Episode #114 – Natasha Feghali – Exuberant Educator & Entrepreneur

“I feel that it is so very important to invest in the community. We are business owners here and we generate our income here, so it’s important to give back, and to show that we are giving back. I’ve heard from other tenants who have said that ‘we feel a sense of pride, we feel a sense of ownership that we’re doing something positive to make an impact in the community’.” – Natasha Feghali  

  • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest: Natasha Feghali.
  • [03:22] Natasha and Patrick kick off their conversation with Natasha’s elevator pitch!
  • [04:51] Natasha talks about her entry into the world of education, the influence her parents offered from their experiences as well as the opportunities she has created to bring her love of education around the globe.
  • [08:55] Natasha’s father was already broadly investing in Lebanon and upon immigrating to Canada he quickly met Natasha’s mother whose family was heavily invested in Canada, and so the tradition continued. Now Natasha and her siblings are carrying on the family legacy.
  • [11:11] Seeking creativity in all her endeavours, Natasha identified a gap within the new generation of investors which is education. So, she set about creating a video series both in support of their business journey and to bring an additional element of creativity and contribution to hers.
  • [12:54] A time to learn and re-learn. Natasha and Patrick discuss some of the realities she has both observed and experienced over the past year with a pervasive lack of self-responsibility and increased expectation in the rental client universe. Real estate investing is a people business and property owners must never lose sight of due diligence, emotional intelligence and running it as such – a business.
  • [17:53] Natasha discusses what she is seeing in the Windsor, Ontario market with new investors jumping in, keen to make the bucket loads of cash they are hearing about, only to find out there is much more to it when they get into hot water. Mentorship is the critical gap Natasha seeks to fill.
  • [20:13] Maximizing profit: Natasha discusses her strategy with storage units as well as her future plans to realize her dream!
  • [23:20] Philanthropy is at the heart of Natasha’s investment business and she describes the impact it has not only on the community at large, but also her community of tenants.
  • [25:09] What lights Natasha up, what is her purpose? Though her goals shift as she grows and opens to new experiences, Natasha is crystal clear on the direction she is moving toward – freedom.
  • [26:44] Entrepreneurship is both in Natasha’s nature, coming from a long line of real estate investors in her family, with an added element of nurture from her parents, who encourage and support her entrepreneurial spirit, while also giving her space to make mistakes.
  • [29:29] In the spirit of mentorship, Natasha offers some guidance for new investors who are considering a dive into the business of real estate investing. Start learning, take action, get out of your own way.
  • [33:27] Natasha describes her passion for being of contribution through education along with her whys and her dreams for creating a thriving business in real estate which will foundationally support her financial longevity.
  • [37:10] Intentionally seeking out and joining communities of like-minded individuals has been of great service to Natasha. The understanding she has and feels maybe others are not willing to sacrifice for the benefits real estate can provide, is the time trade-off. There is time required to invest in this business and embracing that reality has made the difference for her. Real estate is simple, conceptually, it’s just not easy.
  • [41:02] Leadership. Natasha feels grateful for the mentorship she has received which helps shape how she shows up in her own personal strength, as a quiet leader. Work with the best, pay them well so they can do their best. Similarly with education, whether children or adults, allow students to do their best work and foster the leadership within them.
  • [44:15] Natasha shares her definition of success as well as a couple of setbacks that were pivotal learning moments.
  • [47:08] Rolling into the rapid fire: Natasha’s self-care supports; books she is reading; iPhone or Android; favourite swear word; favourite inspirational quote; what she’s not very good at; message at the pearly gates; room-desk-car; favourite tune; favourite movie; most impactful book so far, that she has read.
  • [52:06] Natasha’s gratitude.

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