Episode 124 – Ernie Harker – Brand Igniter!

“What role does your business play in your industry, and why is that important to the world? If you know what that is – that shapes a lot of your values…that helps influence the language and the tone and the personality that’s conveyed through marketing and social media.” – Ernie Harker  

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  • Your Brand Sucks by Ernie Harker
  • Gary Vee
  • Tribes by Seth Godin
  • Sketch-E
  • Extreme Ownership
  • The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss
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    • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest and friend Ernie Harker.
    • [02:53] Ernie and Patrick fire things up with a bit about Ernie’s current profession, and a “sad” tale which was the motivation behind fostering his natural talent for drawing, into what he does today.
    • [08:43] Eight brothers – woo! Ernie shares his character-building experience growing up in a big family, stretching their dollars, with a healthy competition amongst the boys.
    • [13:08] Affirming words, great teachers and plenty of encouragement from his Mom inspired Ernie to develop his gift for illustration and transform it from hobby to passion.
    • [18:48] While working for an ad agency, Ernie discovered what he might be missing out on being an employee and quickly set about creating his own entrepreneurial opportunities.
    • [23:46] Ernie illustrates what the term “branding” means to him, and the sort of clientele he’s attracted to. Recognized for his work on a very successful re-branding campaign, Ernie was invited to speak about his experience at a national conference which led him to reverse engineer his process and discover his winning formula.
    • [29:37] Personal branding? Yep! It’s a crucial element of success from Ernie’s perspective, but it must be created thoughtfully and intentionally. Of equal importance is to stay true to who you are.
    • [37:16] Ernie shares key principles behind the branding he uses and teaches including discovering the personality of your organization, which can be one of the most difficult tasks. Ernie lays out his four principles of branding: F-find your brand spark; I-identify your core customer; R-realize your core belief; E-establish your unique brand adjectives.
    • [42:52] Ernie and Patrick have a dialogue around setting the foundation of an organization’s brand first within the team. Attracting ideal employees and clients becomes easier when everyone is clear and aligned with what the organization stands for. For the REIN Executive Team, it’s ETHOS – Energy, Trust, Heart, Ownership, Soul. Make it easy for your team to remember and apply!
    • [48:29] Switching gears and back to an earlier comment – Ernie was at a real live conference? He explains the climate of that world within the current global situation.
    • [50:06] Ernie shares his great learnings over the past year and half about business and himself that include humanity’s resolve and the value of his family. Plus, Ernie took on a little something new to get more comfortable in front of the camera, complete with a Bob Ross meets Jeff Spicoli character named Sketch-E who teaches kids how to draw!
    • [58:17] Ramping up the already high energy to roll into some rapid fire: most impactful books; favourite inspirational quote; message at the pearly gates; what he’s not very good at but he’s doing it anyway; room-desk-car; favourite tune; favourite movie.
    • [63:42] Ernie’s gratitude.

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