matter.
    • [73:17] Getting on to the rapid fire! Favourite book Jules is reading and gifting; a job he still does, doesn’t enjoy but he’s good at; favourite swear word without shame!; favourite inspirational quote; messages at the pearly gates; room-desk-car; favourite tune past & present; favourite movie.
    • [77:06] Jules touching gratitude.

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