Episode #76 – Janet LePage – We Are Going to Fail to Succeed

“If we can show the rest of this nation in North America, the world, that you can make money which is what this industry is about, but do it while improving the quality of lives of others, that is my why. Without question I am here to create wealth for my investors…but while improving the lives of the people who live and work in our properties.” – Janet LePage



    • Show Notes
    • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next guest: a returning appearance from Janet LePage.
    • [03:57] Patrick and Janet pick up where they left off from their episode two years ago; Janet’s company Western Wealth Capital with a portfolio of half a billion dollars in real estate, shooting for $1B and 10,000 units in 3 cities, and now closing in on a $2B portfolio and 15,000 units in 5 cities.
    • [05:54] Although Janet’s life with a husband, two young kids and a booming business should feel “busy”, Janet explains why she feels the least busy and most effective she has ever been. And why, she has carefully selected this time and medium to share her journey and be of support to listeners. It all ties together.
    • [10:09] With her days equally as full as they were a year ago, Janet shares the important distinction of why they now “feel” less busy.
    • [14:06] While her learning curve remains as steep as always, the work Janet has done to elevate her resilience and self-management has simultaneously and significantly risen; this prohibits adversity from knocking her out.
    • [16:28] High achieving leaders consistently say no to more than they say yes. Prioritizing family and self-supports feeds Janet to keep her healthy and strong.
    • [17:58] Janet and her Executive Assistant employ a method they call pencil scheduling and pen scheduling. One of the non-negotiable pen events includes “think time” which can take many forms but consistently provides clarity and progress.
    • [21:03] What is the primary way Janet learned to be this laser-focused to run her schedule as intentionally as she does instead of her calendar running her?
    • [23:15] Janet shares the routine she has for her personal time at 5AM. Two important, firm components: no phone, no email.
    • [27:02] As her business has grown, Janet still fights fires, but she recognized the level of the fire had to change. She actively chose to build a new skill set in visioning and strategy to drive the company forward at their desired pace. Fires cause reaction [distraction] which she no longer had time for.
    • [29:28] Figuring out how to keep her family at the forefront with pen time, presence and quality vs. quantity, plus a heated discussion about the word “should” and the “should-ers”.
    • [34:48] Patrick shares a story from one of his coaches which illustrates how his relationship with his son was positively impacted by honouring his commitment to be present and together.
    • [36:40] Making a choice about what our priorities are going to be, unequivocally means something else will have to shift or be delegated. We can’t do it all.
    • [38:03] Janet explains and shares how she and her husband invest in their marriage as they both run their own companies and consciously choose to have full lives. Having a firm foundation in marriage and family sets the tone for the other facets of Janet’s life.
    • [40:32] Janet and her husband run completely different businesses, but they share in the commonality of being entrepreneurs and the high-highs and low-lows that come with that journey.
    • [42:38] We are going to fail to succeed. With the growth rate she and her company expect to achieve, Janet also expects to double the amount of failures to get there.
    • [44:10] Janet’s why for why the company is here now has evolved into something much more meaningful which is also why it will continue to grow.
    • [47:42] How making a difference in the lives of the people who live and work in their properties developed into such a deeply powerful driver.
    • [52:11] Janet explains the feeling behind why money has always been important to her.
    • [54:24] Going back to the intentional way she and her husband choose their marriage, Janet explores how she and her husband navigate the ebb and flow of priorities, what that means to each of them, and finding alignment by being proactive.
    • [58:22] The journey between choosing to be more intentional and finding their stride (most of the time) can truly be a hard one. Ego fights hard to be heard!
    • [60:15] Rules for fighting.
    • [61:25] Getting down to Janet’s smartness; her primary guidance comes from mentors and coaches. The power of coaching for high performance results cannot be understated.
    • [64:56] Janet rates the importance of mindset to being in action, being clear on getting from a to b and being ruthless in finding the solution to get there.
    • [66:33] High performance is a result of low tolerances.
    • [67:30] Janet reflects on her partnership in business with Dave Steele and their complementary skillsets.
    • [70:47] The fun and rewards of problem solving.
    • [71:41] Janet offers powerful advice to women choosing the business of real estate.
    • [74:54] What gets in our way, which Janet is not immune to, and the self-talk she doles out to get it out of her way! Shut up, suck it up, show up.
    • [78:04] Sleep; we can easily agree it’s critical. Janet shares her optimal sleep-time and how she supports herself to have sleep wins.
    • [81:11] Janet’s plans for sharing her lessons and supporting others on a broader scale in the future.
    • [83:17] Unwavering, ruthless focus and action while being present in choice. The distinction of Janet’s unique success.
    • [84:40] Round 2 Rapid Fire! The author Janet is reading now, and the book she gifts; favourite swear word; favourite (self-created) inspirational quote; message at the pearly gates; what she’s shitty at; room-desk-car; favourite shower tune and favourite inspirational tune; favourite movie.
    • [88:15] Janet’s gratitude. The more she moves along, the more she’s grateful for the smaller things.

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