Episode #81 – Justin Smith – The Significance of Self-Belief

“When I crossed that finish line, I believed something about myself differently than what I believed when I started. What you believe about yourself is a huge predictor of what you’re going to accomplish.” – Justin Smith

Justin Smith is the President of Hawkeye Wealth, which sources and vets private commercial real estate deals from third parties to present to their clients. They believe that most people’s portfolios can benefit greatly from exposure to Commercial Real Estate and aim to make it easier for their clients to get involved.

Justin and his team have helped their clients invest tens of millions of capital in various value-add and development projects in Canada and the USA, primarily focusing on multi-family and Industrial projects.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of British Columbia and an MBA from Simon Fraser University. Justin is a lover of adventure and enjoys travel and exploring with his wife Elaine and their son.



    • Show Notes
    • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next guest in the REIN Member series, Justin Smith.
    • [03:31] Patrick and Justin get to work right out of the gate! Justin shares what he does and what his company Hawkeye Wealth’s job is in the world of commercial real estate.
    • [04:57] Justin explains the four main food groups of commercial real estate, the two that Hawkeye Wealth primarily focuses on and where.
    • [07:03] Exempt Market Dealer (EMD): Justin describes what that means within the context of the BC Securities Commission, investing and risk mitigation / protection for the consumer.
    • [10:57] Justin recounts the invincibility he felt from his own first experience of investing from a “hot stock tip” and the fallout that ensued. This early experience instilled his desire to provide risk mitigation and security for others.
    • [14:05] Starting his career path at a young age, Justin talks about the long and short-term advantages he sees for his company and clients by having two millennials at the helm.
    • [18:56] The path from psychology to real estate investing – a windy road complete with the inevitable potholes!
    • [22:50] Justin shares some sparks of inspiration and guidance for kids who may not innately have that drive and motivation like he did.
    • [26:50] Justin credits his landlord, and a former TEDM Guest, Dave Steele for his initial introduction to real estate investing and a pivotal decision to say yes to a real estate conference that changed his life.
    • [27:27] Empty calorie actions don’t produce results. Justin explains a simple equation for achieving results: choose a desired result, choose the actions to achieve the desired result, take the actions to achieve the desired result and then wait for the result to happen. When it goes wrong there’s only three possible reasons…
    • [34:31] Justin also underlines the fact that sometimes you know you’ve done everything right, but the plan doesn’t come together. That’s when you might need to take a breath, be proud of what you’ve done and adjust the course. Mentors can be helpful here.
    • [36:50] How Justin views inaction from his business’ point of view.
    • [38:12] Giving a shout out to his wife Elaine and to his business partner, Justin describes the counterbalance he feels grateful to have with them both.
    • [40:00] Belief in himself. Increased resilience. With three great examples, Justin demonstrates the impact these two changes had on his confidence and life outcomes.
    • [45:09] Crush those limiting beliefs!
    • [48:27] Through the actions of his early mentor Justin was able to recognize his capability to achieve results and reach higher than he otherwise may have.
    • [50:51] The power of having a good mentor and / or being part of a community of people who will guide you when you’re starting out and who will help you when you’re uncertain. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
    • [55:16] The seeds of entrepreneurship were planted early by way of the most consistent and persistent lemonade stand in Kamloops.
    • [57:38] Justin talks about his upbringing and his parents influence in his life. “Sometimes in life you have to make your own wind.”
    • [61:54] Justin classifies his resilience to adversity – his adversity quotient – within the concepts of inherent vs. trained.
    • [65:56] For Justin, being a parent does cause him to be more conscious of how he is showing up for his son and balancing the delicate balls of family, health and work.
    • [69:04] Justin shares his top book picks and his audio listening recommendation; plus, the reason he is a TEDM Guest anomaly!
    • [72:44] Sleeping habits and using our intrinsic strengths to be the most effective.
    • [75:03] Growing together and evolving as individuals, Justin and his wife Elaine enjoy each other now just as much as they did 10 years ago.
    • [76:38] The benefits Hawkeye Wealth brings to their investors over DIY investing. Time for many, becomes the new money.
    • [80:55] Justin explains the typical accredited investor qualifications that are currently in place and the importance of identifying the specific, personal risk factor for each investor.
    • [85:09] Time to wrap up the work and get to rapid fire! Favourite book and why; favourite inspirational quote; messages at the pearly gates; Justin’s weirdness scale; what he’s not very good at; room-desk-car; no favourite tunes for this guy; favourite movie; and another anomaly for TEDM, a swear-free guest.
    • [88:54] Justin’s gratitude.

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Western Wealth Capital – Dave Steele


Dr. Paul Stoltz

Mindset by Carol Dwick

The One Thing by Gary Keller

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven R. Covey

Atomic Habits by James Clear

The 5AM Club by Robin Sharma

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain


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