Episode 127 – Vanessa Hettinger – Find Your Edge in Excellence

“I have more interesting conversations with 17-year-olds than I do with a lot of 45-year-olds. They are connected, they know what’s going on. The fact that they can develop themselves, and be part of a team, or deliver and communicate, or understand what a leader can be and that there are different attributes to leadership and that they can lead in different ways; I just think these kids are going to change the world.” – Vanessa Hettinger  

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    • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest Vanessa Hettinger.
    • [03:27] Vanessa and Patrick get the show on the road with an introduction to what Vanessa is up to currently
    • [05:33] Vanessa shares the journey to meeting her business partner Steffany Hanlen and the game she (Sergeant Ness) was driven to bring to find success and respect in this male dominated environment.
    • [12:53] A great influence and inspiration in her life, Vanessa’s Dad opened possibilities for her to explore along with a 5-year plan for her by the time she was in Grade 8. Vanessa tells the story of her Dad’s pursuit of experts in all things which led him to Steffany. It was in this first encounter with Steffany that Vanessa had her first of many life changing moments.
    • [17:36] Conflicted. With a desire to live in what felt like dichotomous worlds, Vanessa describes the struggle she felt of being drawn to two life paths that at the age of 14 and for many years after that were seemingly incompatible and could not co-exist.
    • [18:47] Two foundational pieces of Quantum Speed’s player development process is the ability to establish trust and show results fast. As an organization they create an effective and special environment with the early introduction of their values, why they do certain things, and a genuine care for their client’s best interests which is an approach that more overtly asks a player for that branch of trust.
    • [21:55] Vanessa explains the approach and systems Quantum Speed has implemented to provide the culture and environment that creates an exceptional experience for player development.
    • [25:29] In the space of coaching Vanessa articulates what the concept of coachability does and does not mean for her. Coachability doesn’t always equal nice.
    • [27:57] Vanessa offers some of the challenges she experiences as an entrepreneur, a coach, and a human! Comparison still rears its head as an opportunity to learn and grow from and finds over the past few years clarity has become muddied, not only for her but the people she works with.
    • [32:35] With the ice rink shutdown and an inability to engage with players on ice, Vanessa and Quantum Speed quickly shifted to find a meaningful way to connect with players so they wouldn’t lose momentum. Hockey Fit, Book Club and Leaders in Training (LIT) became part of that online connection. Vanessa shares her experience of inherently and unquestionably knowing what to do when the first inkling of shutdowns was apparent and the way in which the whole team stepped up to make it happen. It was extraordinarily impactful for all.
    • [39:34] Vanessa gives her fundamental perspective on why sport is so important for kids. To start, it’s not easy, it’s not predictable and they need outlets. Self-development, team building and exposure to what healthy, robust leadership looks like can be life changing.
    • [43:54] Showing up as a safe and neutral person for clients and for people in general is a space Vanessa happily inhabits and she conveys what her mindset is around that. In the context of LIT Vanessa and Patrick discuss the immense advantage young players get, to build incredible skills to take with them throughout their life.
    • [47:43] Busting through the fears. Vanessa shares what her progression has looked like and what has worked for her. A lot of personal development and clarity are the anchors.
    • [50:21] Changing course to her business of real estate, Vanessa explains the fears and obstacles she faced in that arena. She shares a couple of stories about her first house (two of many!) and what she has learned and overcome along the way. As with all business the fundamental lies in relationships.
    • [55:29] Thriving in the entrepreneurial space may have been a surprise to 21-year-old Vanessa, but with the support of her family, mentors, and clients she has clearly fulfilled the early guidance of her Dad: “if you’re going to do it, be the best.”
    • [58:13] What gives Vanessa the most satisfaction in the work she does and the impact she has?
    • [60:16] Let’s power into the rapid fire! Most impactful book; favourite swear word; Android or iPhone; message at the pearly gates; room-desk-car (yes); although all genres are game, right now it’s “Bad Habit” for Vanessa’s favourite tune; favourite movie; favourite inspirational quote.
    • [62:54] Vanessa’s gratitude.

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