Episode #83 – Kunal Mohindra – The Intersection of Intellect & Heart

“I big time care. Early on I realized the way to make something happen is by looking for those win-win opportunities as much as possible.” – Kunal Mohindra



          • Show Notes
          • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next guest in the REIN Member series: Kunal Mohindra.
          • [03:36] Kunal and Patrick get started on their rich conversation with Kunal’s newly crafted elevator speech.
          • [04:57] Kunal talks about the primary motivation of his pursuit beyond his stable job towards real estate investing and entrepreneurial side hustles.
          • [07:15] From India to Canada in 2009, Kunal’s mantra as a student was to maximize his education to give himself a kick-start. With a master’s degree in Pharmacy, he landed a stable job and started exploring the possibilities of entrepreneurship with his wife who was expecting their first child.
          • [08:29] In the quest for opportunities and answers, Kunal found himself not only becoming a seminar junkie but also heavily in debt from the “run to back of the room” philosophies he encountered.
          • [10:02] For Kunal, the silver lining of the real estate seminars and achieving his MBA was bolstering his mindset and belief in himself.
          • [15:27] Showing up within the strong community and culture of REIN has helped Kunal grow and stretch beyond the label of “introvert” in order to be of service to others.
          • [19:52] Kunal shares the evolution of his strategy within his business of real estate investing.
          • [21:25] Bursting the bubble of misinformation around living off cash flow. Mortgage paydown is the real long-term payoff of a buy and hold strategy.
          • [24:06] Mastering time management with a very full life. Patrick and Kunal take it a step further with a perspective shift from ‘time’ management to ‘focus’ management. Not only does it have us focus on desired outcomes, this perspective narrows in on our purpose. It drives us to prioritize where we spend our time, where we can delegate to others and avoid empty calorie action.
          • [29:58] Kunal discusses the challenge he and his wife experience around delegation and coming to terms with the best use of his time.
          • [34:30] What it took for Kunal to put a team together for his business of real estate investing. Collaboration and leverage were the key.
          • [36:28] Kunal’s superpowers! Such a cool mix of brain and heart.
          • [39:23] In the process of developing his raising capital skills, Kunal has come to realize its relationship building that is essential to every transaction and in all facets of his business.
          • [43:16] Trust and belief in what’s possible: the solid foundation upon which Kunal builds his life.
          • [48:50] Kunal’s early life was a blend of observing hard working, education focused parents and entrepreneurial self-agency from his friends’ parents. In his current life Kunal realizes how he’s connected with both philosophies.
          • [52:30] Finding inspiration from his uncle, Kunal was passionate about taking his education from India to Canada and he has never looked back.
          • [54:42] Kunal shares a bit about his upbringing, his introduction to Canada by way of Halifax, and some of the culture shock he encountered.
          • [57:54] Kunal offers his insights on self-discipline and developing a strong command of language in order to achieve the success you desire. It goes back to having a great enough why.
          • [62:04] A meaningful encounter with Patrick at a REIN Member Meeting opened a full arsenal of resources for Kunal to draw on when faced with challenges.
          • [65:06] Personal development and understanding human psychology is what drives Kunal now and lights him up toward his goals.
          • [67:43] Kunal’s approach to life goals and achievements, and who he needs to be to get there.
          • [69:48] Ingredients for a successful Mastermind structure.
          • [72:37] Words of guidance and encouragement for anyone new to the REIN community or just starting their real estate investing journey.
          • [76:38] Cozy up for long, languid fire! A book of great impact for Kunal and what’s he reading now; his early morning routine {takes some discipline!}; favourite inspirational quote; alternate profession; message at the pearly gates; Kunal’s weirdness scale; what he’s not very good at but keeps on trying; room-desk-car; favourite tune; favourite movie; favourite swear word, as infrequent as it is.
          • [86:03] Kunal’s gratitude.

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The Time of Your Lifeby Tony Robbins

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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley

Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod


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