Episode #78 – Nev Lapwood – Stomped It

“People talk about millennials being lazy, and there’s definitely lazy millennials out there but there’s lots of not lazy millennials. It really comes down to the choices they make. A lot of it for me is about execution. Ideas are not the problem, it’s execution. It’s about the time to execute on the ideas we already have.” – Nev Lapwood

Growing up in New Zealand, Nev had a passion for snowboarding. After finishing university, he chased an endless winter between Canada and NZ snowboarding 200+ days a year.

In 2007 Nev started his business, Snowboard Addiction with a few PDF manuals and some low-quality videos teaching people how to snowboard through the internet. The content and quality rapidly expanded to reach snowboarders around the world. Through coaching and producing tutorials, he found the need for snowboard training equipment to bridge the gap between training, watching tutorials at home and putting tricks down on snow.

In 2015 Nev appeared on the hit Canadian TV Dragons Den, a TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to investors. He was offered deals from 4 of the 5 dragons. After 12 years of growth and progression, Snowboard Addiction is the world leader in snowboard training equipment and snowboard tutorials. Being an online based business, Snowboard Addiction has been able to scale the business with a very small team of staff and reach customers globally. They now also produce ski training equipment under the name Ski Addiction.

In addition to Snowboard Addiction Nev is an avid investor with interests in real estate, restaurants, other businesses and the stock market.

Nev lives in Whistler, Canada with his wife Bex and their 2 mini snowboarders Brynn and Jaxx. He is the CEO of Snowboard Addiction and Ski Addiction and snowboards every powder day. He continues to star in most of the tutorials which are watched by millions of snowboarders worldwide.



    • Show Notes
    • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next guest in the REIN Member Series: Nev Lapwood.
    • [04:00] Nev and Patrick get rockin’ and rollin’ right away with New Zealand vs Australia, the funny happenstance of meeting his wife Bex.
    • [06:08] Nev’s short but sweet elevator pitch, and literally following his #1 passion to success.
    • [08:49] Taking it back to his childhood in New Zealand, Nev explains how his passion on the slopes got started and how the challenges only fueled his motivation.
    • [13:05] Though not from an entrepreneurial background, the impetus for Nev starting his own businesses from a young age was his parents’ assertion he needed to create his own finances for the things he wanted to buy or do. A practice he intends to carry on with his own kids.
    • [16:15] At 10 years old, Nev found something he was good at, then discovered he could have fun AND make money while doing it which created an entrepreneurial spark that continues to stay brightly lit.
    • [18:10] From his vantage point in Whistler, BC and in general, Nev shares his view on whether kids are handed too much by their parents and a slightly different New Zealand perspective.
    • [22:24] Nev’s journey to Canada and carving a path as a snowboarder (which meant all decisions were based around more snowboarding).
    • [25:37] Realizing the power of attaining the goals he had set in high school, Nev set out to attain bigger goals and start making money using his natural gifts and passions. Snowboard Addiction is born!
    • [27:44] Back in 2007, Nev was certainly ahead of the curve creating educational videos on the internet. His interest in self-development provided the groundwork and his business prowess had him asking the right questions to scale a business instructing people how to snowboard and improve their skills.
    • [30:50] Nev shares the business’ beginnings, and an early devastation that turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise.
    • [35:22] Folding more into his story, Nev talks about how his interest in real estate investing was peaked after reading the two seminal books on the subject, which led him to buy his first piece of real estate in Whistler. Finding rental properties in the cash flow zone provided him with a great back up plan for his online business rather than putting all eggs in one basket.
    • [40:25] Nev talks about his real investing business strategy and the fortunate timing of his investing in a good market, all of which stemmed directly reading Don Campbell’s Real Estate Investing in Canada book.
    • [43:07] The evolution of Snowboard Addiction from training tutorials to the production and worldwide distribution of snowboard training products and equipment.
    • [45:41] With the doors he now has, Nev has built his real estate business alongside Snowboard Addiction in a way that supports him and his family to live the lifestyle they desire (for Nev, always circling back to more snowboarding).
    • [47:48] Working together as a team, Nev and his wife Bex each contribute their passions and skills in the many facets of their life; from renovations to parenting to Snowboard Addiction and managing the real estate business.
    • [49:32] Nev explains who and what led him to join REIN, and why at first, he didn’t want to join!
    • [52:29] Nev shares his experience and perspective on millennials and really no matter the age, it comes down to the choices we make and more importantly – execution.
    • [55:50] Community, culture, environment. Whether real estate or snowboarding, the power of community and like-minded people can push us to take action, learn, improve and find success.
    • [58:55] Nev shares a great example of this when he joined the REIN community, learned new strategies, and found success in investments for himself and his parents. Patrick further hits the point home.
    • [62:43] Although he has a high-risk tolerance and a healthy perspective, Nev explains how he has always run his businesses in a practical way, mitigating risk and putting in corrections along the way.
    • [65:46] Mindset. Nev shares his journey from reading and learning to setting and achieving goals. He discusses his real why behind all of it and recognizes its evolution.
    • [68:54] So. Snowboarding aside; what lights Nev up?
    • [71:02] Nev talks about how he shows up as a leader and tunes into his own values.
    • [73:08] Some final guidance from Nev, as a leader and an entrepreneur – take action.
    • [73:50] Ramping up for rapid fire! Another impactful book, an oldie but goodie, and a recommendation from past TEDM episodes; favourite inspirational quote; favourite swear word; message at the pearly gates {in snowboard language}; what Nev is not very good at and how having more financial freedom is allowing him to improve those things; setting the foundation for good health; room-desk-car; wide-ranging musical tastes; favourite movie genres; favourite streaming series.
    • [84:59] Nev’s gratitude.

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Selected Links and People Mentioned from this episode:

Snowboard Addiction

Whistler, BC

Tony Robbins, Personal Power II

Gary Vaynerchuk

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Real Estate Investing in Canada by Don R. Campbell


How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

Video: Teaching a six-month old how to snowboard

The Game Changers documentary

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